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July 3, 2008


READ : MALAYSIA : ANWAR’s DAYS NUMBERED Before the 20-08-2008

Morale of the Story are:

1. Antagonizing Azizah, Izzah, PKR as family own business at risk
2. Malaysian are short sighted, bleak heart, unbrushed social ethics, mythologist society
3. Anciently paranoid lots Hitechnically exploiting time Fragmentally diverted from focus lots
4. Hypocratically arrogant society in combating foreign agenda, pointing fingures to other
5. Relatively syndicated to American ploy in controlling worldwide Oil via Petronas
6. Media mess plagiarism attitude at scaling favoritism to being acknowledge
7. Forgetful non-patriotic at saving the PETRONAS as people agenda, instead went into the crossfires EVEN they know that Najat is destruction to all religion.

Goodluck and cheers.


Ko Yem Binjai

Edited: 0207081717pm.London


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