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July 5, 2008

Malaysia Saturday : AUTHORITY 911 : EXPOSED : You still talk on Sodomy and Altantuya ? Anwar’s GONE. This is not about Najib.

Can a Citizen Dismiss a Leader ?

Why some Leaders are not connected to each other, but so loud ? Who supported them ?

Can a Parliament or Back Bencher Group dismiss MP who is big mouth and rude ?

Can a Leader step down on own free will-ingness, now ?

Can a King call for urgent meeting with Chief of all religion addressing culture, drugs, sex, crime, speculators, human trafficking ?

Can the IGP checkings on lavish living style, big cars, during this trouble period ?

Can foreign embassies review their oath to surrender the culprits ?

Can Anwar leave? and drags off all culprits BN and PR ?

Can Pak Lah leave amidst this lackasidle period ?

Why Pak Lah don’t take action ?

Who is being interrogated ?

Siapa menanggok di air keroh, every time Malaysia in trouble ?

Hey, who said about Flying Pigs ? How he knows ?

Is the second home Malaysia program filled with human or evil ?

Why foreigners stay in Malaysia, appointed as local company director, but do nothing,  travel off on Malaysia throughout this region, and only sleep in Malaysia ? Hiding from What ?

Malaysia like this lifestyle ?

sincerely, a proposal.

+8.coconut tree.

//thanks -1.

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