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July 6, 2008

London : Instead of War, Can any one Citizen Sue Someone In Politic for more than usd1.0 Billion? : Case Study

herein we receive emails, and kindly read our comment below, after the original letter emailed by the sender.

Dear Sir KYB

I write in reference to the article written below, we the public were told in the local TV channels that the assembly that is sponsored by the opposition party lead by the ousted deputy pm who was found guilty over a sex charged  sodomy; the public were told that it is illegal

the ousted man pledge to continue the rally despite of reminders

will he be caught and punished to severe punishment as he is the ring leader, and provoke the public into turmoil and disastrous act, maliciously annoying and affecting psychology of the public?

If is is committed, how long is the country will take action or is it going to be delayed?

Is your government used to this kind of sick element pressuring the psychology ?

can I sue for more than USD1. Billion ?

thank you, we concerned because our children at home Malaysia, we have to travel to make up a living.

by XXX


Agence France-Presse – 7/4/2008 8:33 AM GMT

Malaysian opposition to hold protest despite police ban

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will lead a major fuel-price protest on Sunday, refusing to cancel the demonstration despite a police ban and fears the authorities will use force.

Anwar, facing new sodomy allegations he says are politically motivated, said however that “in view of the current political atmosphere” they had agreed to shift the rally to a stadium just west of Kuala Lumpur.

“We call on Malaysians who support the movement for a more just and transparent government to join this Sunday’s peaceful gathering. We also call upon Malaysians not to be influenced by outside provocation,” he said…notes.


KYB answer :

Dear XX,

1. First of all, He is only the advisor to the party opposing the government

2. We do not what is the meaning of his fights anymore, his name already tarnished since failed 1997 turmoil.

3. He is an ex convict, We do not know, why Malaysian still stupid supporting and listening to him.

If you are not happy, engage the lawyer and sue him for usd100million, as he always do to other people, or 500milion, why not. Make a proper report and sue him.



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