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July 6, 2008

Malaysia : Leadership : Way Forward : Analysis : Case Study

In reply to : Asia Times : Mr. Anil Netto : More Cracks in Abdullah’s crumbling Facade

The most recent outraged USA Tom Casey’s directive to Malaysia in their support on Anwar, had made Malaysian realized over the

Coalition Government and Opposition : The Conspiracy. The theory for the future political garden in Malaysia is like this.

We estimate that The Prime Minister Abdul Ahmad Badawi, who had failed in his economic reforms and mistakenly allowing Anwar’s influence for political comeback; Abdullah is estimated to resign soon, perhaps in a few weeks time, before the UMNO General Assembly scheduled at the end of the year. This followed by his old ministers and his loyalist, such as Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri, Rais and Abang Pandikar, Tengku Razaleigh and Mahyuddin Yassin and Ghani Othman, before or during the General Assembly. A¬† new administration to run the Parliament that beholds the country laws and constitution will be established. We estimated that Mukhriz and his loyalist will pack together with Hishamuddin to maintain the situation in UMNO, while Najib’s issues is still at uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the opposition party coalition ADVISER is estimated to be rejected from the coalition, or by certain independent bodies NGO, or by few political leaders who had lost their seats during the recent election. While the Islamic PAS party will withdraw from the opposition coalition and leaving behind other opposition parties, and individually they will survive in the Parliament. How will this happen?

We suspect that the PAS will be joining force in tackling the issue with the running parties that is the Barisan Nasional; in fear of trust to another new Islamic Party to be formed.

Unfortunately, the UMNO will split and there will be another Islamic Party to be formed.

While the newly re-kindled Socialist Party will emerge and gaining interest in the public.

We suspect that there will be more new political parties to be established, denying the present corruptions plague and traitors in the country administration, not only in the BN itself.

Thus we hope for the best to Malaysian. Thus answer Mr Aniel’s views on the Anwar’s chances, which however already had been deleted from the eyes of several local politician, security and the poor citizens perspective.

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