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July 7, 2008

Malaysia : Leadership : Way Backward : Affirmative : Case Unfolded

read ALL in between the line.

If you have read our article earlier, Way Forward : Analysis : Case Study you may want to know, how we derived to that.

During the recent assembly were held in Shah Alam Stadium, the KYB team had fought the last wish over international facebook, and we summarized the findings as a “MALAYSIA : 911″. Few days ago, we also received other blogs, that send messages, that we understands. So, while the people were gathering at the Sahh Alam, we are far, but

About 15 people had hacked our system, we know  their origin, and they had downloaded our messages, thanks to but we knew it during that period of time, but our team agreed later, that we press the private link and “reproduced”  a part of  the details transpired during wired, but with a different title which sounds like a “London Note”. You can still find them in the blogrolls. It was a modest act, as we blogs through several platforms, just to find the truth. Free of charge. we are not striking any newspaper, just, to do our job, to tell the truth, but lets share some “thinking” and mathemathics.

At 4.00 pm +8hrs Malaysia Local time, this evening, JUST NOW, our line were hacked, and even now you can’t find us easily, we are not at all at the line – the vulture of blogs spits. We are now on wireless, unwired, at digg facebook. While on the side of the world,  people are struggling over MUGABE’s stories.

We have this Poem for you : below them, after the poem are some lead answers, but we decided that it is the authority to handle them professionally, the half part is another half scroll of the full texts : Tun Mahathir is MONUMENTAL : we may have disagreements with him in many issues, but, he has his final lapse for his resting period after serving this beloved country.

WE DECLARE, NOT TO SUPPORT THE TRAITORS, THEY ARE RUDE, MEANS TO THIS NATION AND BANGSA MALAYSIA NUSANTARA. We don’t fight on that Sodomy matter, but bigger than that, we donot want our children blame us, because we don’t do our job now. So we blog. And –  we just hope that the people involve in the conspiracy, please leave the nation “peacefully”. Why Not?…you know the duo already, and those who support them. The list were also published in separate links blogrolls. please check. all over the world had seen this act, but, please go to, see our last message there, and the last message uttered by Tun Mahathir…the “BENEFICIARY”..guys, you have been used and fooled by the duo, the double double. By now, hoping the authority, “should know what to do..” hmm..?

By the way, if you are quick enough, you may download all the scriptures that we have wrote. Within, it links.

OOPs, WE ALSO LOVE TO HAVE ANY ONE WHO CAN SPONSOR US A CORPORATE BLOGS BEFORE ALL THIS ENDED? WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL POLITICS? YOU DON’T POLITIC, OTHER POLITICIZED YOU. IN France, the political blogs are almost free and debates are crunching. But We also thanks, the WordPress and MIMOS for allowing hackings. We can, but we  never and do not want. Afterall, the story belongs to GOD. We only WRITE. Okay. Done.

We dedicate this to Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamed



The time of arrogant and focusing on him,

may end at the hand of the people that he apprehend-s.

The time of patriotism and indulging in him,

may end at the hand of the poor people that he befriend-s.

The time of truth and memories in him,

may end at the hand of the history on his regime.

Note : the poem unscripted, bestowed from d’heaven, so we translated the lead. by Noon.Ha

Posted by KYB enSUNDAY W1 060708 1200HRS GMT

of oil and drugs:te poor are stumbled:edited london 1700hrs.

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