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July 9, 2008

Criminal International P44 | Blogged

this is a base

where you can get all the links. but before you understand what is going on, we just want you to read the articles. PRESS LINK.

as we entered london on february 2008, on the same day malaysia parliament announced the election date, we were placed under detention state in heathrow, our arrival was alerted by TAGGED since dubai, our destination was ireland. but we stucked at Padington. we slipped through the bayswater,  ireland came to us with 3 lipsticks, shared the room hotel, and 5 lipsticks arrived from roma while other team arrive from mid east, and we stayed there for 45 days. the french, we went to the embassy with her. some leads are so vital over a cup of coffee at art cafe.

but we heard another story strolled in. one of us return to KL and later, get out again to another city. you can read all here about the phone calls. but, sometimes, the rabbit can’t be a squirrel. gotcha !!

we declare, there is no cartel in malaysia, except of those in OPEc and drugs from burma, and singapore. if ever those who thought they are dealing with any in malaysia, then, they are not that cartel we looking for. they are chicken feet. info has been there, all are towards that direction. squirrel is there. rabbit is yet.

read what we do PRESS LINK.

yesterday, some of our samples and proof were destroyed. some other websites were misssing links, and destroyed.

this is not your war. you are not the one. you have not meet the big 9.

the photograph does not reflect the story, is just a sample.

some may be misunderstood, but, truth will prevails. rabies out yes, the silence in you may not know.

enjoy reading.

// goodluck -1.


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