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July 14, 2008

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Dear Readers : So you missed our previous analysis, go to the “archives” older postings : EXCLUSIVE : from Malaysian abroad : analysis – Arigato Guzaimas ta. Merci.

< Lets be Straight : Neutralist wears BLACK

< Updates : NOTICE : we have received tremendous encouraging comments and emails and replies responding to this particular article/s, thank you. So they had read. Thus, benefit the current politician, to improve and rectify their knowledge and facebook value, to local MPs, as well observers, local or abroad. To have or not to have the Republic is at the state of ones mind. Even if there is a political campaign on certain individual politician, doesn’t mean they belong or agree with this article. So, its all on you, like reading a holy book, its up to you to perform the rituals of the religion you stucked with. We are similar like you, we are human and we have faith for a better future. Should there you are lack with maths, avoid reading this group blogs, or other sites interrelated to this blogs. Thanks < KYB chief authors.

the battle is on, be part of it

The Unmaking of Malaysia Colonial Prada

A Journey to Overturn Complex Dirty Disastrous Politicking Nation en’Route 21st.Century : Off Colonial Stigma Democrates to People Socialites Democrates

The Goddess Transformation

Note : The English used below is the simplest that easy to be delivered and understandable for any level and walks of life. Straight and locally-easy-to-translate version. Thank you.

Here we go : PLEASE MARK LINKS : Exclusivity Analysis : Ko Yem Binjai



And NOT ALL GOOD and High Caliber Malaysian are available in Malaysia on 26June2008;

because they are sick of the local Politics, Legislation, Opportunities, and the Music that the current local leaderships and its POLITICAL PARTIES are playing. Many were met overseas, throwing their towel over the bench and showed remorse, not because of sulking, BUT they had trauma over Malaysian-living style and attitude. Common comments said that Malaysian think that they are a species of goodwill of that above. No one mentioned about racism. Overseas Malaysian born people have their own Republic of Thoughts and desires to working together. IF a political party arrived overseas and throw a party, believe me, its all about they are scared of being taken off their jobs, their scholarships and after the party thrower left, they returned home with smiles and happy for the food that was sponsored – in that party.

While at home, the Politician and their moderators are waiting with hope to climb up with their own on 27June2008

..”believe in the one way ticket”..that may be it is “granted” to them, drama happened, the good ones are toppled, they showed quarrels and differences and so on, BUT at the end of the day, they are actually friends and goes hand in hand for their own benefit – the politics, with reason < in the spirit of Malaysia, the “certain” race they are fighting for.

But none of us understand, or until certain quarters created a life style of making FITNAH and speculations on Who topple Who, or WHO IS BETTER THAN WHO 30June2008

Many had been met overseas, THEY refused, not returning for more than 20 years, but still KEEPING THEIR MALAYSIA 30June2008 ..passport while having another citizenship, and weeping cried for knowing that their fellow brothers are in difficulties in Malaysia.

We, propose, all cabinet members relinquish their function, and call for another snap polls to construct a REPUBLIC of Malaysia…whatever. bygone is bygone.. Don’t cry over spilt milk, PLEASE.

  • On How to Construct the Republic of Malaysia.

  • There is an expensive POLITICAL REVOLUTION and TRANSFORMATION NOW; it started from poor leadership in present BN-led and Opposition administrator MPs, failed democracy parliament; prolonged sickly political agenda, like children; neutralist don’t support; forgetting the victim helplessly, neglected the people and in silence, the group emerged as neutralist.

  • ISIS of Malaysia is the best answer but were quiet, not as informative and active as before, as during the Tun Mahathir’s regime.

SO, there are sections below to kickstart the tickled-mindboggling issues, thought provoking but, why not. lets jump into it.

TO GO : Reasoning.

  1. UMNO and Barisan Nasional administrator Regime had decided and implemented the review on  Malay Reserve Land Status and National Development Act Legislation, but Land/Property still under the Government Prerogative in Ownership. So What is the right to hold on the land as ownership of the People Ownership?

  2. Case Study: Indonesia, Government don’t own the Land. Is it True?

  3. ROYALS as it was appointed by the British, are now became a symbol of Monarchy and Islamic. That’s all. No further comment. Wikipedia explains better.

  4. Parliament rules the legislation. After the approvals then only proposed and getting the approval by the King that is appointed by the Government that rules during its terms. By having a prominent Putrajaya as its class, Malaysia is at a corridor to meet worldly advantages to meet the future expectations.

  5. Schools are cheap thanks to the Education and Resources available in Malaysia ie PETRONAS and Sarawak TIMBER and brainy individuals in running the country and having much deficit and savings. But the cost for sending children to kindergarten and college is still as expensive as other republics surrounding Malaysia and other part of the world. Therefore Malaysia is as equivalent and capable to maintain the plans that is already installed economically, for the poor and for the wealthy.

  6. The ill-political propaganda that is played by the political player namely UMNO, PKR, DAP, BN teams and the Oppositions are SIMILAR to watching them fighting to run the nation

  7. WITHOUT the solidarity of the PEOPLE AUDITORS and  GOVERNMENT AUDITORS whereby placing limitations on commoners and political sympathizers to check on their

  8. MORALE and INNER SOUL EXPECTATIONS at running the Government led by the administrators appointed from the leaders of the winning political party at each general elections, when they are at helm; while realistic POLITICAL players, has yet developed dissatisfaction among the sympathizers_

  9. WHILE there are many Malaysian overseas who cannot participate directly with local parties feeling and had voiced that they are concern about the future of the people in this country, to face the NEW ECONOMIC ORDER.

  10. At the end of the day, noticeable that WEAK, BANKRUPT IDEAS, CORRUPTED MINDSET, POOR, FUMBLED WOBBLED FLIP FLOP POLITICIAN “jumping across the bandwagon” and the bridges are a common thing happened in Malaysia; resulted in less focused on SOCIAL ASPECTS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN MALAYSIA.


NOT all Malaysian Neutralist Malaysian are happy with these scenarios, and many had RAISED surrendered their hands NOT to getting involve in the local political scene, but had started to rise with regret feelings of watching the poor  parliament led by the Barisan Nasional coalition party and the Opposition Coalition Party, in tandem together – both had installed a deteriorated psychology effects and unhappy with the local political outcomes.

Therefore, conclusion is the SYSTEM that was introduced by the BRITISH, TUNKU RAHMAN and CURRENT LEADERSHIP, and the first group of Malays at that time, are NO MORE RELEVANT; and NEED TO BE ADJUSTED TO FINE TUNED according to the ONCOMING GENERATIONS to Brave New World nations.

TO NO GO : Reasoning

  1. If People Solidarity is still depending on satanic financial institution that biased to the “people that they know” to do business with.
  2. If People Solidarity still elect the same Political figures that currently fighting each other due to their EGOISM and appeared in the arena CURRENTLY that behave like kids trying to destroy each other through Street Protest, Tragics Untold Stories, Corruption and Corrupt, Religious Extremist, Racism, Military based thinking, Royals or feel belongings to Royals, Non Educated, Non-Influential at World Stage.
  3. If Leadership that has hyper-egoism and has belief that ..”sustainable and developed nation is to be constructed by a few or by a family circle”..If the Younger generations after the Baby Boomer’s Generations are still believing in history that Malaysia is controlled by the present culture and situations yet IGNORING that the oncoming generations and businesses are at the internet with WORLDLY-THOUGHTS paradigm administration and politickings Leadership.
  4. IF all Malaysia’s asset and reserves locally and overseas are kept at places that the younger generations do not aware of and NOT ALLOWED to access to the benefit of constructing the republic of Malaysia.



As there are a lot more issues and factors to be discussed and had been discussed earlier, directly indirectly, hopefully this provoking thoughts is applicable to be an opening of discussions, that available to be forwarded OR to be forgotten. But…please capture the ideas in the recommendations as follows:-


  1. Look around, Malaysian are ready to accept the fact WATCHING THE GROUP of bicker leaderships at helms, fighting the oppositions, but later befriend yet political drama were staged.

  2. Malaysian should be well aware economically that NOTHING IS DEPENDED on the ..”Government to decide..” if they don’t have the money to run their own family.

  3. Therefore the struggles for the CURRENT Malaysia Baby Boomers Generation is towards the succession of the NEUTRALIST NON-ALIGNED ONE-MALAYSIA MOVEMENTS (to adjourn onto the REPUBLIC nation; upon all agreemnt), 1 TIE People Solidarity but minus the current All-Corrupted-Colonialized-Leaders whether they are Leftist or Rightist,

  4. While maintaining the Eastern Cultures as the basis of understandings, and

  5. RETURN of the land and property ownership to the hand of the people INDIVIDUAL ownerships which leads to a new legislation in the land and property act.

  6. Meaning, as simple example as possible, in a case of the property, IF should one person, one citizen do not agree that their land is to be taken up by a company that is promoted or sponsored by the government for certain development, that individual has the right to maintain his property for good.

  7. Therefore, a better job creation will be structured as to minimize privatization from the foreign company, IF in the case that Malaysia is a wealthy nation and capable to maintain a sound economic growth, without the interference of large borrowings and loans from World Bank or dependent to foreign labor.

  8. I also suggest that Malaysia to be returned as its Non-religion-based country similar to those BEFORE independence. (Note : to be Reviewed)

  9. Religion is all about educating the generations and people, but it can’t be as religious as the internet educations are at a stage of destroying the religion and fight towards that is nonsense. No one is capable.

  10. Afterall, by becoming a republic, tons of money can be saved and every one has to participate to develop the nations.Indonesia is a good example and the nearest.

  11. Monarchy can be handled by themselves, they have good family ties among them.

  12. Solidarity means every one works on the basis of developing 1-nation for 1-nation.No Racism, no word on MULTI-ETHNICS no more to be used. its all become 1.

  13. Why not, can be discussed further.

Did I missed Anything ?

Ko Yem Binjai


はてなブックマーク – タグ

First Updated : July 09, 2008.

We propose, all corrupted cabinet members relinquish their function, and call for another snap polls to construct a REPUBLIC of Malaysia…whatever. bygone is bygone.. Don’t cry over spilt milk, PLEASE. Yes..the new Leadership WILL BE BETTER than any other that currently deployed or that will ever seen. All this happen because of Uncontrollable Satanic Corruptions and Inferiority on Ketuanan installed taught to able prolong Colonialism ideology and Monarchy Ketuanan which had once raped-snatched the old Malay kingdom rights, AS WE HAVE GIVEN THE GRANT, it seems that all WERE WERE WERE taken for granted, to win your political will, belief and vake belief and results, inconsolable together; while commoners being unheard and suicidal grafts, commoners Malays Chinese Indians and other tribes had all became Victim of satanic Creed and Greed on this free of charge political manifesto, discreetly-granted landbanks, together with Evilly-Satanic Chinese Malay Indian groups insensitivity at using criminal-origin incomes that manipulated the  people psychology of Neutralist Peoples rights, until the next generation has to became collateral; and Corrupt Leadership had collateralized millions of Victims to became Helpless, kept Silence and – Now, the finger is pointing at you – so, the Bad Corrupted Leadership Politician or the bad Royals. Please, Leave. Let the Good Ones – Stays.

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1. Updated : July 09, 2008. Over to : Noon Ha.

2. Updated : July 10, 2008.

3. Updated : July 11. 2008.

4. Updated : July 12, 2008. 0 GMT over to Monday Parliament +9

5. Updated : July 13, 2008.

6. Updated : July 14, 2008 < to add some juice : “Noon Ha” had not touched the earth soil since March 2008 and he predicts something to happen on 20.08.2008; as he started counting from 20.06.2008; and to be prolonged next 3-years; from the authors we greet you<

7. Updated : July 15, 2008

8. Updated : July 16, 2008.

9. Updated :


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