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July 16, 2008

Shabery Debate : You Failed : Petronas Profit Sharing FAQs

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Our Question : Petronas Profit given to the Federal is 4.7 Billion while to the States of producing oil is 4.8 Billion off the profit gained by PETRONAS, #1. Why the states still demand the Federal for states development budget?, #2. If it is so much given to the states, where the money goes to?_Royal palace or People of the States via their Administrator ? #3.Why is that subsidies were counted in the State’s Capex on top of the income + request from Federal annually ? : Source check on the announcement of dividend and profit of Petronas by Petronas website today 15.07.2008

Now, back to the debate, The debate today, we saw over our private webcam internet, thanks again to local TV live broadcasted over the local channels.

Go back to the today’s open debate was on a subject : Today Govern, tomorrow oil price dropped : Anwar vs Shabery.

In one of our previous postings, we asked, who is this Shabery? and why Anwar touched the Petronas oil matter? So it goes without saying – POLITICAL. In that debate, Anwar looked at Shabery  as one of the ring leader – a former Semangat 46 member leader; obviously a crony to AAB the Premier.  While Shabery  had looked at Anwar as a risk factor that may brought down his master in the administrator lawmaker, the PM AAB, his crony boss.

Okay, how we look at both?

Anwar talking about how, so Anwar were talking but we describe in a different way similarly…like a  story of a “needle” that is owned and used by a a tailor, that passed it over to the next generation within his clan, so as to_ #1. the tailor wanted to ensure the job for the clan and his family_#2. how the tailor plan to sell the cloth readied by him and his family, so that the money can be used to run the family, current and future.

While Shabery, unfortunately, his subject paper is scripted. Homework were on his emotion. We do not want to know whetehre you had gone to Venezuela, for what ? You are the Information Minister and gone there within this period of time?_Even his supporter, gosh, talk nonsense the Tan Sri Kardi, whom assisted him posting questions to the debaters, failed to conclude and  failed to pluck-form a good question to Anwar, instead, bribed Anwar so allow to post a tougher question to his own boss – poor Shabery; instead of question, that Tan Sri supplying information to Anwar.

Shabery should answer the topic by asking, or recommending how the government should tackle and work out the formula provided by Anwar, instead of attacking Anwar on personal matter.

The debate was saved by this hero, the chair speaker, bravo to this Datuk Johan of DBP, that he asked the right question to Anwar – Why doesn’t he Anwar participate in  the economic agenda, instead running amok on the road like what he used to do back in 1970’s. Aha, that questio was missed by Shabery and that Tan Sri. And that was missed by Anwar as well. How both leaders had missed them ?

Because, they were on stage, forgetting that they are being watched.

However, we credit 70 to Anwar who concerned about the current and future undertakings of the people, and a summarize that opportunity beholds to Petronas, should there is no more oil, overseas of course.

While Shabery, 0 credit. He mumbles about foreign countries, forgetting the chicken stocks in the country. Too bad. Sack him off any future debate in the public. Do we need Syed Hamid Albar issue a notice to Shabery? or put a roadblocks near the Information Ministry TOWER?

Our Conclusion : Oil matter is, to both of you guys, is another platform that Hassan Marican can debate – off concern political order, and no holds barred for any chapters. Both of you should put Hassan on stage and post a question to him in the public : Question : How much money Petronas Has to survive next 4 years. Then continue with other questions. That, makes sense. Sensible. Profitable Debate.


Ramai lagi boleh debate dengan anwar, but not shabery please, semangat 46 rekindles

Cheers !

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