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July 28, 2008

NEUTRALIST KERAMAT KAMI : bukan umno bukan shabery AWAS

Our Struggles : Chapter VII : The Proposals


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Perkataan Neutralist

adalah Keramat Kami

Bukan Untuk Guna Pakai

oleh UMNO Shabery

Whatever Goes Around, Comes Around

We will stand in front of your door at PRU 13

we don’t need PKR Anwar or Mahathir

or even the Sultan

..In search for an ideal Leadership

One Struggle must have the Basis

One Woes must have the Objective

One Rift must have the Obsession

Above All : To have a Republic in us is

A Courage to Ideal Possession

Before the Two Palms Strikes..”



Statistik Politik nya, Polity Malaysia is Guilty of Sedition

CRONY and SATANIC breeds are Guilty to Failed Nation


ini bukan lagi perjuangan Mahathir, Badawi, Kadir, Zaba atau Rahman.

Ini perjuangan Malaysia abad 21. Anda untuk Anda, Isteri dan Cicit Anda.


We thank all sympathizers,

We pity all fighters

We thank all thinkers

to drive this objective a success !!


Victimised, Helpless and Silenced


Excuse us,

That word pronounced by Shabery the Maverick of all Wards

is unlikely deter us the Nutralist Citizen, Non-Aligned Members

Maaf Shabery, jangan di guna perkataan Neutralis sedang kan anda orang UMNO Semangat 46 Menteri Kroni

Kami cabar jika benar anda mahu terus kan bersama Neutralis?

Kami cabar keluar dari UMNO !!

Zaman sudah berubah..dan ini bukan kerana Dr.Mahathir atau Pak Lah, ini adalah kerana kesadaran arti sebenar nya Manusia. dan Makrifah.

Dan Malaysia Malaysia yang kena TIPU !!


Ko Yem Binjai

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