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August 6, 2008

Straight Talk : Ethnic is Value, Humanity is Plural



Whoever ask you to destroy your ethnicity, first thing you should do is..KILL HIM. Stupid enough if I am too late to marry a chinese girl at the age of 60 or marry an indian woman at the age of 70. Historian were made to re-write the history which is at the later stage, the truth unveiled. even the nigers in london are respected as niggers but they are londoners. so don’t listen to this government influenced questions wheteher we can submit to SURRENDER our toilet to the neighbour !!

let me explain, THE HISTORY taht they tried to re-write is coming back to them !! that’s where they got stucked !! would you ask your children to play at the mosque or temple with kavadi and free sex at afternight party ? which one do you allow. so KEEP YOUR VALUE as it is. BANGSA MALAYSIA is all about BANKING SYSTEM AND anything that is between your stomach bellybutton to 6 inches below and 6 inches up !! thats HUMANITY. and a bit of HUMANISM. even if you are atheist, you are A deny all these historian especially the one who lead the society..he is the most corrupted and too bad the chinese had produced one species as his that destroy the trust to chinese !! and malay umno had allowed him to tell th ehistory wihtout knowing the truth..MALAYSIA WERE CONSTRUCTED ON SOYABEANCURD and TEMPEBASI added with PUTUMAYAM which all this combination had made neutralist imbalance in getting the purity after the activation of the moleculous society !! darrn, that smy opinion, and I will rally on that dear friend..WE WERE MIS-THREAD !!..

for the malays..i am more concern and they thought that malaysia is belong to them !! haaaahhhh…crazy..KL IS GOING TO BE LONDON DARLING, sex is going to be free and they talk by Raja Petra and, even wife sex with other people will be tabloidED..whats going on to this world ya ?

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