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August 13, 2008

Permatang Pauh | Antara Babi dan Kiasu | Ada rI Mau Bodoh

The World Game ? World watching You ? Pikir ni Dulu

..”I stood at the entrance of the hotel in that winter, cold, but noticed a man, a China man, busy picking up and down the vases, into the hotel, into his room, and the hotel receptionist whispered to me, that the man filled up his room, with the vases, the imitations ones from China, and faked the original ones, and sold them at higher price in London. I nodded. The receptionist was a China girl from Beijing.”

Seven-year-old Yang Peiyi during an interview in Beijing on August 11. Beijing's Olympic organisers admitted on Tuesday that nine-year-old Lin Miaoke, who was seen by millions around the world singing during the ceremony, was actually miming a song that was pre-recorded by Yang. The World Game

LINKpress..”Chinese media blackout on faked Olympic ceremony saga” The World Game

As a renown artist-historian, Professor Khoo Kay Khim

prescribed Malaysian with diverted history, of many. Unlevelled between the unsettled polity instruction, and the adat polity views. Today, August 13 2008, he made comment on UiTM over a news on dissatisfaction of the Malays rights FOR that institution. Question | Apakah Melayu dah tak da orang lain nak di rujuk hal Hak Melayu demi urusan orang Melayu ?

Melayu / India Lupa ? atau Melayu Bodoh ?

The World Game

As a renown socialist-historian, Lee Kuan Yew

In over A-NIGHT !! si Malay by the name of Rahman, who was earlier traveled together with this Lee Kuan Yew to London, without the knowledge of our ancestors, of whatever transpired among them, except in the piece of that junk paper, LEE KUAN YEW had organised the chaos in Singapore_I said organized..and then came one duck, made join the race to GIVE him the Singapore, OVER A bed-one-night-stand.

Sue me, if I am wrong !! Melayu / India Lupa ? atau Melayu Bodoh ?

Then, came several other elite who MANIPULATED the rights of others, just FOR THE SAKE to benefit THEMSELVES, and among them they knew, there are some


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