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August 14, 2008

Anwar Who? | Blogged

2 Responses to “P 44 Permatang Pauh Anwar Ibrahim Conspiracy, Coincidence, Or Crime

  1. Politician is like a ball.
    to score a goal or not.
    depends on the striker.

    Neutralist is based on the balance.
    to observe and to condemn on the corruptions.
    corruptions in mind, monetary and skills.
    some will not react to the public.
    instead they will improvise themselves.

    to have an indian to understand anwar is easy.
    because anwar speaks for all.

    badawi don’t speak for all, but
    he did it to all
    responses to the need of the rakyat.
    ifhe corrupted,
    why no PKR members reported him to ACA?

    WHY? ask CNN, ask MSN, ask ANWAR.

    there’s no report against HIM !!!!
    no report against AKIM !!!
    no report against KYB-Chief.

    so KYB Chief were at Putrajaya today.
    Fullscale economic planning to meet his agenda for the rakyat.
    Why he speaks alone to present the plans for Malaysia?
    among them were witnessed by many, some are spectators from,
    maybe the indian, the chinese, the malays, teh kadazans, the samurais, the pkr, pas, dap, umno and all.

    where is anwar ibrahim?

    still planning to pave the way to putra jaya
    after success then only to speak about structuring the economy?

    I bet,
    the first to oppose him
    will be the Nun Ha Alliance
    from the black
    from the overseas
    who will block their business mission
    that will benefit the supporters
    of PKR and USA.

    UNLESS whoever is tend to like the USA
    duck to bell the USA

    I bet
    get the USA to come to us
    no one will report this

    PKR is not that strong
    to withstand
    intellectual versus reality

    sodomy is Anwar made conspiracy.

    will you blog this?
    AKIM is neutralist to the god Allah subhanahwataala.
    he has the liking to that.

    lket him with his world.

    Republic will happen
    if all agree to demolish monarchy
    do you agree to demolish the monarchy
    and declare in the public?

    anwar has no balls to declare that.

    even if he goes up
    there are london cases awaited for him

    thats why we said yesterday,
    vote for these people.

    hell then to come.
    only our grandchildren will see that their graet grandfathers were a real fighter
    for the real malaysia a country they love.

    many malays and non-malays agreed with this.
    but not many
    have the balls in their court.

    will u blog all this?

  2. all nun ha alliance were at the putrajaya just now.

    its beautiful place.

    lucky its under federal.


    khalid salleh PKR will slepp by his ears.

    even anwar in putrajaya,

    its not PKR,

    its federal.

    so PKr and Pr fights are actually


    just to meet anwars desire.

    if he were heroes,

    please blog this,
    why he never fought during his term in government before?

    conspiracy is
    in between anwar’s leg
    that’s the meaning kiasan
    that everyone should understand that.

    WE have the real evidence who anwar really is.

    that evidence, a he prayed with Chief every Subuh.

    but we never tell all.

    we wait for the right time.

    to tell.
    to see him tumble and finished.
    let him waste his time first.

    is this your war malaysian?

Anwar dan Students di London | Blogged

Korupsi Beli 100,000rm


so, mahasiswa di malaysia?

kena tipu, sebab, dana itu di transfer untuk kempen melalui mahasiswa di malaysia

results ? politik melayu malaysia akan terus berkocak


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