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August 15, 2008

22 Strategies | Blogged

.read, to pass exams

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Excerpt : …we had so called been rescued by the Father of Malaysia. I refused to mention his name, because he has that status that will remind us towards that collateral. So we jump to Tun Mahathir who had mentioned his Malay Dilemma and the other book by another author, the Unmaking of Malaysia. So we had read. So the politician in the country now are basing our judgment to go or to no go on the aspirations. Of course we all have the aspirations towards the one identity. But much after all had been synchronized, we are still uncertain over the directions. Why, read on below I mention about the 20 years culture and civilization of psychology of young Malaysian. Therefore, this is because we have the protocols that had amused us with their political agenda. In any country, even at home, we see our parent talk quarrels and fight for a missionto go through the obstacle of those four season; spring, summer, autumn and winter. The cold, the heat, the warm, the dryness will appear. But we have also witnessed that many politician have not gone through the spirit..

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