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August 16, 2008

Neutralist Calon | Blogged

6 Responses to “Ko Yem Binjai Questions UMNO And PAS Leadership Fooling Followers”

  1. Friday | 15.08.08 < 5 more days before 20.08.2008.


    Excerpt : Response is Positive YES for our Chief’s plan to transform an economic agenda for the poor_| Arrival KLIA, w Traffic escort, V VIP meeting lounge, and a YES to next meeting_but, a minister had passed our chief who walked right in front of the minister and the Jeanne’s.

    Friday | 9 am | Latest | the wind of change is blowing | hope the chief mission is a success | meeting held, witnessed by states representative, and 2 academic professors, and some news-reporters | next follow up meeting is scheduled | objective is objective is on economy for the poor | mission is to play role in economic development and alteration of the present realistic world-business networking | CONFIRMED meeting next week | Chief will be escorted into dealing with this plan in Malaysia.

    Chief will not join PRM Sosialis Malaysia. Confirmed.

    Chief will not let the financial system strategies he proposed to introduce in Malaysia to be used for the corruptors leaders not in BN or Oppo parties.

    Chief views that the people govt agency should play a role for the people, instead for the BN polity parties.

    Chief will only work on the poor eradication.

    1 of his network money making business will be contributed for this objective.

    With the term above, hopefully the agency to accept and absorb the ideas.

    1 of his network is to work on providing ex-UiTM jobs overseas or in Malaysia, or bring some financial investment for the graduate of UiTM to work on his economics strategy. Target : 30000 job opportunities for them.

    1 of his network will require a set up of overseas ventures for the baby boomers of Malaysia, age 40-60 to work at places the Chief involved abroad.

    IF the agency agreed on this, one part of the struggle and challenge is passed.

    Chief hopes to meet the moderator for AKIM, hopefully this weekend.

    More report next week.

    Insyallah. IF all the term above is set OK, then it will materialise to contribute to the nation.

    NOW the ball is at the national administrators hands.

    No Political motive, except, economics transformation.


  2. More updates please, especially on AKIM.


  3. together with AKIM if deal are okay, 2 candidates + AKIM to submit calon paper tomorrow. depends on tonite’s final meeting.

    so maybe 7 maybe 5 calon tanding

  4. ezham is under khairy.
    scomi will be affected by khairy.
    daim will be affected soon, indonesia dealings temasek dealings.
    many will be exposed at P44.
    arif shah is mahathir’s for shah family.
    500 million marina projek kapal selam etc.

  5. akim, you can check family kedah guru mamat
    penasihat agama kedah mufti dulu.
    orang miskin yang tawakkal allahtaala.
    if we rejected nomination, pesanteren and professors campaign for AKIM.
    jika Akim gagal, we will make sure PAS gagal.
    attack is on Hadi polygamy and womanizer status.
    PAS balak kedah, balak kelantan and failure to secure PAS votes in PRU12 but give to DAP.
    PAS !! attack are coming. they failed our trust.
    PAS never bring any project. instead expecting people to become islam like them, but failed to promote development.
    Arif is on Shah business focus collapse and corruptions.
    Anwar’s gone, 417 agent said only 28-30% for anwar.
    UiTM demo dah semarak seluruh negara.
    black is coming.

  6. Khalid KR selangor silap timing.
    Anwar is gone.
    UiTM kempen untuk melayu melayu against anwar graduate UM + BN + PKR + DAP sekongkol jahanam kan bangsa melayu permatang pauh.
    team chinese Kulim industrialist will kempen for Neutralist as well, they are all in the gang.
    team siam akan ikut serta dari selatan thai dan kedah bantu chinese sokong neutralist.
    without us they cannot surviove overseas. so
    paper undi akan bertukar.
    anwar dan wan azizah silap langkah.
    dia lupa, kulim neighbour p44.

    dia lupa.

    MCA out, kess soi lek dan ng yen yen diesel/kebajikan rakyat miskin slow.

    guan eng out kempen rebut penang.
    pas out kempen pru12 undi lacur ke DAP.

    ANWAR SILAP !! jika masuk undi calon besok !!

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