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August 17, 2008

Khalid PKR | Blogged

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UiTM | Ada Melayu Mahu Cina Pulang Hak | Khalid Kau Silap | sekarang serah semula Tanah Melayu kami !!

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Please read our Comment from overseas Malay in London

That blog Titled | Narrow mindedness of a certain group of ppl… what’s wrong with 10% quota for UiTM to non-bumiputra?

Honestly speaking, i’m a product of local university and till this day, i have not regretted at having pursued my tiertary education at a local university. I have made many friends over there and there’s where i get to know people from all over Malaysia. Heck, i even know quite a lot of friends from Sabah and Sarawak. Indians, Malays, Chinese, i have made many friends there. So i feel very weird when there was an uproar over the current Selangor’s MB remark to allow 10% of non-bumiputra into UiTM. Hmm, i guess there’s always a group of hardcore people that will never use their brain for a single second to think first before they act and all they will do is to make a huge demonstration and shout racist comments and keep on saying about preserving the so called ‘hak-hak Melayu’. Maybe they are not to be blame as well because they have been ‘brainwashed’ throughout the years so any small issue being raised will be turned into ‘hak-hak Melayu’ propaganda again. What they don’t realise is that you cannot improve if you do not open up to other people and learn from others. Yes, you can continue to maintain it as 100% bumiputra university but then you will maintain your status as a bumiputra university instead of world class university. Again, i’m damn pissed whenever the racial issue is being played up yet again because it is damn time that we should behave as one rakyat from Malaysia and together let us make this a great country to live in. But i just could not figure out what it takes to open up the minds of hardcore to make them realize that being stubborn and merely showing aggressiveness while shouting and proclaming to protect ‘hak-hak Melayu’ will not bring them anywhere. All my life, i have studied at a national school and throughout my primary, secondary as well as tiertary years of schooling, i have made many friends regardless of race and i thought it was really a blast having them as friends, it simply made me feeling more at home. So what’s wrong with opening up 10% of quota to non-bumi? Ever heard of sharing is learning? Sheesh… when will they ever learn instead of knowing how to shout and proclaiming about hak-hak Melayu?

there is nothing wrong about asking 10% in malay institution.
PKR politicized to champion the non-bumi.
to attack the umno.

now, focus on my hujah. outside the politic arean.

that stupid khalid should be better
requested other-than-UiTM college to
expand 10% of their business size to
allocate the poor from the non-bumi.
talk to LIMKOKWING and
provide 10% more scholarship to
the poor non-bumi student within the non-bumi college.

why attack UiTM?

UiTM is a technical based university.
UiTM had produced millions of graduates who had
renovated the country, and of course
assisted to developed the country
with cheap wages.

can that STUPID Khalid
fight for the increase of wages for the
UiTM graduates?
or, in general
for the Malays in public sectors?

Reality is.

Malays are seen to be corrupted, because
they have not enough money
small salary.

Reason for higher salary among non-bumi is
they claimed because of
celebrations, prays, traditions, etc.
malays have those as well.
celebrations etc.

NURSE for example.
majority government local nurse salary is
750 maybe.
2-4% are non-bumi Govt-Nurse.

Are they less qualified
LKS or Guan Eng or Khalid or
BLIND people can’t understand this.

Don’t blame them if they become majority criminal,
being caught and jailed,
Anwar Ibrahim.

why not?

I opened my mind, already
have yours?
We opened the mind and surrender the land already,
can Khalid surrender his property to the poor?
or LKS or Guan Eng or whoever lah yang pandai sangat cakap nak bantu orang susah tu..
are they really helping?

cakap senang nak buat semua minyet boleh buat jika semua pergi sekolah sama//

ya kan ?

i speak on behalf of the UiTM, now.


  1. What…this is not a country own by the malay only…we have independence together with Chinese and Indian..just that you have the majority does not means that Chinese should “SPOON FEED YOU!”

    By right there should not even exist to have 100% bumis university….the country is not made of 100% bumis.

    This is what I called in my blog post about Malay always asking for more…

    This is a multi-racial country…but we definitely does not live in harmony together in our heart……

    what I think is that education should be provided to those who deserve to be gotten into the system…not by skin color….we are all Malaysian here!

    This is trying to be racist against Non-Bumi obviously….how dare you comment on my blog saying that we are depriving on Malay rights

    shame on you!

    Comment by malaysia — August 18, 2008 @ 11:20 am

  2. Author said
    welcome to OUR blogs
    We published emails based on peoples voice and responses.

    Free speech does not mean free to be read.

    Please visit our policy at site map at

    lets not be sensitive.
    nor racist.
    nor soot over furnace.

    thank you for commenting.

    Comment by Nun Ha Alliance — August 18, 2008 @ 1:20 pm

  3. Just to let you guys know that ITM or UiTM dont just print out the dips or degree and just hand them out to the student in UiTM, we have to work just as hard as any one, and most of the subjects we do it in English. UiTM students protest because there exist a situation where some one challenge us on a level that says – there is no quality because we dont compete with other Malaysians in UiTM. But an even more realistic situation is why do we have to presume to compete with other races in Malaysia? Is the Chinese more intelligent than the Indian or the Malays? Is it not individuals that are intelligent? Is Albert Einstien an intelligent man as cruel as Adolf Hitler just because they are both Germans? Because we create another unfimiliar element in UiTM it will change the intelligence level there?

    There are lots of UiTM graduates produced who is successful and some of them could well be your boss, just like there exist successful people in Malaysia from the University of Sunderland or any Ivy League University or the Monash U grads. UiTM used to send their students overseas, remember? Engineers, Economist, Business people etc. But because of the expense and Asian Eco Crises we could not send students overseas (thank you Annie).

    The question is – why did Khalid bring the subject up now. He could have done so when he first step up as the new MB. It was in very very poor taste for him to do so.

    BTW the comments up there is correct – Malaysian Chinese would not consider to work on low paying wages just because their culture are such (and sometimes its good) but when we see a Malay that work as the maintainance, nurses, PLUS tol collector, clerks, despatch riders, mosts are Malays, come to think about it we are the back bone of the country too. What I am trying to say is the student in UiTM also interact with other races too, they live in Malaysia! so how could they miss that we live in a multi racial and harmonious society. They must say please when they buy from the chinese grocery shop or the indian newspaper stand.

    You see its not collective that is racist but individuals and sometimes individuals like khalid who thinks that he is helping just by changing the status quo just because he assumes something is wrong, or is he just bringing up an issue to a different purpose.

    Comment by If Only — August 20, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

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