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August 20, 2008

If Only | Blogged

PKR Khalid | Bawah ni Isu UiTM, tapi sebelum tu mau nanya



ACA ? Mana Mereka dapat Duit ?

Adakah itu duit Dia sendiri ? Atau Cost itu akan di bayar oleh Rakyat atasnama bil lain ?

What is the plan ?

KHALID-look at his face_I can swear on my mother’s grave, he screwed your ****

NOW | Its UiTM Issue

Just to let you guys know that ITM or UiTM dont just print out the dips or degree and just hand them out to the student in UiTM, we have to work just as hard as any one, and most of the subjects we do it in English. UiTM students protest because there exist a situation where some one challenge us on a level that says – there is no quality because we dont compete with other Malaysians in UiTM. But an even more realistic situation is why do we have to presume to compete with other races in Malaysia? Is the Chinese more intelligent than the Indian or the Malays? Is it not individuals that are intelligent? Is Albert Einstien an intelligent man as cruel as Adolf Hitler just because they are both Germans? Because we create another unfimiliar element in UiTM it will change the intelligence level there?

There are lots of UiTM graduates produced who is successful and some of them could well be your boss, just like there exist successful people in Malaysia from the University of Sunderland or any Ivy League University or the Monash U grads. UiTM used to send their students overseas, remember? Engineers, Economist, Business people etc. But because of the expense and Asian Eco Crises we could not send students overseas (thank you Annie).

The question is – why did Khalid bring the subject up now. He could have done so when he first step up as the new MB. It was in very very poor taste for him to do so.

BTW the comments up there is correct – Malaysian Chinese would not consider to work on low paying wages just because their culture are such (and sometimes its good) but when we see a Malay that work as the maintainance, nurses, PLUS tol collector, clerks, despatch riders, mosts are Malays, come to think about it we are the back bone of the country too. What I am trying to say is the student in UiTM also interact with other races too, they live in Malaysia! so how could they miss that we live in a multi racial and harmonious society. They must say please when they buy from the chinese grocery shop or the indian newspaper stand.

You see its not collective that is racist but individuals and sometimes individuals like khalid who thinks that he is helping just by changing the status quo just because he assumes something is wrong, or is he just bringing up an issue to a different purpose.

From Khalid PKR | Blogged, 2008/08/20 at 6:03 PMKR

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