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August 25, 2008

Truth Behind Republic | Blogged

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Truth Behind Republic




My Friends,

The CD.ROM is my campaign’s openness, honesty with access – for a true Republic democracy at work. Many favorite memories are riding on the CD.ROM across at the world and this nation, unscripted, motivated with spirited conversation, threats, arguments, about the issues related to the untold path, the twisted history, the unmaking of Malaysia, and the analysis of the present monarchy and leadership, with members of the public from Malaysia and other countries, locally and global. I believe sympathizers and future voters deserve a close, unfiltered examination of our manifesto and leadership. This exchanges of ideas is a true example of becoming Republic mindset for democracy in action. We want to justify and refurbished the image of Malaysia that has been dubbed by many dissatisfied European nations, and other blocks that labeled Malaysia as one managed by the Corrupt MPs that run the Parliament that we established, Malaysian is terrorist, Malaysia is ADIK KECIL, Malaysia is Mobs, Business run by gangsters – of which those labels yet WE had no one defended and to turn to, yet at home, we still struggling on with graft, corruptions, power rift, ethnics chaos in front of us, at our doorstep. We need another power – People Power that votes for REPUBLIC.

Why not? Take a hike on this CD.ROM opportunity today to join me on the Republic democracy at work for a day of conversation and campaigning.

We have started to establish an international appreciation bodies for financial support, and several campaigning leaders have been busy to define the establishment of the code for the right candidates in Malaysia. The opposite of us, is the liberals who disagree with us. We are not afraid of those threats, because we believe in the Mother Earth that own this land, equal opportunity, proper financial practices. So the liars are the enemies are liars are speculators whom had living on the people blood and sweat yet, they are ignoring the NEED OF FUTURE life. You can abandon all the books that have written on the previous history, because the Age of Pisces is a command by itself, and the new movements of the planets is being controlled by the scientist, to rescue the earth. BUT no-one has talked about to rescue the HUMAN, the THINKING, the IDEOLOGY of the UNIVERSE. We are not dreaming, the impact is already in-front of us. We are here to debate on that.

CD.ROM of the Republic of Malaysia will make certain that the administration is open and forthright about the issues facing this country, and to keep this great openness going that began on the CD.ROM.

As we travel around this great world to meet directly with Malaysian and foreign sympathizers, to discuss their thoughts, ideas and concerns. We stumbled upon many well learned people and the family of the old kingdom whom are now commoners and lived as the poor commoners. We cannot expect much after got abandoned. We also met those that non-linked to the heritage family – they are also the ordinary commoners, and BOTH, through their stories we had noted all had accepted to being commoners. Much have been done by the former regime led by Premier Tun Mahathir and even current regime, that – to establish the rights of the Monarchy in the Government run by the Parliament.

We appreciate the Parliament. We appreciate the Constitution. But we are living in a dilemma where NOW proven that the current leadership in Parliament Democrates has been challenged by the ENERGY issue evolved the OIL and MONEY, and GOVERNMENT FUNDS that attracts a lot of debates synchronizing the CORRUPT MINDSET LEADERS and MONETARY CORRUPTION.

Many had been debated before, but at the respect of the rulers and parliament – much were based on the economy image, psychology image and of course certain acts in Malaysia that controlled and limits the aspirations of being a human. So there are many agencies were developed and all-in-all, we recommended that Malaysia is ready for a new wing for Republic. We chose a nett nett value Democracy to be implemented in the Republic.

We’re facing many great challenges as campaigners that involved threats from another human being who don’t understand the real meaning of LIFE IN THE NEXT YEARS of this decades Age of Pisces. The heat will get stronger, the hydro carbon impacts, the monetary controls, the newborns, the sex and drugs impacts, as we can regard as the total social impact. SOCIAL. Our leaders now are much worried about their ancestors, while we also have our own ancestors that we ened to preserved, and we are still at the point of talking about how to manage a one man problem rather than looking at international global issues that had impacted this Malaysia nation. which is a small as a dotted point in the world, which they had made severely wronged moves and cheats that had blasted the last blasts to other nations and neighboring countries, that they rejected, they cannot perceived. It is the people that who had gone and present themselves as the Malaysian but they cheat and those poor people had retaliate and labeled us as liar. Why this happened, its all due to the history that many had seen and known by many thousands of journals and research that the Monarchy is myth, and the Parliament Democracy failed to sustain the cover ups, and this is their last blow to the nation that they will ransack our rights to have a descent living as a HUMAN. We are the citizen of the world as being promoted by the present lifestyle, where the culture is invading us, rapidly an in next few months, all that we love will disappear if we don’t select ourselves to run the country, as per quote.

The world is about togetherness and sharing. In the issue of religion, Malaysia and anywhere in the world, human being are still looking that Islam is the greatest than Christianity and other, while other religion believe that they are better than the other. In the Malaysian context, other religion tried to surface with their own mindset to implicate the Islam approaches, while the royals are collateralized as the symbol of Islam and laid back at palaces that is provided by the people, less contribution in having their own fund to build the worship places, but only their signatures were needed to pass certain price of coffee and rice in our kitchen budget. No one had provided ALL Malaysian by converting own lands to the people to turn into the rice field. But the world’s economy and Capitalist had provoked even harder impact to pay the rent, as such created competitions, that no poor man can become human no more. We in ROM has belief and agree that your rights to have anywhere for worships to be built at anywhere you prefer as that is the right to being HUMAN. It has been a norm for us in CD.ROM to perform our social human obligation to prayers, or donations on other religion place of worships. Religion is taught to fight the evil inside us, so be it anywhere, human are the same with their belief. The more we fight for the rights of our religion, the more lies will surface to make we understand of our religion. Its not the religion rules, but its the people that taught us to justify the rule. So we had justified the roles of being a human. Republic will ensure that we have to sustain those rights.

As we need another avenue to talk, to express whether the CD.ROM, or the left, the right, or the middle as to justify our concern. In the issue of the Monarch, we proposed that they to stay as at their garden compounded in their life and belief. But many were from the old kingdom had suggested and agreed on those, while we the Republic runs the nation, but without disturbing the Monarch to aggravate the commoners feeling, where the Monarch had proven failed to secure trust and respects by passing remark onto commoners, and agitated their own lifestyle, personally or through their appointed people to act on their behalf. Malaysia newspaper, websites and records had showed all. If we were to see the first republic was done in Tanah Melayu, that was the present Melaka. Why Melaka is destroyed, while there is no evidence to say that Melaka was destroyed by the Portuguese but were recorded as the attacked by Portuguese. Its two different things. If so, why not the remnants of Portuguese family available in Melaka became the Sultan, and why not the Hang Li Po group of Chinese become the Sultan. Instead it was much said that the Melaka family ran towards Johor Lama and set the Kingdom there, unfortunately, many historical scriptures were kept and remained in the palaces, to avoid the public search and rescue the states and return back to the ownership of the old kingdom.

While Penang Sabah Sarawak were just lucky because they are on the island, and their thinking in Borneo is of that former Soekarno’s revolution. They were Indonesian as part of the Republic of Indonesia. They Indonesia had gone through the episodes. They are republic. Singapore had cheated and staged the drama and chaos between the Malays and Chinese, so the writers aggravated the ideas of multi racial and ethnis issue, and Tunku approved the Republic. Malaysia foundation is already wrong fundamentally, and the nation is being dragged to the unsettled issues, furthermore that we are now being runned down by the present politicians who not understand the spirit of being a HUMAN.

So, what is that we can move on to the next episode for Malaysia, when the Johor Royals feels that Johor is belong to them, when Kelantan Royals is actually searching for their old original Royals, similarly to the other states Trengganu. One must passed a certain level of appreciation in their life to get to the road and level of understanding of the real appreciation of their HUMANITY. We never go back to become animal. Negeri Sembilan is Republic. Each districts are controlled by their own nominees. Perak is the same. Perlis is too small to mention for the state of Thailand,  as to compare with Kedah and Langkawi, by virtue that many in Langkawi said the Kedah kingdom is traitors. That’s why former leader had brought back the former Mahsuri family and indirectly had opened the case of poverty in their family back in Thailand, as the commoners.  Is just to proof-stamp that Langkawi has royalties, and make the lies of psychology of the locals that they are blue-blooded people. She was used to benefit certain ideology in that tribe. So, when we have the sense of reading the Visit Malaysia Year promotion, or History Re-Kindler, or Provocation to Republic settlement – but keeping in our hearts over regrets, sulking and remorse, and psychologically pressured by ALL THESE political nonsense. That’s the meaning of Money Polticking.

Therefore, the infamous gimmicks Perjuangan Belum Selesai as a notable remark among Malaysian, had actually sent a strong message means “REPUBLIC”. It is unlikely to be promoted as a fight to open a small warong stalls to sell noodles or taking a quick shower in a cool morning.

WE are promoting this campaign, in continuation of that MESSAGE and ASPIRATIONS. of “Perjuangan Belum Selesai”.

We are not the first. But together, WE ARE THE FIRST.

I hope you will join our campaign for CD.ROM today and make a contribution when the time arrive.







> Dear sir,
> Thanks for commenting on the matter.
> There is a phrase in your comment which i am not very sure its
> meaning; “check malaysia hall London every weekends..who are those
> there…”
> I appreciate if you could illustrate further.

1. There, We have many capable candidate to run the nation state, a freshly minded and watchdogs.
2. There, we met many political “doers” coming to transact their business interests.
3. There, we knew (*) political group campaigning to stop good Malaysian to return; being paid to stay back. For their political interest.

Briefly, in the name of the nation that we love, we all were refugees before, not until one or two who had learnt about their ancestors were betrayed by the present kingdom. Many had seen, many had heard, but the tribes on the Eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia down south to Johor and Riau are awakened by Malaysia Development. If I am not wrong, only the present King are dare enough to enter the territory in Java to visit them, because he had the sense and realized. But many more are keeping their feet under the blanket, because outside there is chilling. Many had been patience about this, we are not that far from the history. They had destroyed those the old kingdom. But their egoism and destructive comments over people, had to be ended. They had failed. But they have a shelter, the British.

Only nation that British fear is France. Because Tanah Melayu is NEVER a TANAH MELAYU RESERVED LANDS. Its a plot.

Kindly read in between my articles, I jump one point to another but, collectible to make into a straight point.

Why we start to appear, because we are tired to see the wishes were destroyed after compromised and failed by the Portuguese. However, at this end of Malaysia, we realized the need of poverty and we saw the gap that is not the religion (as it was now played as issue to start racism) or, that is not the ethnics (as it is now played as issue to start racism). But it is now about Humanity. We can’t allow animal to run our nation. Or, satanic sphered corruptors who may thought that they have the chance, they may have the support, to destroy the other, in the name to reach their own mission, to undertake the country.

To undertake and run a country with accessing the files of the government and being pulled back not to having the access to those file again, IS A MOST FRUSTRATED point of time for the Administrator. But, Why the politician had been controlling our government office and said and campaigned and educate our people to swallow the word that UNDI itu RAHSIA ? Hence, we see that the government is dominated as the one runs by the Government BN’s. If they have the pure sharing coalition of power, we have been cheated. The opposition is still running the mockery set ups in the states, BUT NOT ABLE to share the deputiness of the main Putrajaya Office. What’s the logic? A Manifesto that ruins the trust, and the people still adopt to the Ketuanan Myths and agreed to that, just because they are the supporters of them. But now, since the oil issue had developed and we are paying more than the neighboring countries, this is an issue that can be placed back to their doorstep. Sultan of Johor, I wonder why that CRAZY man is still alive, and rushing over the Iskandar, Majidee Camp development, after all that is NOT THEIR LAND.

Allow me, We are watching monkeys running our country. FRANCE has different understanding, and they are on our side – Malaysian for Malaysia, as Republic. Their law, is why they are there as FRANCE. British, are not British. They are by virtue of marriage, and their law is by the Dukes. But partisans in British is now awakened and Please check at my for further linkages.
> About your idea of “Republic Of Malaysia” , I would say the “road” to
> reach this “destination” will be full of obstacles. Historically,
> this so called Malay Land( Tanah Melayu) is ruled by the Sultan of the
> different states, and one of the Ruler’s role now is to “protect” the
> privileges of the Bumiputra. By transforming Malaysia into a
> Republic, the Royal status will need to be abolished, and this is
> very sensitive and dangerous for the time being…UNLESS 2/3 OF THE

What is the deal here Sir.? What IF there is a stake-over and reformation can be done?
IS Malaysia willing to go for another snap poll OR, do we have to wait for the next PRU which, during which it is also good and enough time to campaign for this.?..BUT by that time we are already late. LATE.

YES, we have overseas supports that had looked into this issues. It has been debated for long time over many international seminars, FORGETTING the fact they are the one who opened the ears and the eyes of the people, UNFORTUNATELY had touched certain international laws and business strategies of the people which had longer historical records and directions and problems. That’s is why I try to commend on their mistakes, but it was not heard, and suddenly, we all had been stabbed back from behind, not on personal basis, but, nationally we are TO SUFFER. I regard them as the ADIK KECIL. So if they cannot listen, if they do not want to listen, ARE WE to allow further destruction to run into our country. Who blogs who now? Who is the destroyer. My blogs is a chain of articles that leads to one message. YES, we are not worry about the change, for the justice of the people. Even if we were to fight because of the multi ethnics issue in future, NO, stop there we come into one and proceed to one focused agenda that is ONCOMING towards us. ITS ON THE WAY. If we hand this over to the current regime, whether they are the BN or Opposition, this is destructive..UNLESS the opposition really serious togetherness to turn this nation into a republic. YES we shall talk.

> However, I do agree “CORRUPTION” in one of the major negative element
> in malaysia’s society. In my opinion, we shall learned from
> Singapore and Hong Kong in the effort to curb corruption problem.

Corruptions is acceptable if the money is refundable, and the takers leave the office of his functions.
An honest sincere person cannot be a politician.
But IF one man can withstand to share a room with 5 beautiful ladies and they don’t do anything over such a long period of time, then we need to search for that kind of spiritual person.
A spiritual person, leadership is commanding, monumental, NOT to bribe and believe in sins which are not to be served on his nation.
ALL, ALL of our politician are there, near missed or involved, corrupt attitude, AFTER they got elected. I don’t think I will swear at Lim Kit Siang, simply because he is much older than I am. Got the point? The rudeness now is from the lifestyle that being created by the regime.
So to have a “back-to-reality” leadership, is adaptably to be nationalized as human base because they have to serve we-human.
BUT the awakening of the Internet and the FAILED Islamic state of Malaysia; with its lackasidle in control of the laws, they called it flaws, is a sign that they are to accepting the fact that the world is changing. The revolution had started Sir. The Islamic state in Kelantan are worried over their status because they are part of the regime. They are scared people don’t donate to them again to survive.
As I had stressed in many of my articles: A belief is a Belief, practicality into it is a myth. But I ma willing to listen to any religion and I will return home and practice what I suppose to do. So, we all do the same – the revolution had begun. We just need to continue a little bit more.
Any good country that is good to be sampled, we follow. The nearest is Singapore. UMNO is the culprit to surrender Singapore and they become republic, while we here, biting our fingernails. DECEITFULLY, they are the one who ransacked the psychology and thrown us into a democracy-in-parliament, that’s the end of the day, they promoted the coalition sharing government, and We are hoping for something, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPENED. Lets deny our rights to ethnicity, say its a myth, Where will go from here to Brave New World, in the challenging episode at the WORLD stage?.

The answer is NONE. We shall fail. Reason, because all the negative as provided above.

ARE we the rakyat to keep looking when the Sultan and MP chased us out of this country?

I think, we are still good and acceptable as a human at other country. So, maturely speaking, why not we fight for our next generation, and for now, for ourselves?

SIR, we all traveled. A LOT. to down to the drain, to the upper office level. Sir, We are already LATE by CHANCE.

Thank you. Please please get in touch.>In the name of Malaysia that we love…/// end

> I welcome you to comment further in this issue.
> thanks

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