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RoM : IDTK Corruptions I

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I dedicate this to a Londoner’s and that Malay Professor a bright young 23 years old Abang Awam, who together we debated over this issue; and to my first school teacher that I fond of Cikgu Salbiah the wife to Datuk Jaafar Hamzah the first MP of Johor Bahru (whom had received my paperworks and the original CD) that we knew and hope they still kicking (even admitting lies when I asked him for the return of the CD)-aren’t you pity at me after using my ideas for your personal gain? and a special thanks for the coffee to TSMY who had given me a chance as a poor man to visit and present the working paper at his house in Kuala Lumpur, just before he hold the post in MOA after the AN’s.

Add to Technorati FavoritesSadly, On behalf of my children who are sufferings due to losses of finance of their father, I record this questions that no need to be answered by the individuals. As you had always asked and blamed others not to know to ask – now, I want to ask.

1. Why you promoted the 3F plans under Fisheries Budget while you don’t have the funds?

2. Why you asked people to spend on the agriculture business but you don’t commit?

3. Why you commit with others after you gain entry at international level through us?

4. Where is the cell phone that I bought for you and your daughter?

5. When are you going to pay back the thousands of dollars money that I spent at Mandarin Hotel dinner with your political friends?

6. Where is my original paper works and CD that I entrusted to you?

7. Where is the RM500 million that was announced in the budget?

8. Where is the fund that you supposed to give me after I spent my RM2.3 million to bring the vessels?

9. Where is the RM3.0 billion goes to after using my paperworks?

10. Why my paperworks were duplicated into 7 copies and traveled the world under different names?

11. Why my proposal were rejected and delayed but he the non-heritage non local’s were heard?

12. Why all documents of my vessels were kept and disappeared?

13. Why you opened the informations of your success even you don’t have the landings?

14. Why you participate in this business even though you don’t have the funds?by letting others to fish using your license?but not supportive to the local initiator?

15. Why you asked for RM60000 fee for the approved RM200000 loan?

16. Why you pulled back the loan even you aware we were constructing the project?

17. Why you asked for RM60 million even you aware that we are to build the port for you?

18. Why no one visited me when the first vessels from China arrive berthing at the first port of call?

19. Why you changed the department without the portfolio?and now disappeared?

20. Why you give up all your business status and disappeared now after that RM3.0 billion issue?

21. Why you revamp the bank and changed their name and status after the issue?

22. Why you terminate my banker friend?

23. Why my banker friend showed my paperwork was binded included in your paperwork?

24. Why you use my paperwork for your thesis in MBA program?

25. Why you use the people history to gain your reputations?

26. Why you open your wallet in front of me and full of cash even I can guess your salary is not that much?

27. Why you gain business and never pay the commission for 7 years even you know it started from me?

28. Why you give so much fund to the rich and they utilized at different field without your concern?

29. Why you expect us to show you our operations but you deny our participation with you?

30. Why the 5 vessels full load of tuna were returned back to its port of origin and reported to me?

31. Why you signed the purchase of my friends factory overseas for usd 2 dollars but you never paid?

32. Why that usd 2 dollars turned into multi million ringgit but the money never reach to my friend?

33. Why my friends vessels were burnt at the border?

34. Why my friends vessels captured by you but never released to them even they want to pay compound?

35. Why you allow the Malaysian waters controlled by others?

36. Where is the RM40 million survey budgets goes to?

37. Why you got the Datukship at the cost of other people you betrayed?

38. Why you promoted the project and ask for the gift but destroy our plight when we need assistance?

39. Why you do business which are supposed to be done by the fisherman?

40. Why you give me that man’s copy of IC to open account under his name?

41. Why you take my paperwork and demand for RM20 million for the approval of the loan?

42. Why you leave this heritage business to the non-heritage people?

43. Why you betray me?

44. Why you said and touched the issues of that my late father were non influential with no social status, and destroyed my work for 2 years after you requested us to expand the size of the projects up to USD450 million when we only asked for USD100000 at initial stage, after we spend money and time, after I sold all properties and loss RM2.3 million to fulfill your request, and you dare saying that in your public office, at the bank?

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To my son..Remember all those questions.

I am your father. I am different from your friends father. When I changed my direction and disappear, don’t be amused or worried. But remember, this is your father, YOUR father who have been cheated. Your father who had waited for 2 years to leave this place. I will go, and I will write.

My son, you are the eldest. This is the ATM’s card and the passport that you need. We have to separate here.

My son, take care of your younger siblings 6 and 3. You go to school, for your future.

My son you had witnessed we had slept on the newspaper covered floors in cold after I lost the house for our shelter.

My son, You were 9 and you remembered that together we drive our vessels into the port of Endau LKIM together, you remember, you the witness, you will tell this struggle of your father, you are the only one who knows that I don’t lie.

My son, I will come back to take you out from here.

My son, they will never answer, because…they lied and will lie further..

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