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RoM : IDTK Corruptions V

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OIL Shame On You World Leaders

IF ever I..who am I..they are in better position to cry..WE? weep..Start selling your garden to the Forbes people, dude.

They should champion the heart of their native citizens sons children and thy neighbors.

War against Iraq had pulled the rush into getting the oils and many commoners into trouble, to jointly sweep the Americans backyards TOGETHER worldwide !!! I had wrote about .. “Where are the Lies” early this month, and it is now happening.

China is pretending graving for help, pretending at the sick bay after killings in their earthquakes. Its all a drama. China !!!! should bear all the cost of soaring oil price, by way of soaring the world market to affordably throw sell their CHEAP produces MADE IN CHINA all over the world, killing all other manufacturers, but are they paying the same price like we do?

JUST BECAUSE THEY ENJOY THE CHEAP OIL, they produced mass mass mass produce at lowest dead price !!! While…But all the small nations are still paying the same oil price but have nothing to produce at that scale – to compete Chinas consumptions, THEY should pay more when they affordable to produce cheaper produce. americans should pay more when they had champion the British and Japan to go for WAR. Why you penalized the whole world?

AREN’T YOU LEADERS HAVE BRAINS TO THINK? ..ARE WE to pay for CHINA and the AMERICAN dreams to control the world market by paying the same oil price, but THEY can produce the cheap produce? Banned them. NONSENSE !!! And you leaders are still clapping hands to see people crumbled on the road in demonstrations and even HEY, HEY, even SOME IDIOTS even tried to gain power out of this bas**** moments at the cost of the COMMONERS POOR STARVATIONS? You Guys are CRAZY !!

Look at your nose hey the opposition leaders in Malaysia, they had even said that THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME to gain power control of the nation while people in the lurch ?? some are BAST*losers. Don’t they have brains? is this preplanned by all the leaders in the world that to create the chaos and gain the power? DROPPED your intentions.

What is leadership when they leave home in trouble? What kind of ghost is that to arrive when their neighbor in trouble? What Papa and Imam and sermons religion is that to gain sympathy when the followers were uncertain? Where is the munchy randy mouth with words sound social status of the KING ROYALS MAJESTY EMPEROR who betrayed the Old Malay Kingdom got to say about this, or those Dutches who runs the SHELL oil company that do they appear out there to save the WORLD?

You guys are clapping hands. Look at this finger, YOU are sitting back perhaps, clapping hands.

Provoking thoughts are jamming your nights. Personally we believe now, to let the voices of the children and the sufferers to be heard. Lets see WHICH ANIMAL LEADER will talk to save this world out of this plague. BUT please you guys the OPPOSITION GET OUT OF THIS matter don’t you ever scrub your (*) on the walls while enjoying looking at the sufferings.


I wish that man ANWAR IBRAHIM to throw his multi billions money and start buying more ships and load the oil in front of his house. I am not hoping him to be the next leader, but please proof your words.

I hope MAYBANK the culprit who uses the local Malays money from the PNB to run their business, return those money that belongs to the Malays by making more profit out of this chaos, and return them at 1000% yield to the Malays investor next month. WHO IS COVERING WHO NOW? Shame on you Leaders.

Hey guys, can’t you see? You guys are being tailed a dog.

Can’t you remember who placed that 16% interest rate during that Anwar Ibrahim MOF’s? and NOW, WHO said to take over the leadership when the trouble arrive in front of your door? Chotto matte kodasai, shame on you guys.


So..Where’s the Lies..

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