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Every one of us remember the economic turmoil episode. Can we forget that? Malaysia’s Petronas had set up its empire and was at its peak, and every one Malaysian were happy, I refer to the public … The owner of the State Empire Tower was not that happy if I were in his shoe looking at episodes of National Geographic’s documented comments on the tallest buildings around the world.

Inside, in Petronas, the joint ventures companies were struggling to dismantle, destroying the livelihood of the contract executives and workers, with many many mannny upper level management executives were terminated with the advise from those Petronas partners – the western investors. Lifestyle of the down south people (if you consider you are above and living up norths), the down souths lifestyles had changed. 1998 the economy plunged. Public lifestyle had changed. Many stories had follows.

Surfaced were new breed of businesses. Lawyers turned repossess agents, bank employed many criminals, certain religious banker started to employ better-religiously dressed than before just to capture their audience, Credit Crads were sold at the newspaper vendors stands in front of the toilet, business civil marriage lawsuits were handed over at coffee shops tables or even at the seaside. Life changed and tough. Some had slept on the newspaper covered floor. Separations and divorces. Housewives turned to richer evils, and the stories escalated to another agenda in the Sociology studies, with the encryptions of many sub headings such as “Idiots Guide to retired poor in overseas for Japanese from rich country; Brave New World”. What I had learnt in USA on Behavior Management subjects, hey, those are not anymore relevant. Life changed. Drastically. Believe me.

To some, they started traveling and searching for opportunities or further, to manage their family, overseas. Some play lucky and marry the locals just to get the visa to stay in that country they newly-loved. A new citizenship appeared“Made in the World”, with multi crossed gens, with yellow hairs appeared on many giraffe in Africa. ..ref: BWaterW2Feb2008.

My fellow neighbor, on last Monday, last Monday, I wrote about the reminder of ..“Where’s the Lies”…But the responses were poor. Many don’t regard my advise as serious. Today, and tomorrow, these down south countries will hail the “life of the evil “..again..a repeat.


..Is here to face you. I advise,

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