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In lieu of the struggles of

“Legendary Johor 6-Friends” and “The Three Times Dead”

Sunan Kudus Year 895/1511/1879 – 1993

and the

Istana Pergam Former Kingdom of Johor Lama

Year 1200 – 2008


in Recognition to Continuation of the

Struggles of Former Malay Regime of Tanah Melayu

in getting Malaysia into the Millenium


Welcome to Brave New World Order : 21st Century Global Citizen of the World


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Ko Yem Binjai

The Scriptures

The Legendary Johor 6-Friends

The Three Times Dead

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Republic of Malaysia

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Campaign : Wayforward PRU 13

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Every one of us remember the economic turmoil episode. Can we forget that? Malaysia’s Petronas had set up its empire and was at its peak, and every one Malaysian were happy, I refer to the public … The owner of the State Empire Tower was not that happy if I were in his shoe looking at episodes of National Geographic’s documented comments on the tallest buildings around the world.

Inside, in Petronas, the joint ventures companies were struggling to dismantle, destroying the livelihood of the contract executives and workers, with many many mannny upper level management executives were terminated with the advise from those Petronas partners – the western investors. Lifestyle of the down south people (if you consider you are above and living up norths), the down souths lifestyles had changed. 1998 the economy plunged. Public lifestyle had changed. Many stories had follows.

Surfaced were new breed of businesses. Lawyers turned repossess agents, bank employed many criminals, certain religious banker started to employ better-religiously dressed than before just to capture their audience, Credit Crads were sold at the newspaper vendors stands in front of the toilet, business civil marriage lawsuits were handed over at coffee shops tables or even at the seaside. Life changed and tough. Some had slept on the newspaper covered floor. Separations and divorces. Housewives turned to richer evils, and the stories escalated to another agenda in the Sociology studies, with the encryptions of many sub headings such as “Idiots Guide to retired poor in overseas for Japanese from rich country; Brave New World”. What I had learnt in USA on Behavior Management subjects, hey, those are not anymore relevant. Life changed. Drastically. Believe me.

To some, they started traveling and searching for opportunities or further, to manage their family, overseas. Some play lucky and marry the locals just to get the visa to stay in that country they newly-loved. A new citizenship appeared“Made in the World”, with multi crossed gens, with yellow hairs appeared on many giraffe in Africa. ..ref: BWaterW2Feb2008.

My fellow neighbor, on last Monday, last Monday, I wrote about the reminder of ..“Where’s the Lies”…But the responses were poor. Many don’t regard my advise as serious. Today, and tomorrow, these down south countries will hail the “life of the evil “..again..a repeat.


..Is here to face you. I advise..

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Draft Manifesto

<on manifesto
<on campaigns
<on grouping
..http://&#8230;.hopefully, upon certain agreement with malaysia local polity groups, certain important announcement to be made, still waiting, atill negotiating.
<on ideology
<on republic
<on struggles for REPUBLIC OF MALAYSIA
<on motive struggles

2. ALL poor given MONTHLY WELFARE RM 1500 to the Poor and Old-Folks Homes Residence
3. ALL Citizen salary MINIMUM 3,000
4. ALL Citizen / Foreigner salary MAXIMUM 15,000
5. ALL business corporate worth RM 100 million Allowed Approved Capital MUST : UMBRELLA 10 number of new NON-CRONY through PNB
6.and increase by each tenth : eg 200 Million umbrella 20 cos.
7.ALL Banks in Malaysia owned 50% by PNB
8.PNB owned 50% to be managed by Cooperative Administrator
9.Income from Caught-Criminals to be PUNISHED for Infra-Development, not to the Police Income
11.Members of Item 9 are allowed to hold one position and job income
12. 50% Cooperative led bodies hold all administrative in governmental related agencies and private sectors + 50% that is recommended by the GLC
13. Social law transformation from Police 50% + Adat Police 50% power sharing
14. Malaysian doing Business overseas to be guaranteed by Malaysia Institution of Citizen Guarantee 50% + 50% from Khazanah, therefore all banks guarantees goes under Khazanah.
15. Khazanah goes under PNB and BNM

16. Holidays are reduced to singularity Adat Days, while minority adat is not accepted as national holiday.

17. AFTA and NAFTA to be reviewed to progress NAFTA merger with AFTA interest

18. Single currency implementation under Asia + China + Australia, while using Australia as gateways to USA market controls.

19. Minimise or Dismiss security relations with Middle East and Arab nations especially Iran, instead employ Russia and strengthened with Indonesia + Australia

20. Download all investment from Japan, reducing RM which is already become single currency and tagged with Yen to compete at USD market.

21. RM tagged at 4.20 per USD, or under single Asia currency (maybe at) almost RM10 for 1 usd. maybe.

22. Monarchy will resume as their own kingdom in their own territory and interest, without special allowance unless they surrender their landbanks to rakyat for commercial purpose for rakyat benefit. All royalty benefits especially monetary will be allocated to the sultan for their own “kingdom” as they wish, but not through the budget provided by the government special allocation. Up to them to have their own state in mind, and let them organize their lifestyle as they wish, according to their will and monetary strength. All monetary privileges will be equally shared with the commoners. finally, all history books will be reviewed with reference to (****) library available in the world.

22 items. insyallah.

Thanks < KYB chief authors <

Segenting Kara Port Dickson 1981 Hang Tuah


Malaysia. Kansas.Japan.Indonesia.China.France.Russia.

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The Goddess


to a Republic of


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Ko Yem Binjai



Republic of Malaysia


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Ko Yem Binjai known as KYB, had devoted and entrusted his life to the eradication of poverty in Latin America, Russia, African Nation but especially in the Republic of Indonesia through the official appointment in the Indonesia’s Jakarta Bappenas’ KPEL’s United Nation Housing Settlement Program since 2002 while Promoting the Republic’s Economic Development Plan focusing the contributions towards the internal and external economic investments, policy advisory, ground works, campaigns, project  mobilization and restructuring of the economic agenda throughout the People Republic of Indonesia and at the international level; during the  term of President Ibu Megawati till current Bapak General Susilo Bambang Yudhiyono – motivated and well versed in Sukarnology. KYB is also in Close Relation with the Japanese Business Counterparts that deals with Japan and Tokyo business associates, and the United Nations Youth Development Program throughout the world; to promote the poverty eradication and economic stimulation. KYB was a scholar in International  Economics and Communication studies for International Business Masters from a Jewish foundation University applying advance Harvard Business Schools manuscripts, in a small town in Kansas USA in 1989. As a Moslem, KYB promotes freedom on humanism with the basis of religion, God, faith and Reality. KYB, inherited his heritage family from both side of the parent in the Old Kingdom of Johor Malaysia -and Java Indonesia. KYB adapted  Moslem through learning and practices, while read Christianity and other religion for his work around the world. In this chapter, KYB is promoting a fresh ideas of his outlook and suppression over the local Malaysian politics and diverted history that he had uncovered so as to spell-translate the  act of promotions of a Republic of Malaysia which is already in the making, and the means of the new way to survival in facing the fast world  of transformation leaving behind the facade of the term he called “..fed to be fooled..” lifestyles and attitudes as per usually being tuned in the local Malaysian. KYB tried and planned to settle back in Malaysia, but tolerating to educate the people until successfully change their drive to speak at level truth to meet the blasts of the life prophecies, correctly. Hopefully. Enjoy reading. Enjoy negotiating the mood as well. Thank you.

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not democrates socialites like dap

not democrates democrates like pkr

no democrates liberals like BN

not socialist communist like marxism




To the benefit of Malayu Kampung – Cina Bukit – India Estet and bangsawan yang banyak di deretan batu kotaraya, atau hamba taulan yang banyak di belakang pokok dalam hutan tu, saya memohon pahamkan maksud saya dalam rangkap bicara bahasa yang mudah menggariskan maksud inti yang mau disampaikan di bawah : SILA KETIK LINK INI.

In this page, I refuse to write or mention anyone local leader that you may expect that I will comment on them. WASTING TIME. might as well I write to the benefit of my children to read my records. If you think this is also a waste of time for you, READ ON, something here to be learnt together. Why NOT?

I like to recall an experience during which time after I failed the matriculation and language course program in the local University back in 1983. The program was for Japan. When I failed, then later I had to worked with TUN DAIM who was then known only as Encik Daim, at the New Straits Times Group. During short time, I was promoted as the Branch Supervisor acting Branch Manager appointed by the Operations Manager there, as the youngest in the management team, I was 20, to manage the bookshop cum NST’s Classifieds agency. Proud. I dedicate this record to Nina. Ahah, there, I met a girl name Nina. She is so beautiful. She’s married now having 5 kids. Wow. But we still befriend and known to the entire family.

Back to my college experience, after I was RESIGNED-cum-TERMINATED because one FITNAH by Jasni, a Manager at the Bukit Bintang Branch whom was originated from the northern state, I was so frustrated, but I got an idea..Why not I come back to KL again to rescue my life – continue study again? So I purchased an Aerofloat ticket destinationed Sweden. My late mother then said something, and I changed my mind. Losing RM1400 for the ticket in 1984.

Instead, my mother encouraged and suggested to GET RECOMMENDATION to RE ENTER the local University in Kuala Lumpur. So I went to 2 person. One was to the Mat Ikan Kering who later I know him as Datuk Mohamed Rahmat, and the other was to Mat Gerik that later I was asked to address him as YB Dato’ Tajol Rosli. Si Mat Rahmat advised me to study in Indonesia. So, I sat for an examination at the University of Malaya for the Indonesia University program under Social & Political Science studies. At the same time, I got the offer to enter the ITM MARA; then known as UiTM Malaysia by Dr.Mahathir Mohamed, during which in that assembly at the Selangor Stadium where the event was led by a well known politician traitor from Kelantan who always jumping across the bandwagon for – his political career. I got through in ITM MARA and everything that is needed to kick start my life at the age of 25 with the very first diploma. Late starter, but okay, I passed. HOW ?

First, I saw Datuk Mohamed Rahmat dancing on the floor to attract many potential students to enter the college in Indonesia as he proposed. Really dancing in that kuliah hall.

Secondly, Tajol Rosli, took me 3 hours listening to his lecture of the meaning of LEADERSHIP.

Can you imagine, talking to someone who was bored at that time, on a lazy Saturday afternoon in his office near Bukit Bintang. Listening to his political views and vomiting out the secrets of the democrates. Any way I gained something there, in fact I was hopeful that I will meet the DR.MAHATHIR MOHAMED. Yes, later I got that. First was at the entrance of the hall in UiTM Main Hall Dewan Seri Budiman, together with my eldest son who was then 3 years old. I was then busy and about finishing the business proposal for an integrated fisheries project for Malaysia the nation, with directive from the Maybank Manager and Tan Sri Basir; to apply for loan funding of course. Secondly, I met Tun Dr.Mahathir at the his Putrajaya’s Office while presenting the master copy of the white paper that AT THAT time were only required usd100000 loan, to be supported by him. So I met him, 5 minutes, short and one question posted to me. My answer was, ..” for the next generation..”..4 words.

Back to Tajol Rosli the story were as follows:

  1. What is a Leader? He asked. So I have to be careful because his late father was a prominent figure in the local group UMNO.
  2. Who is the next incumbent for Premiership? He asked. I said Najib but he had a different idea. So we talked about Najib. Deng Dong Deng Dong, finally I concluded that GOSH I must be careful with these politician, why are they like this?
  3. What do you think of Anwar? He asked. I said I don’t go for people on the street. He laughed.
  4. What do you think of Ghafar Baba? He asked. I said I don’t like his face.
  5. What about Mahathir? I said, he is a northern guy, but you also from the north. He laughed.
  6. What about Tengku Razaleigh? I said can we change this subject because I am more concern about you.
  7. I ASKED HIM, why not you become the next premier? and he said...bla bla blog bla bla blog
  8. He concluded later, that I must be able to score the goal before others do for you. SO I LEARNT.

OKAY, that was my first encounter with politics in Kuala Lumpur. Live telecast. I got the place in the MARA. Remember, I was sitting for the exam in University of Malaya as well, no crony ism no favorite ism no ism ism ism. We were there, the Tajol Rosli, to lecture about the LEADERSHIP. He motivated me to take up the challenges.

When I failed to get the business loan in Malaysia, I believe you had read my background, so I promoted myself to Jakarta for Indonesia Government’s Bappenas voluntary program. I was accepted under a program for the United Nation Housing Settlement Program; UNHSP for 500,000 abandoned families. I had learnt much about people and leadership at bare hands and individually – I had absorbed the real meaning of sacrificing the kitchen budget FOR THE SAKE of the poverty eradication. Meanwhile, my business runs at its own pace, small slow but okay global, I don’t care much about losing the chance in Malaysia anymore – getting betrayed by old Dato’ and few other that I called traitors to ethnic group I was promoted to, BUT I AM MORE CONCERNED and worried for those opportunities and research over two years, recorded as I requested and wrote in the other homepage. At foreign land, I was amused by the foreign nations Ministers who had befriended me and THEY HAD THE TIME and paid a visit to my old mother at her house in Johor Bahru Malaysia and together we made many political declarations, in the name of humanitarian, eradication of poverty, and in due respect to our family heritage matters.

Meanwhile, back home in Malaysia, an absolute powerful earthquake and tsunami had happened in the political scene, and the scenario had left me “wounded” as I care for Malaysia, I would say, the best word to describe is ..” a phenomenon that INJUSTICE FOR ME to understand why the local leadership had changed and MORALLY disappointing.. which then, while we discovered many untold stories about them at overseas, documented and open sources, which I believe you guys know what to predict and to say about them. I don’t want to comment because of their privacy, and my privacy.

But surprisingly, on a personal records, overseas-ly speaking, I had entertained at any one time, almost 20 members of the local Datuks and the BN components leaderships as to meet their interest on businesses. What ever that we don’t like to mention is subjective, but what really matters were, When we started to be nice and concern to HELP in the name of the country, with bare hands, with our own kitchen’s budget, they will continuously approach you, and requested or promoted the ideas about teaming up with them... BUT, It’s different in the case of Tajol Rosli whom didn’t do that to me. Sometimes many had done justice to other people FOR JUST only to HELP. BUT ..DON’T BETRAY YE

ONLY When we start to become BETTER than them, they will ask you to “WRITE” for them, in the name of the people that we all love, our nation, for the so called the RACE that we belong to. BUT ..DON’T BETRAY YE

They will call you to donate for them, okay acceptable. But at the same time they offered a reward after the elections. Ooops, Okay nice, but I don’t think so. If one person to donate, it is a matter of just give , but if it is in order to gain rewards..I have a different opinion about this.

Okay, may be I am stupid to say that, maybe it is very abnormal to deny the rewards, but..

  • Some of our ancestors had lost their old kingdom to the present government and their BRITISH consolations and moderators over scandalous power struggle since 1850’s..
  • I believe that I need to recheck the note books on the fundamental of my life and the expectations…“that to upkeep our tradition, as the local and as the children of our father…”
  • By the way, my name is not Bin Tunku Rahman which many foreigners thought I am the Royal family of that man, and
  • British ran off during Japanese invasion, and the
  • Monarchy is happy with their administrator-ship during British imperialism.


  1. So Crony ism that is propagated by certain CURRENT leadership is not new. ITS INHERITED from the British. So what is the new issue here?
  2. Corruption is not new since we all inherited them since the Adam and Eve, 7000 years ago.
  3. A Culture that synonym with lies, cheats and betrayals, traitors are also not new.

BUT, if we face with leadership that tends to repeat the same mistakes over and over again and looked like that we have to pass over to the next generations, I think..we need to sit back and re look into all this aspects. What do you think?


By looking at your own backyard, without mentioning the name of who your neighbors are, or the names of those who can smell the onions on your frying pans, I would prefer to have a short walk with my 13 years old boy, whom I think is matured enough to help to decide who he favors an whom he doesn’t, which later I will speak with other parents at the Parent Associations meeting to decide what we are going to do with our children’s future. You know what I mean. Or you pretend not to know.

Republic of Malaysia?maybe, but it stands for an Equal Opportunity for everyone. Those who already have their own source of income that is free or by pensions, will be continued until the last breath in the republicans pockets, especially in the name of management of taxes from the local KWSP, government investments body, resources that go back to the people, or by way of adjusting the monthly budget received from the political donations from the people sympathizers for Republicans, so distribute back to the family who supposed to receive, for something or for free.

  1. Worldly issues will be addressed at eyes to eyes level with the other world leadership or at their golf club meetings, on issues that for the purpose of ERADICATION of POVERTY, as soon as the problem are expected to happen.
  2. The Servants who are supposed to be more alert on the global issues may have to work harder to protect the interest of their free money, pensions and salary.
  3. The World Bank will be part of our business mentors and especially towards the introduction of something-similar to IMF on PEOPLE AUDITORS FRONT LIBERATION BODY for PEOPLE SOLIDARITY.
  4. I think it is injustice if I don’t know what will happen to my future generations by looking and assessing the current political scenario in the world, not only Malaysia.

We wonder how this thing can be mobilized, but in many cases FOR NOW, I believe in the Japanese proverbs syndrome, saying that the trouble will go off when we keep them quiet, and dissolve as the time passes. Do you think you want to continue that syndrome?

Done. Did I missed any point here?

Ko Yem Binjai.

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