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May 19, 2008

Obama’s has that Message for Humanity.

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This is a message. Don’t be blind to see the Obama’s backgrounds that tells a lot. Someone has to come from the far east and has to become a leader in an important position in the world. Obama’s dreams are not the same as ours. He has the personality clashes every time immediately after he wakes up from sleep with that certain dreams at the back of his minds. He is not Caucasian but been brought up in the world that he has to live in. Spiritually, Obama is to start the opening of a leadership in the Age of the Pisces. The coincidence is happening and he carries a certain messages in his office terms. The world has to accept him as the new leader, to tell the next direction of the humankind. He is not the beginning or the last. He is only the initiator. He is not the beginning in this prophecies either. But Obama does carry a message. Obama’s aura and telepathy’s are sending a clear waves and meanings, spreading throughout the world that he is the one capable. 2008 to 2012 years is a very challenging years for the entire world. I don’t need to be present in front of him to understand this. He knows. But certainly he has to explain a lot when the time finally arrives. When many of us are still struggling to solve issues in our life. He has arrived to tell, but some are just blind to be confused and running away from the fact that Obama has to address something to humankind. He needs a platform to speak and tell. We need a direction to listen. Accept this facts. Many of the legendary leadership of the world are vanishing. One by one but, the new ones are not there to address the unresolved mysteries of plagues we face. Isn’t it a coincidence that he arrived at the age of Pisces?


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