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August 14, 2008

PKR Womanizer | Blogged

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Stop talking about <UiTM for the Malays>

GET your LEADER from the non-Malays to

HELP your Poors to GoEnjoy that Universities owned by them | available !!


ATTACK YOUR KIT SIANG FAMILY ON THIS – They are your Hero !! youTakTau KE ?!!

UiTM are NOT BUMI RIGHTS, youTakTau KE ?!!

Khalid ni dia womaniser Record !! You ganggu lagi Kami bukak rahsia Khalid Why Not ?!!

IF all this is about money !! about Mara Money !!

Corruptions YES !! IT happened in Mara !!

So Don’t talk about RIGHTS of the UiTM, that already established !!

STRAIGHT to the POINT, TO your FACE !!


July 31, 2008

WTO Failed : Maybank Corrupts

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Our Struggles : Chapter VII : The Proposals


Beijing 2008 - full coverage at


World Trade Organization

The Collapses

of Revelation of Oath

The Beginning

of Transformation

of Painstaking.War.Sloth


We thank all sympathizers,

We pity all fighters

We thank all thinkers

to drive this objective a success !!


Victimized :Helpless and Silenced


I have greeted this immunology and aristocrates blunt mind as I wrote on this schedule you can refer herein, please click the button.


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This article would be my last article for the month July 2008. The are several other agenda awaiting for the month of August 2008. Successfully our campaign had arrived to success on two important subjects in July 2008,

# 1 : Maybank intervention in Indonesia, BNM Malaysia Retracted the deals signed in March 2008. We have more evidence why BNM should re-view and re-sit the banking agenda in Malaysia. We had made such a mute proposal to PETRONAS and KLSC and ACA in our article you can read from this link below, please click the button. There are a lot of progressive question sto settle in Maybank management, as we will observe and see what action next by BNM; else, we will expose further, until those culprit in Maybank using PNB’s Malay Bumiputera funds, leave the banks. Please read the links as below.


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Before we end July 2008, Please consider to explain what I have put on the quest of the Transformation articles, and I concluded that the leader, again, from th ericj nation are excessively denied the calls from the world, and thus purely I agreed to Mdevev Russian that USA is not in position to give any advise. Back to what I had said and crunched the ideology beforhands, MALYSIA? PLEASE, take this as a forwarned period of collapsing rocks from the tip of the mountain, over you.

Refering to the recent World Trade Organization meeting, please read my in-advance comment. Hopefully, Malaysia is not carried away with all unnecessary politics which is stupid enough to be laid-out for matured citizen. Here we go :

Posted on July 11, 2008

Transformation is, towards the 21st century’s application political agenda. The European and even Russian blocks are now undergoing through a deep revision on politics but not economy, especially  related to the human rights of the victim of the circumstances that’s been neglected, during the development period after WWII, controlled by capitalist. We need capitalist. We adhere to law. But, democracy had implicated the civilization thus neglected those who had been victimized by the development. So the victims – are the consumer and through the evolution process,  and going through their past history, their generation are now  stands and upcoming and voice their pledges. Mix and stir up all these issues, the giant power is non-adhere to this commoners, the victims and the poor people. Poverty had been fought since, seriously since 1980’s. so, after all this urbanization and political drama, a formula is needed, founded as transformation. It is securely to protect the victim who is helpless, neglected and kept silence over their circumstances. They are now, standing up and fight back.

So Goodluck to July 2008,  we welcome August 2008. Cheers !


Ko Yem Binjai

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