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August 26, 2008

Life Back Home | Blogged

Obituary for Foreigner Bastardology

Don’t You Have Life Back Home?
(Part 01)
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(Part 03)
(Part 04)

August 25, 2008

Anwar | KM Penang Melayu ganti LGE / LKS

Ini adalah petanda baik.

Anwar di bebaskan dari Penjara.

Anwar ada kontak Yahudi.

UMNO sedang mahu wang dan FDI.

Penang dan Cina mahu leader.

Anwar Bertanding.

Pak Lah dan Azizah meeting ter tutup.

Strategi UMNO letak Arif yang tiada layakan.

Cina Sokong Anwar, Hindraf India sokong Anwar.

Anwar naik, politik berubah, Penang jadi Milik Anwar.

Melayu Penang mahu Anwar, tak mahu Cina.

Anwar jadi KM dengan majoriti 30 orang di peringkat Negeri PKR Penang.

Cina akan Putih Mata.

kena Tipu Politik Melayu Mahathir + Anwar

Permatang Pauh | Anwar sedang Rampas Penang dari Cina DAP

Dengan peranan dan kerakusan Anwar

Anwar akan rebut kerusi dari LIM KIT SIANG

dan seterus nya menjadi hero Melayu ikut kata Mahathir, tolak Badawi dan tajol Rosli

dan mengambil alih Penang Dari LIM GUAN ENG dan KOH TSU KOON

Apakah Anwar akan lompat katak ke UMNO setelah pegang Penang sebagai Ketua Menteri ganti DAP ?

Permatang Pauh | Anwar di atur Tarik Diri Last Minit

Bagaimana ini Boleh berlaku ?

Bagaimana cara nya ini boleh di lakukan ?

Pilihan ke PKR di Parlimen Melayu petanda Melayu Utara tak Mahu UMNO ?

Atau Melayu Kampong sana di tujah oleh budaya Menghina Melayu seluruh Negara ?

Apa kah Melayu utara akan terus di kutuk oleh Melayu Daerah Lain ?

Apakah Melayu Hyper-Ultra-Melayu akan terus diam di kutuk oleh Kaum Lain ?

Apakah Pemusnahan Etnik sedang Berlaku di Tanah Melayu ?

Apa kah kesadaran Akhir buat Anwar Tarik Diri ?

Apakah Anwar akan lompat katak ke UMNO setelah pegang Penang sebagai Ketua Menteri ganti DAP ?

August 24, 2008

24.08.2008 | Hands of God Emerges

Praying on Tanah Melayu | Nun Ha Alliance

Picture You Never Seen Before | Satellite | Non Edited | Superimposed Territories Lines

Do You Know the meaning of the word Kalimantan ? above the Hands of the Prayer ?

Do you Know why

Nusantara Came from the Arabic word “Nun” ?

From Sabang to Marauke one line drawn as “NuN” with dotted at Kalimantan ?

So, From the Picture, Now u understand when we said, the Last Day is From North ?

“Kiamat Dari Utara”

Final Weekend | Main Api Anak Kecil

Look around

Malaysian are ready to accept the fact WATCHING THE GROUP of bicker leaderships at helms, fighting the oppositions, but later befriend yet political drama were staged.

  1. Malaysian should be well aware economically that NOTHING IS DEPENDED on the ..”Government to decide..” if they don’t have the money to run their own family.

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Balance | Reluctant Voters | masih Boleh di Beli

Pengundi PSD 100% UMNO

Siam Kedah Makin Ramai Joining Taiping for AKIM

PR Makin Terdesak

Kulim Chinese Industrialist dari Rawang ke Bangkok Turun to Backing UMNO

Jewish andainya Malaysia ini

Apa Reaksi Yahudi andai nya Malaysia ini negara mereka i.e. USA atau Israel, dan menghadapi politik seperti Malaysia skrg ini..hmm?

baca terus, tekan butang ni

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Nun Ha Nafi Anwar | Mesej Ketara PKR Mahu Jatuhkan Malaysia

re-Blogged by Nun Ha Alliance

Credit to MI

Hanafi thinks big on shoestring budget

Hanafi has big plans should he win the by-election.

By Adib Zalkapli

SEBERANG JAYA, Aug 22 — Hanafi Mamat. That name will be on the ballot paper for the Permatang Pauh by-election this Aug 26.

He is among the trio of names in a historic by-election that is seen as a walk in a park for opposition icon Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to win and enter Parliament just days shy of a decade of being sacked on corruption and sodomy charges.

Just a week ago, Hanafi was a virtual unknown that even the police had barred him from entering the nomination centre, doubting the authenticity of his identification card issued by the Election Commission.

After much persuasion, he was let in.

When the returning officer announced the list of candidates for the Permatang Pauh by-election, the turbaned and robed Hanafi walked up the stage alone unlike the BN’s Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah and Anwar, who were escorted by dozens of supporters.

A week after nomination, there is still no sign of the three-cornered fight that Hanafi caused with his entry, as his Akim party workers have yet to put up their posters.

But the Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim) president, who split from Pas to set up his party, exuded confidence at his tiny operations centre near Bukit Tengah here.

He was flanked by four national Akim leaders, all unknowns on the political stage from a party that has never won an election, as he spoke of his plans for Permatang Pauh and Malaysia.

Financial prudence seemed uppermost on his mind as Hanafi disclosed he would only spend RM20,000 for the campaign and he was printing posters and other campaign materials in his home state Kelantan as it was cheaper than in Penang.

“It is even cheaper in Thailand, but it was not possible for us to go there,” he added.

The Kelantan factor is strong in his campaign as some 200 of his reportedly 20,000 supporters nationwide, mostly from Kelantan, are campaigning in Permatang Pauh while saving money by staying mostly in relatives’ homes and mosques.

Hanafi, who left Permatang Pauh after the nomination and returned yesterday, expressed confidence in creating an impact in the by-election but hesitated to predict the outcome.

“So far, I think we have managed to attract 35 per cent of the BN voters and 35 per cent from the PKRside,” the soft-spoken Hanafi told The Malaysian Insider in his thick Kelantan dialect

Like Anwar, Permatang Pauh appears to be Hanafi’s stepping stone to bigger things as he spoke about his campaign and view of Malaysian issues.

“I am here to promote national unity. PKR and BN cannot solve the problems. Only Akim can work towards solving the problems as we are not divisive,” he said, continuing the theme when expressing concern with the drifting economy.

“We need leaders who are interested to bring prosperity to the country. I don’t want the country to be in a situation where one side is bringing development to the country while the other is trying to bring the country down.”

But most importantly for Hanafi is spiritual development.

“Other parties just talk about physical development. We are also here to promote spiritual development as well as human capital development.”

He expressed concern about Anwar’s plans to take over Putrajaya. “If the cross over happens the country will be in turmoil. But I personally believe that he will not make it,” he said.

Speaking about Putrajaya, Hanafi said he was not ambitious but was willing to take over if MPs support him.

“If I am forced to definitely I will accept it, although I am not too keen to be the Prime Minister,” he said.

“But should I get elected to represent Permatang Pauh, I will negotiate with other MPs not for positions, but to bring prosperity and unity to this country,” he added.

“Even if Akim is able to, we are not interested to govern the country all by ourselves. We need cooperation from other parties and most importantly the people.”

Most importantly, he promised to move to Permatang Pauh, if elected.

“I will be here to serve the people better. I will let my children to take care of my business in Kelantan,” said Hanafi, who claims to be a property agent.

PR DAP kekal kroni kekal Rebut Hak Melayu Guna Anwar

Credit | Malaysian Insider

DAP overlooks Rifts within Party

Commentary by political editor Wan Hamidi Hamid

DAP delegates keep faith with the old guard at their party congress today.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 — The political tsunami did not wipe out DAP old guards. In fact it strengthened their position – almost all incumbents were retained at the party polls today.

Does this mean DAP will never change its old opposition-style despite controlling Penang and wielding a strong influence in Perak and Selangor?

Judging by the sober tone of some 800 delegates at the party congress here and the self-congratulatory mood, it’s a combination of pragmatism and trust of the devil they know to bring about change.

Most of the delegates represent the veteran faction – those who have suffered in the political wilderness of the past.

Being party old hands, they understand the current leadership better than those who had joined the party just prior to and after the March 8 general election. They put their trust in their seasoned leaders – to win the recent elections and to deal with the sometime reluctant allies, the Malay-dominated multiracial Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Islamist Pas.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng made it clear in his keynote address that the party accepted anyone as friends and allies as long as the ideals of democracy, freedom and equal opportunity, and now, in addition, his Penang administration’s principles of competency, accountability and transparency.

“We will not support any divisive ideology that pits one group of Malaysians against another,” he said.

This clearly outlines the party’s policy in dealing with allies, and this is what delegates want to hear coming from their tried and tested leaders.

By the number of votes received, it was DAP’s most revered leader Lim Kit Siang who topped the list followed by his son Guan Eng and veterans such as Karpal Singh, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Tan Kok Wai, M. Kulasegaran, Teresa Kok and Ahmad Ton. This is also a motion of thanks from delegates to their top leadership that survived political calamities over the years.

Guan Eng casting his vote at party elections today.

Putting faith in the incumbents means that delegates are comfortable with the way issues are being handled within the party as well as with their allies.

In the case of Pas, they knew that the Islamist party had criticised them at the Pas general assembly in Ipoh last week and they were upset when senior leader Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng was ridiculed by Islamist PKR Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkfili Noordin in Parliament a few days ago over Islam.

Party chairman Karpal, who opened the congress, said Malaysia was and would always be a secular state as provided for in the Federal Constitution. It’s a clear message to Pas, Umno and certain PKR leaders who still dream of an Islamic state or religious hegemony in the country.

“We hope that our allies, in particular Pas, will understand our position. Yes we understand Pas’s problem, they have their own ideology but there must be some way we can get together and we must get together.

“We ought to find some middle ground on fundamental issues, come to peace and gain confidence of the people in this country. For me, there’s only one man who can help us compromise, it is Anwar Ibrahim. Let him be the middle man to get Pas and DAP together.”

Throughout the day, delegates were subtle in their response to pressure from Pas and PKR. Most in fact preferred to focus on the party’s future – be careful with governance, don’t be tempted with corruption, don’t abuse power, don’t forget to serve the people and be prepared if the people want to change the federal government.

But those who touched on Pas were polite compared to their counterparts in Pas who were openly critical with DAP and PKR in Ipoh last week for allegedly sidelining them in Penang and Selangor.

Selangor delegate Lau Weng San said differences among the opposition Pakatan Rakyat parties should be expected but they should be resolved amicably, as long as DAP maintained its principles of Malaysian First, and not be bogged down with racial and religious politics.

Kuala Lumpur delegate K.A. Ramu chided Pas for trying to have a negotiation with Umno despite winning a number of seats including Titiwangsa parliamentary constituency by getting the Chinese and Indian votes. “Why is Pas talking to Umno now? If they continue, they will risk losing the non-Malay vote. I urge Pas to be careful and not be trapped by Umno’s tactics.”

Others especially a couple of veteran Malay delegates could not contain their joy with the success of DAP in the recent general election.

Kuala Lumpur representative Azahari Ismail who has been with the party for 30 years said it was a victory over race and religious politics, and that DAP should strive further to promote multiracialism.

Another veteran delegate Abu Bakar Lebai Sudin from Pahang who joined DAP in 1968, admitted that he could not believe that his party would be successful within his life time. “I think very soon people will reject Umno and Barisan Nasional.”

Overall it was a subdued affair as delegates are still savouring their Election 2008 triumph. The tougher task of dealing with allies and strategising the next move is now in the hands of the old guards who continue to lead the party.

Their next step is to look forward to Anwar’s victory in the Permatang Pauh by-election and the PKR de facto leader’s Sept 16 plan to take over the national government. Most DAP leaders are skeptical of the date but many are sure that the next round of general election will see a new government in power.

The leaders will wind up the debate tomorrow morning.

PR Gelisah Zul PKR Kulim Tolak Hindu Kristian

Credit | The Malaysian Insider

Saturday August 23 2008

Zulkifli Kulim Tegas Islam | Sekongkol Anwar m’Gelisah

By Wan Hamidi Hamid
Political Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 22 – For now, Zulkifli Noordin is safe. But he is using up his credits within Pakatan Rakyat fast, hampering Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s efforts to portray himself as the leader of all Malaysians, and putting the Opposition on the defensive in the debate of race and religion.

This was not how it was supposed to be. Before and after the general elections on March 8, Anwar fashioned the Parti Keadilan Rakyat as a multiracial political party interested in ushering an era of justice and equality for Malaysians.

Instead of the New Economic Policy, he has been talking about the Malaysian Economic Agenda.

But this multiracial and multi-religious platform has been creaking under the weight of one man’s antics.

Early this month, Zulkifli, the Bandar Baru Kulim MP, stormed a Bar Council forum on conversion to Islam.  He charged that the organizers of the forum were ridiculing Islam. “I am a Muslim first, lawyer second. I am Muslim first, MP second. For me, Islam comes first, a party member second. If you attack Islam I will be there.”

The problem with such a strong statement is that no one was attacking Islam at that forum. Bar Council secretary Lim Chee Wee said that no one at the forum criticised Islam or challenged the position of Islam in the Federal Constitution.

He said: “Nobody was critical of any religion. What people spoke about was the effect of a spouse or parent who converted and then they were left abandoned.”

During the protest which led to the cancellation of the forum, Zulkifli was also quoted as telling the protesters that it was time for Bar Council to be led by a Muslim.

Former president Datuk Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari said that the council was never been anti-Islam.

“I can consider myself a staunch Muslim as well. The Bar Council has never taken any stand that is anti-Islam. The Bar Council has never taken any position against any racial, religious, ideology and so on. The Bar Council is free from all this.

“I totally disagree with the stand taken by Zulkifli. Everybody knows what the Bar Council is about.”

PKR official were considering sending a show cause letter to Zulkifli but it is learnt that he was spared any disciplinary action because Anwar did not want any distractions before the Permatang Pauh by-election, where the support of the Malay electorate is crucial.

But their patience is once again being tested by Zulkifli. On Wednesday, he attacked DAP’s Chong Eng in Parliament, calling her a racist and anti-Islam during a debate which touched on the issue of religion.

When he was chastised for his comments, he shot back: “Any Muslim worth his salt should defend Islam”.

His decision to attack a colleague from the Pakatan Rakyat coalition did not go down well with DAP’s Lim Guan Eng. The Penang Chief Minister said: “It’s completely unjustified. She is not racist at all. His statement is no different from Umno. I would have expected such an outburst from an Umno member but not a PKR member.”

His outburst also embarrassed PKR vice-president R.Sivarasa who thought that Zulkifili’s choice of words against Chong Eng were unparliamentary.

For now, it appears that Zulkilfi is surviving mainly on the goodwill and support of Anwar.

His actions have not gone down well with Parti Islam SeMalaysia.

While Pas did not agree with Bar Council going ahead with the forum, it distanced itself from the roughhouse tactics used by the protestors. Also, there is some baggage.

Zulkilfi contested the 2004 election ticket under the Pas ticket but soon wore out his welcome in the party after his frequent clashes with several personalities.

In fact, just before the elections in 2004, he was put on the black list by respected ulama Haron Din.

This prohibited him from speaking at Pas-sponsored ceramahs. Party leaders found him too explosive and divisive even for their liking.

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