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July 27, 2008

Junta Ended : Code Hacked : KL Leaders How ?

Our Subject : Chapter VII : The Proposals


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Myanmar Campaigns to Success

Singapore Myanmar # 1

and Campaign on Myanmar 911 # 2


Bravo London Thank you !!


London’s link to Burmese Junta revealed


The London insurance connection propping up the murderous Burmese military dictatorship can be revealed in a development that will acutely embarrass leading City figures.

Three Lloyd’s of London operators will be named as helping to insure the junta’s state-owned airline Myanma Airways earlier this year. They are Kiln, Atrium and Catlin. All were contacted by The Observer and asked to explain their involvement but refused to comment.

Other Lloyd’s syndicates have shared the risk of insuring the junta’s shipping interests. Without shipping and aviation insurance, the Burmese government would not be able to export gems, timber, clothing, oil and gas, which would lead to economic ruin for the generals running the oppressed south-east Asian nation.

The London insurance involvement, to be exposed this week in a report by Burma Campaign UK, will acutely damage the reputation of the City. It is likely to trigger a wave of campaigns aiming to force Lloyd’s of London to recommend that its members pull business from Burma. Campaigners are demanding a face-to-face meeting with Lloyd’s chairman Lord Levene.

The insurance industry is helping to fund the Burmese dictatorship. Insurance companies, including members of Lloyd’s, are putting profits before ethics. They don’t care that they’re helping Burma’s brutal regime fund the purchase of guns, bullets and tanks for their campaigns of repression and ethnic cleansing. In an age where companies like to claim they behave ethically, the truth is these companies are helping to finance a regime that rapes, tortures and kills civilians,’ said Johnny Chatterton, Burma Campaign UK’s campaign officer.

Lloyd’s this weekend argued that its members were not breaking the law by insuring Burma’s key infrastructure. While the US has imposed across-the-board sanctions on Burma, the European Union has taken a limited stance. EU sanctions cover gems and timber but not financial services. Despite pressure from the European parliament to extend sanctions, heads of state have failed to unanimously approve the measure.

Ko Yem Binjai

Sinetron Malayu UMNO PAS Muqabalah : Tukar : MuqaHibah Kaya Miskin

Rujuk Subjek Atas : Chapter VII : The Proposals


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TV Malaysia membicara kan hal PAS UMNO mau menjadikan sebuah parti baru dalam penyelesaian hal Melayu.

Apa sebenar nya Masalah Melayu? telah banyak di bincangkan dalam sinopsis ringkas dalam ROM dari Chapter I-VII.

Sekali lagi, jika di bentuk apa pun sebuah parti baru, harus jangan di ketepikan hak rakyat Neutralis di Malaysia.




Kerana Neutralis ini dipisahkan, maka tetap perjuangan akan diteruskan demi menghapuskan pemerintahan kronisma yang di anuti UMNO atau PAS atau partai BARU yang akan dibentuk oleh ke dua dua mereka di atas.

Sebelum apa apa pun nak berunding, jangan beli waktu kami sehingga PAU 2008 December. Ini Hanya lah Penipuan-waktu, kerana tidak mungkin boleh berkompromi jika akaun partai tidak dikemuka kan lebih dahulu. Tidak semudah itu PAS masuk UMNO.


Ko Yem Binjai

July 26, 2008

2 PM Gone Waitin’USA Now

The Battle is on, be Part of it,


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Senior ministers urged: tell battered PM it’s time to go

· Cabinet members talk of ‘orderly resignation’
· Call for Straw and Hoon to act after Glasgow loss
· Cameron calls for general election now

Saturday July 26 2008

Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown delivers a keynote speech during the Labour Party National Policy Forum in Coventry. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters


Gordon Brown

Discussions are underway at cabinet level on whether to seek an orderly resignation by Gordon Brown as prime minister, in the wake of the disastrous Labour defeat at the hands of a resurgent SNP in the Glasgow East byelection.

God TopUp after 63 years : Msia-London PM Leaving : Awakening of Sectarianism de-ColonialPrada : Birth of Non-Aligned Neutralist Politician : Waiting USA Now !!

Spread Spirit Support : Chapter I – Assessment


Turbulent times in Malaysia

Asia’s island of stability is being shaken

Sholto Byrnes

For over 50 years, politics in Malaysia has been characterised by a stability unique in the region. The governing coalition, the Malay-dominated Barisan Nasional (BN), has never lost a federal election, while proof that it was more of a democracy than neighbouring Singapore was to be found in opposition victories at a state level.

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Mei 2008 — Presiden UMNO Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ketika menyampaikan amanatnya kepada anggota UMNO sempena Sambutan Ulang Tahun UMNO ke-62 di Dewan Merdeka, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) di sini, hari ini. Abdullah meminta anggota UMNO membantu untuk memberi keyakinan kepada rakyat bahawa kerajaan yang didokongi parti itu tetap selama-lamanya boleh melaksanakan tugas menjaga kepentingan rakyat. Sumber : foto BERNAMA

Only time will tell if these spirits will, unfettered, demonstrate mutual tolerance. If not, such harmony as has existed in Malaysia could be dashed on the rocks of a sectarianism that provided the rationale for “guided democracy” in the first place.

July 23, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 — Already in control of three state governments and a strong representation in Parliament, the PAS grassroots are wondering the reasons for the party leadership to have secret talks on Islam and Malay unity with the Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


JULY 22 — The prime minister’s admission on Sunday that he has had three meetings with top PAS leaders since the March 8 general election to discuss issues pertaining to Islam and the Malays is telling indeed of the new political scenario in the country.

KOTA BARU, July 22 — Kelantan PAS Youth claims that the dialogue or muzakarah between the party and Umno is an Umno agenda to drag PAS into Umno’s internal problems.

Its head, Mohamad Zaki Ibrahim, questioned why Umno leaders were now busy with the dialogue whereas such discussions had long been proposed by PAS but had not been welcomed by Umno.

JULY 22 — PAS, DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat — the opposition Pakatan Rakyat — are at loggerheads now. Their problem — the secret talks between PAS and Umno.

After weeks of going on about the need to have unity talks between the two Malay parties, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dropped a bombshell with the disclosure of secret meetings with top PAS leaders three times since the March 8 general election.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 — It’s becoming clearer now that MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai may end up being Datuk Ong Tee Keat’s running mate for the top two party posts at the coming MCA polls with his announcement that he will not defend his Youth chief’s position.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 — Former Information Minister Datuk Fauzi Abdul Rahman is bringing two former senior Umno leaders to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat tomorrow, the first of crossovers promised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The opposition leader is set to announce the crossover tomorrow, a day after he briefed mostly western diplomats about the “political conspiracy” to stop him from becoming Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister.

Fauzi is the former Kuantan MP and Beserah state assemblyman in Pahang. His entry into PKR is not a surprise among party supporters as he had been seen with Anwar during the opposition leader’s visit to Pahang recently.

Fauzi’s son Mohd Farhan is also the founder member of the Anwar Ibrahim Club.

WASHINGTON, DC, July 18 — United States Senator Joseph Biden Jr today called on Kuala Lumpur not to repeat the mistakes of the past in prosecuting opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, urging the Prime Minister “to drop this political attack on a respected opposition figure”.

Biden, who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is the latest American official to voice concern over Anwar’s arrest in connection with a sodomy complaint filed by a former male aide last month. This is the second such accusation against the 60-year-old father of six in a decade.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 18 — Until tonight, not many people outside Pekan would have heard of Kampung Ubai. But by nominating Datuk Seri Najib Razak for the Umno president’s post, this little known branch in Pahang has guaranteed its position in the limelight and set tongues wagging.

Source : Credit

July 22, 2008

MP Declare Asset Now



no to calon naib atau calon umno presidency : atau ulang silapan?

  1. BILA A.C.A NAK BUKAK FILE ? rakyat subsidi umno masih takut lapor ke ?







YES, kami nak melarat sama sama melarat, why not ? PNB PROXY SIAPA ?

July 19, 2008

DNA Ketuanan Melayu! DNOtes Msian Abroad Check! mUmbleStand ?

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Only written and Precedented-tology in Sejarah Melayu Book after updated 1001 times without Google robots  + a footnote by Rais Yatim : read below

Ketuanan Melayu

Monarchy + check on your Wikipedia + HangLiPoRecord

Ketuanan Melayu

Point your finger, choose and marry anyone you prefer

Ketuanan Melayu

You can get Biasiswa free, tanah free, license free, bini free, all free, and see only, no comment, shut up

Ketuanan Melayu

27million citizen BIN One Bapak Malaysia

Ketuanan Melayu

Constitutional Law the “her”, and veto in Parliament

Ketuanan Melayu

UMNO, no other party except my UMNO, you understand ?

Ketuanan Melayu

Syariah Law + Hadhari + greedy father in Law

Ketuanan Melayu

Tangkap Basah + Marriage after Pregnant + Seven Eleven CounterTop

Ketuanan Melayu

Our Parent + Lost Historical Background + Tribes

Ketuanan Melayu

All the above – otherwise – read below

YOU ARE NOT Ketuanan Melayu IF YOU ARE

None all the above

No Ketuanan Melayu

Rude Spitfulness

No Ketuanan Melayu


No Ketuanan Melayu


No Ketuanan Melayu

Free Sex

No Ketuanan Melayu

Monkey Business

No Ketuanan Melayu


No Ketuanan Melayu

Unprotected Sex + Avoid Seven Eleven CounterTop

No Ketuanan Melayu

Get Fed and get Victimisation Sufferings Helplessed Silenced

No Ketuanan Melayu

Americanized Japanized Britishized Singaporeanised Indonesianized United Nationized SplitDUCKhead

No Ketuanan Melayu

6-feet underground Hotel

No Ketuanan Melayu

Parames wara vara para nara yara lara wara mara pora

No Ketuanan Melayu

Lets Dismay UMNO lets set Semangat 46

No Ketuanan Melayu

Street smart Kuay Teow Seller

No Ketuanan Melayu

Off ground KLIA Yell in air

No Ketuanan Melayu

Off Malaysia imported plated rice

No Ketuanan Melayu

Get Sodomized

No Ketuanan Melayu

other than these below, you understand ? So, You must listen to real Anak Malaysia (the gustappo Bapak Malaysia titled for  TARsyndrome) one and only Anak Malaysia crowned to be the only Ketuanan Melayu Warrior on earth, discounting the rest throughout the Malays worldwide, next to the helm, of all those above the perception on PERSPECTIVE, retro-Perspective, reviewed-Perspective, Reality, check or uncheck-reality, mobility, succumbality, furiosity, curiosity, stumbled, fumbled and otak-able in your radiohead. You no brain ka? I told nice don’t be rude to Malaysia. Get your homework done till 2060 !!

Klik Listen to this lah..

Don’t simply simply talk through your nose; complaint this and that. Be Malaysian First. Learn and BE GET learned. No Talk Talk. Throw your diploma and pesan orang tua, Okay ? itu semua SALAH. Sit quiet obey Ketuanan Melayu ! Paham Ka ?

M’sian missions told to keep abreast of national events

PUTRAJAYA, July 18 – Malaysian missions worldwide have been told to keep abreast of the current political goings-on in the country, especially the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim saga, to dispel any wrong information on the issue in their host nations.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said they must know the facts of the case as well as the importance and practice of the Rule of Law in Malaysia.

“We are not worried about unauthorised persons or parties commenting on the matter, but if a comment comes from an authorised source, then staff of the overseas mission, including the head himself, must be able to explain the actions of the police on the matter,” he said, referring to the 24-hour detention of Anwar, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader, in relation to a sodomy allegation levelled against him by one of his former aides.

Speaking to reporters at Wisma Putra here, the Minister said it was also important that those wanting to air their views or grouses on the matter know Malaysian laws and that “we too are ardent practitioneers of the Rule of Law”.

“So far, the police or any other authority have not done anything above the law. Everything that is being done now is in accordance with the laws of the country. It is purely a criminal case but then again if you are overseas and don’t know our laws then it would be easy to make assumptions, but Malaysia hasits own rights to enforce her laws,” he added.

Rais said those who do not know details of the case or the laws of the country “do not have the right to comment on the case”, but they can come to Malaysia to check for themselves the actual situation here.

“I have read some comments of law professors, many of them do not know our laws. If you are sitting in America and commenting on Malaysia using the American law, then obviously you would come to a wrong conclusion. Study the Malaysian law first, then comment on it. Show us where we have gone wrong. I believe, we have not gone wrong anywhere so far,” he added.

“To date, actions taken against Anwar were under the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). The authorities have the right to ask for his blood sample and DNA and it is also his right under the Code to refuse to give the samples,” said Rais.

However, the Minister said so far no nation had wanted to know about the case and the directive for overseas mission staff to keep abreast of the situation in the country was just a precaution. – Bernama

July 17, 2008

UMNO Comm | Blogged

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I got a call from kuala lumpur – blogging is not allowed to any employee of any whatever

but they appeared on the blogs comments

“When Bloggers caught in Mosquito Net : Read 52 Komen”

Monday, June 30, 2008
Buku Merah bakal membunuh Umno
Origin: Oleh Mohd Eslah Putra

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 Jun: BUKU “Tataetika Ahli Umno” berwarna merah yang dikeluarkan oleh Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Parti itu yang mengariskan tatacara pemilihan pucuk pimpinan Disember hadapan disifatkan terlalu kejam dan boleh membunuh demorkasi dalam Umno.

Kesan dari etika yang ‘tidak beretika’ berkenaan juga menyebabkan Umno boleh hancur dan terkubur pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Demikian tanggapan dan komentar beberapa ahli Umno berhubung larangan yang terkandung dalam buku berkenaan yang kini sedang diperkatakan oleh kalangan Umno.

Menurut Naib Ketua Umno Bahagian Bandar Tun Razak, Norasidi Salim peraturan yang termuat di dalam buku itu menjadikan Umno kini seperti parti cowboy di mana pemimpinnya boleh melakukan apa saja yang mereka sukai.

“Pada saya Umno kini sudah jadi parti cowboy yang boleh lakukan apa saja termasuk memperkenalkan undang-undang rimba,” ujarnya.

(Dapatkan laporan lanjut dalam Siasah edisi cetak sekarang)
Posted by Siasah at 12:32 AM


ikan said…

Harap2 gitulah… Biar UMNO pupus di atas muka bumi Allah ini bersama pemimpin2 mereka..
June 30, 2008 12:54 AM
utohkacil said…


abe mie dan bn@umno, apa tunggu lagi

buat le komen!
June 30, 2008 1:05 AM

utohkacil said…

BN(UMNO) dah sememang nye sangat parah, ape idak nye, kita lihat saja parti2 komponen nye MCA, Gerakan, MIC dan PPP, hampir semua kaum India dan Cina telah tinggal kan parti2 itu.

Ketua dan timbalan MCA dah tak mau tanding lagi, Ketuan pemuda MIC dah ‘cabut’, Gerakan dan PPP dah ‘lebur’.

Dalam UMNO itu sendiri pun ketua2 mereka asyik bercakaran aje, dah rama orang Melayu tinggal kan UMNO.

Sekarang nampak nye BN(UMNO) dah hampir keseorangan – nak jadi ‘beruk tunggal’.

Di dalam UMNO sendiri mereka tidak boleh bersatu, jadi bagaimana mereka boleh menyatukan ahli2 MCA, Gerakan, MIC dan PPP yg dah cabut lari tinggalkan BN?

Dengan pertuduhan ter hadap DSAI, semangat kemarahan melayu(Islam) makin bertambah2 lagi marah dan benci terhadap BN(UMNO).

Tak payah “Buku Merah” pun BN(UMNO) dah tentu akan berkubur.
June 30, 2008 1:25 AM

pemerhati said…

eh..baru tau ke parti cowboy! Saya ni pun dulu dok sokong umno juga, kerja keras untuk parti juga,bukan nak minta apa…minta bela nasib orang melayu je…tapi, kecewa sangat. Saya pasti sdr2 semua tahu kan, nasib bangsa melayu sekarang. Nak salah kan siapa? tak kan nak salahkan bangsa lain… jawab la bn@umno..
June 30, 2008 3:35 AM

utohkacil said…

abe mie dan bn@umno

mana boleh komen klu dah kena se biji pukulan ‘KO’ kat batang hidung!

dah tersungkor jatuh tak leh bangun lagi.

Klu kat bab2 lain boleh le deme buat komen merapu.
June 30, 2008 6:17 AM

kiraziku said…

tahyul belaka kalau kata hanya umno aja pembela melayu…sebenarnya paslah pembela melayu dan umat islam tak kira apa bangsa!!!!!!yang boleh kita harapkan….
June 30, 2008 8:12 AM

ilham_sufi said…


sbb tu yg kya kaumlain.sbb harta bangsa sdiri drampas.mga allah mberi hidayah kpd mreka.hrap2 suatu hri nnti umno lbh islamik drpd pas.
June 30, 2008 8:26 AM

bn@umno said…

UMNO=Utuhnya Melayu Negara Ok(yg sebetulnya)

Utohkacil dan Ilham_sufi, korang tau ke ape itu yg dimaksudkan dgn ‘Buku Merah’?kalau tak tau tolong diam dan lebih baik pegi buat keje korang daripada berkokok kat sini tanpa hujahan yg membina.Sebenarnya buku merah tu adalah buku yg digunakan untuk menjahanamkan PR.Tak percaya?tunggu dan lihat jelah.kenyataan di atas hanya gimik semata-mata.
June 30, 2008 11:46 AM

miekabo said…

hehehe hahaha hohoho…..

bn@umno…. kau nih buat ketiak aku naik geli jer…

hahaha hehehehe hohohoho….
June 30, 2008 4:35 PM

utohkacil said…

BN(UMNO) dah sememang nye sangat parah, ape idak nye, kita lihat saja parti2 komponen nye MCA, Gerakan, MIC dan PPP, hampir semua kaum India dan Cina telah tinggal kan parti2 itu.

Ketua dan timbalan MCA dah tak mau tanding lagi, Ketuan pemuda MIC dah ‘cabut’, Gerakan dan PPP dah ‘lebur’.

Dalam UMNO itu sendiri pun ketua2 mereka asyik bercakaran aje, dah rama orang Melayu tinggal kan UMNO.

Sekarang nampak nye BN(UMNO) dah hampir keseorangan – nak jadi ‘beruk tunggal’.

Di dalam UMNO sendiri mereka tidak boleh bersatu, jadi bagaimana mereka boleh menyatukan ahli2 MCA, Gerakan, MIC dan PPP yg dah cabut lari tinggalkan BN?

Dengan pertuduhan ter hadap DSAI, semangat kemarahan melayu(Islam) makin bertambah2 lagi marah dan benci terhadap BN(UMNO).

Tak payah “Buku Merah” pun BN(UMNO) dah tentu akan berkubur.
June 30, 2008 6:50 PM

Dayangku said…

biarlah umno hancur pun tak apa,saya akan buat kenduri sambut kehancuran umno ni, parti yg merosak perpaduan rakyat malaysia
buat abe mie & umno@bn cepatlah kau org bertaubat,
June 30, 2008 9:29 PM

irfandina said…


rasanya kalau tak tahu pasal umno lebih baik simpan saja komen anda…

walau seburuk mana pun umno dipandangan mata anda semua ia tetap pernah berjasa kepada orang melayu….cuma inilah bangsa melayu…mudah sangat lupa setelah mendapat sedikit nikmat dalam kehidupan…

umno tidak pernah bersalah…sebaliknya pemimpin atasan umno yg telah membuatkan umno berada pada kedudukannya hari ini….
July 1, 2008 3:31 AM

utohkacil said…


anda mungkin tidak pernah melalui zaman tahun 50an, 60an atau 70an.

Di zaman 50an – 60an, semua kerja2 kuli di buat oleh kaum india.

Pada masa itu kita akan dapat melihat ‘ketuanan melayu’ yg sebenar.

Orang cina dan india sangat menghormat orang melayu.

Telapi pada hari ini kita telah lihat semua kerja2 kuli ini telah bertukar tangan kepada orang melayu.

Pada hari kaum cina dan india hanya menhormati melayu jika ada kepentingan sahaja.

UMNO itu memang baik tetapi pendokong di pihak atasan yg telah buat UMNO itu jadi BUSUK. Maka BUSUK LAH UMNO itu.

Pada PRU12 yg lalu ramai kaum cina dan india telah tinggalkan BN kerana mereka benci pada UMNO!

Ramai juga orang melayu yg tinggal kan UMNO pada PRU12 yg lalu.

Semua yg lari tinggal kan BN(UMNO) ini telah sedar bahawa selama lebih 50 tahun mereka di gula2 kan dan diperbodohkan.

Para pendokong atasan UMNO makin bertambah kaya raya dan tamak harta dan kuasa.

Hingga ke sa’at ini mereka masih lagi bercakaran merebut kuasa dan harta negara.

Sehingga mereka lupa atau buat2 lupa bahawa P.Batu putih telah lesap dari peta Malaysia. Ini kah yg di katakan ‘sanggup mempertahankan’ setiap inci(CM) bumi Malaysia?

Yg paling malang semasa pemerintahan BN(UMNO), Singapura terlepas ke tangan cina.

Anda harus sedar bahawa melayu telah jatuh ketahap yg paling rendah jika dibanding kan dengan bangsa cina dan india.

Apa UMNO telah benar2 buat untuk orang2 melayu?
July 1, 2008 4:34 AM

bn@umno said…


ape ko cakap?Umno akan hancur?hahhahahah…….koni mmg pandai buat lawaklah dan aku cadangkan lebih baik ko sertai jelah pertandingan Raja Lawak dijamin akan menang punya sekurang-kurangnya glamor juga engko. UMNO akan hancur tapi hanya dalam mimpi ko je tapi yg realitinya UMNOlah yg akan menghancurkan PR.
July 1, 2008 7:46 AM

ilham_sufi said…

irfandina, aku x nafikan umno byk bjasa kpd agama,bgsa n umno yg dlu x sama dgn yg skrg.dlu umno ikhlas dlmpjuangan n mbantu kaum mlayu.dlu kaum lain amt respek dgn bgsa mlayu sbb tokoh2 tdahulu mpunyai visi dlm mbagunkan umno kni x smamcm yg dlu.skrg pmimpin sbuk mjaga kdudukan msing2 wlpn x sume mcm tuh.skrg bla kta sebut psl mlayu,kaum lain akn trus mcemik.perasuah plg bsar,sbuk kumpul hrta kkayaan dll lg.
aku pn bdoa agr suatu hr nnti ader pmimpin yg dpt memulihkan umno n kmbali kpd matlamat asal.
bnumno- setiap ssuatu itu adlh dlm prancgan allah swt.kalu dia kta jadi,maka jadilah ia.sdgkan zman pmerintahan khalifah di turki yg brusia lbh 400 thun blh tumbg, inikan pla bn yg dlm keadaan kucar kacir wlpn bru 50 mmerintah.tlg ingt pd kkuasaan allah bla bkata ssuatu,jgn amalkn khurafat dgn mgatakn hnya bn yg blh mmerintah.
kta hnya akn bkta bgitu apbla kta smakin jauh dgn allah.

-dr sibuk ambil thu psl buku merah,baik jg buku2 amalan kta d kiri n kanan.
July 1, 2008 9:38 AM

suhaimi said…


apa yg baiknya kalau dah tolak hukum islam? pemimpin umno memang jahat.tak payahlah nk tegakkan benang yg basah.memang jahat!
July 1, 2008 9:12 PM

Jamaludin said…

Betul tu Suhaimi, bile kene tang batang hidung die, PakLah kate tak mungkin…tak percaye, bile tang Nuar, suruh siasat habis2..Pooorrraah….Dalam berite semalam, Syed hamid kate polis akan siasat ape jugak lapuran yang di buat kpd polis…..Boleh caye ker kenyataan ni????Kpd Pak Syed Hamid, lu sendiri mahu ingat lah, dah berape bnyk lapuran polis yg di buat oleh pihak yang bukan kerajaan, semua sonyap jer…..Tu yang terbaru dakwaan Raja Petra, kenape tak siasat habis2 kenyataan RP tu….andai dakwaan RP tu palsu, tangkap die dan dakwa di mahkamah….dalam a
mase yg same polis kene jugak siasat Najib,Rosmah dan yg di sebutkan dalam pengakuan bersumpah tersebut..Biar mahkamah yg tentukan, bukan penafian dari Najib,PakLah serta Rosmah…ni ape punye undang2….boleh nafi gitu jer……
July 2, 2008 2:58 AM

haris.maa said…

nak tanya……….

siapa punya IDEA untuk buat buku merah ni?

July 2, 2008 3:04 AM

suhaimi said…

itulah hakikatnya en jamaludin,saya memang tak percaya 500% dgn pemimpin umno.dah byk contoh kita boleh lihat.dari satu ke satu kes pemimpin umno tidak di siasat oleh badan yg sepatutnya.
saya rasa pelik tgk rakyat malaysia ni,kesalahan pemimpin2 umno dah di depan mata,tp tetap juga mereka menyokong.ada tu di ambil semula jadi menteri melalui ‘senator’,takde ‘maruah’ langsung.dah kebas duit rakyat,rasuah sana sini,tetap juga rakyat sokong.kaki ‘betina’ pun ada.rakyat malaysia ni dah di butakan hati oleh ALLAH agaknya.saya pun tak faham.
kurap2 ni di ambil semula nk buat apa.bertambah kuraplah umno nampaknya……..
July 2, 2008 4:05 AM

Jamaludin said…

Agaknyer mangkuk2 hayun ni dah termakan budi umno agak nyer….mane lah tau kan…kok2 ade yg pernah pegi dinner ke lunch dgn pemimpin mereka, tu yg terhutang budi sngt tu….sokong bagai nak rak…Kpd puak2 umno, ramai jugak teman2 yang msuk umno, hanye nak kan projek, tapi keuntungan yg di perolehi di agih2kan jugak kpd parti bukan kerajaan.Sbbnye kalau bukan ahli umno,tak dpt projek…Same2lah kite saksikan episod seterus nyer..drama swasta yang kalau boleh di beri tajuk…”Begitulah Akhirnye..”…..Puak2 UMNO kat sini tak boleh nak marah, sbb duit tu bukan UMNO yg punyer…..Suhaimi, agak nyer puak2 ni berfikir bahawa Kerajaan itu UMNO dan UMNO itu Kerajaan….Untuk pengetahuan, UMNO hanye lah sebuah parti politik yang dah pun kalau boleh di kategorikan umnpama wanita, dah menopos…..
July 2, 2008 5:10 AM

suhaimi said…


saya setuju en jamaludin.itulah dia umno.jahat!.projek2 dia beri kat org yg mengampu dia je.rakyat yg tak mampu nk beri habuan, ingat boleh dpt projek ke? jgn mimpilah…kalau dtg hantar proposal dgn tangan kosong,duduk belakanglah.
sebab tu nak berniaga kat malaysia ni susah,semua nk duit tepi.pengalaman saya semasa setup satu company dari ‘PERANCIS’,dia terperanjat, kat malaysia mcm2 nak kalau nk berniaga.dia kata kat sana takde pergi makan2 kat luar ni.kat sini je kita boleh tgk betapa teruknya rasuah kat negara kita ni.itulah hasil pemerintahan BN selama 50 tahun…terima kasih..BN kerana jasa mu meranakan rakyat….
July 2, 2008 5:34 AM

utohkacil said…

abe mie, bn@umno

Cuba2 le sekali sekale lawat laman web RPK ‘Malaysia Today’.

Jangan le jadi katak bawah tempurung
July 2, 2008 9:20 AM

umisa said…

abe mie, bn@umno cuba kau 2 ekor ni megucap dua kalimah sahadah, boleh sebuk tak silap silap keluar dari mulut kau org bertuhan umno,kah,,kah,,
July 3, 2008 6:50 AM

shadan said…

klu umno hancur melayu juga akan hancurlah bodoh…jgn ko fikir MCA keluar 2 ko suka…MCA kluar bukan sokong pkr pun..dia akan sokong DAP…melayu akan hilang kat tanah sendiri klu ada org mcm anwar..anwarlah yg buat melayu hilang hak…klu x percaya ko dgr ucapan anwar..dia nak melayu,cina dan india sama rata..dlm kempen pru 12 tempohari..bodohlah klu koorg percaya anwar sial 2…
July 4, 2008 1:27 AM

roh_insan said…

Saye pun akui umno penah menjadi sebuah parti yang berusha utk membangunkn bangse,tetapi itu DULU,tapi skrg dak lg,KINI umno telah membentuk sebuah masyarakat melayu yg biadap.

SELAMENYE hanya Allah yg tau,terlalu bnyak bukti pemimpin umno kearah itu.
July 4, 2008 8:14 AM

suhaimi said…


mulut kau kurang ajar ek? kau pecacai umno ke? kalau betul patutlah mcm pecacai…
July 4, 2008 10:37 PM

ilham_sufi said…

to shahadan-

-ktuanan mlayu takkan hlg….bnda dh tmaktub dlm plembagaan…..ianya hlg sbb umno dh hlg taring…..pas jelas bela melayu…..tapi melayu islam la
mana ader tanah org mlayu di kelantan
drampas spjg 18 thn tok guru jd mb….cba bdingkan di johor…..tnh org mlayu diambil suka hati utk projek wilayah iskandar…..tauke yg ramai org cina spore…..sultan johor sdri x stuju.

-pd aku,aku lbh rela mlayu hlg d dunia drpd adernya mlayu yg pentingkn diri sdiri.kmbalilah pd islam

-spjg pmerintahan bn 50 thun,kaum mna plg kaya.mlayu?

-ikt resmi org cina,kkayaan dkongsi bsama walau blainan ideologi

-x mcm pmimpin mlayu,mngayakan kroni…..royalti d trengganu dsekat swktu pas mmerintah, pbelanjaan ngri kelantan pn dsekat….saper yg buat?org mlayu jgak.

so think2 la
July 5, 2008 9:57 AM

shadan said…

ilham sufi,adlm hal ni saya respect mb kelantan..sbb dia betul2 pejuang bangsa..sbb 2 saya tak komen pkr aku tak leh terima anwar 2 lah perosak melayu…dia lah yg buat kucar kacirkan melayu…dia yg akan buat melayu hilang kuasa di tanah melayu sendiri…
sdr, adakah sdr sedar memang dlm perlembagaan ada katakan melayu akan memerintah di negeri ada sultan tp klu dah exconya di monopoli oleh bangsa lain apalah gunanya….2 sbb jd mcm sealngor dan perak terpaksa akur dgn org cina dan indi…di perak terpaksa bg tanah 999 tahun pd bangsa lain…dan selangor terpaksa buat church terbesar di asia…2 semua disbbkan exconya di monopoli oleh bangsa lain..SALAM
July 6, 2008 6:29 PM

shadan said…

knapa x leh jawab ke atas komen aku…sampai kata aku pencacai…sekali lg aku katakan anwar sial 2 lah yg merosakkan malaysia…dah puas dia main belakang org dia nak samakan lak “MELAYU,CINA DAN INDIA SAMA RATA”….aku x kisah klu aku jd pencacai kpd umno..kerana umno 2 adalah terdiri dr bangsa aku…tp aku bukan mcm ko dan anwar pengkhianat bangsa MELAYU keseluruhannya…
July 6, 2008 7:19 PM

warel-irang said…

lagi soalan kpd sdr shadan,

kenapa dah lebih 50 tahun BN(UMNO) memerintah, negara dah jadi buruk begini?

Bagaimana BN(UMNO) boleh kehilangan banyak negeri dan hilang kuasa 1/3 pada PRU12 yg lalu?

Mengapa pengundi kaum melayu, (cina dan india) paling banyak meninggalkan BN pada PRU12 yg lalu?

Kenapa Malaysia TIDAK boleh MAJU mcm Singapura?

Nak salahkan PAS, PKR atau DAP ke?

Nak salah kan RAKYAT ke?

Atau nak salahkan SEMUA yg di atas?
July 6, 2008 8:31 PM

ilham_sufi said…


-satu soalan yg mnarik.

to shadan,abg mie,bnumno:

-sanggup ktepikan agama islam smata2nk capai matlamat?ingat,matlamat tdk mhalalkan

-mna yg anda pilih umno atau pas?

-siapa yg akn anda lantik jd imam utk solat bjemaah,najib atau tok guru?

-siapa yg akan anda pilih jd pm,najib atau tuan guru abdul hadi awang?

-siapa yg jelas mgamalkan ajaran islam,paklah atau tok guru?

-kalau anda ader seorg ank ppuan,anda dberi plhn mmilih mnantui antara najib n tok guru,yg mana satu?

*setiap soalan anda hnya mpunyai 1 plhn.berikan alasan pmilihan anda.

#kpd mreke yg nk jawab soalan datas boleh jg
July 6, 2008 10:28 PM

ilham_sufi said…

July 6, 2008 10:30 PM

shadan said…

aku rasa ko ni tak bersyukur yg ko ni dilahirkan dimalaysia..kenapalah kita nak banggakan dgn s’pore yg di kawal oleh org yahudi..adakah sdr nak juga malaysia dikawal dgn yahudi laanat 2..?

soalan sdr menunjukkan sdr x matang dlm politik malaysia…
1) umno x seberuk ini..keadaan menjadi mcm ni apabila ada pemilihan di peringkat pusat..ini menunjukkan bahawa umno tidak ketandusan pemimpin..

2)dlm pru12 yg lalu kuasa yg kurang adalah kuasa bn bukan kuasa umno..adakah sdr tahu majoriti kerusi dun umno menang?adakah sdr tahu perlembagaan di perak,kedah dan selangor dah menetapkan mb dr org melayu?klu x ada perlembagaan saya ingat org pas dan pkr x jd cina akan jd mb.

3)sdr, utk makluman sdr di malaysia dimana2 dun yg mempunyai undi melayu lebih dr 50% bn akan menang kecuali kelantan.ini menunjukkan melayu masih ramai sokong bn yg lari cina dan india..kerana cina dan indiaterpengaruh dgn anwar yg menjanjikan “MELAYU,CINA Dan INDIA SAMA SAHAJA” x ada keistimewaan utk melayu dan nak jd mcm s’pore yg dibanggakan oleh sdr.

4)saya sedikit pun x rasa bangga dengan s’pore yg di tindik hidungnya dgn yahudi..mana ada melayu s’pore maju?klu sdr nak maju pergilah duduk sana..

5)saya rasa saya x salah org lain dlm hal ini, yg saya salahkan adalah org2 yg seperti sdr yg banggakan s’pore utk dijdkan contoh utk maju..sdr lah sdr,bahawa melayu s’pore hidupnya tertindas…
July 6, 2008 10:58 PM

shadan said…

sdr ilham sofi, adakah sdr tahu syarat sah menjadi imam?klu sdr nak ketepikan pasal politik maka nama pun kita perlu ketepikan..kerana kedua2 itu adalah org politik..maka apabila seseorang itu cukup syarat sahnya menjadi imam saya akan ikut…dlm syarat sah menjadi imam x ada tercatit nama tok guru, najib atau sapa2 pun…
July 6, 2008 11:30 PM

utohkacil said…


gaya pemikiran anda adalah gaya pemikiran UMNO yg telah menjadikan nasib melayu sebegini rupe pada hari ini.

anda masih tidak sedar atau sengaja tidak mahu sedar bahawa setelah lebih 50 tahun BN(UMNO) memerintah, melayu telah jadi bangsa kelas no.3. Bukan sahaja dari segi ekonomi dan pendidikan tetapi meliputi segala aspek moral, akhlak dan perpaduan sesama melayu itu sendiri.

UMNO yg telah GAGAL melindungi hak2 keistimewaan orang melayu.
Anda jangan salahkan PAS,PKR atau DAP jika banyak negeri di tawan oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Kerana KE BUSUK KAN UMNO lah maka Pakatan Rakyat boleh tawan banyak negeri itu.

Kebanyakan rakyat sudah sedar kemungkaran yg di laku kan oleh pemimpin2, kuncu2 dan pecacai2 BN(UMNO) selama lebih 50 tahun.

Kelemahan system pemerintahan terutama nye raja2, adalah berpunca dari pemerintahan BN(UMNO)!

UMNO lah parti yg bertanggung jawab melemahkan(memusnah) kan kuasa raja2.

Lebih 50 tahun BN(UMNO) menghisab darah rakyat. Yg kaya raya hanya para menteri2, kuncu2 dan pecacai UMNO sahaja.

Semiskin2 melayu Singapura tidak ada yg melarat tinggal di ponduk2 usang dan di bawah kolong.

Saya tidak pernah meng agung2 kan Singapura, tetapi kita perlu ambil contoh kepada negara yg lebih maju dan makmur kerana pemerintahan nye adil,telus dan tidak rasuah.

Tetapi di Malaysia, tak payah saya ceritakan apa yg sedang berlaku dari dulu hingga sekarang.
July 7, 2008 1:57 AM

shadan said…

sdr utoh.. aku rasa ko ni tertinggal jauh…ko ni duk kat ulu mana ar…sampaikan ko katakan org melayu singapore maju…ko pernah pergi ko tak tahu singapore tu kat mana kot?setahu aku org melayu singapore nak beli kereta pun susah..mereka 2 semua pakai kereta sewa jer bila nak dtg malaysia…aku rasa ko lebih baik buat rombongan sambil belajar kat negera yahudi 2…ko org PKR memang sokong YAHUDI 2…
July 7, 2008 4:35 AM

suhaimi said…


tak juga pakai kereta sewa.kat sana kalau takde kereta pun takpe,pengangkutan awam dia org semuanya ada,lebih advance dari melayu kat sana taklah mcm kat malaysi,makan siput babi.dia org hari2 dtg johor beli belah,bukan melayu je,cina dan india pun sama.
July 7, 2008 4:53 AM

shadan said…

maaflah sdr suhaimi..x sangka sdr makan siput babi..kesian saya dengar..berikanlah no tel sdr utk saya hantarkan bantuan…harap2..sdr bolehlah mohon jd warga s’pore..yg rata2 rumah mereka di flat…dan sdr boleh gak menyokong parti PAP yg sdr agung2kan…PKR pun suka guna pengaruh YAHUDI…jd memnglah sesuai nampaknya…
July 7, 2008 6:43 AM

utohkacil said…

sdr shadan.

anda nyata tidak pernah belajar ekonomi penduduk.

Kekayaan penduduk bukan di nilai dari memiliki kereta?

Kekayaan penduduk di nilai dari per-capita income penduduk.

Jika di bandingkan dgn Malaysia ia nye macam langit dgn bumi.

Kedua, mata wang Singapura lebih dari dua kali ganda nilai mata wang Malaysia.

Gaji seorang buruh kasar di Singapura adalah melebihi S1,500 Singapore Dollar. Jauh lebih rendah dari seorang guru di Malaysia.

Itu sebab kita lihat berduyun2 rakyat Malaysia berkerja di Singapura! Dan tidak sebiji mata pun rakyat Singapura bekerja di Malaysia.

Untuk mengelak kan kebanjiran pendatang2 haram, Kerajaan Singapura telah menguat kuasakan hukuman sebat kepada pendatang haram.

Atok nenek saya orang Singapura, saya rasa saya lebih mengetahui cara kehidupan orang melayu Singapura.
July 7, 2008 7:47 AM

ilham_sufi said…

to shadan:

-aku x pisahkan politik dgn agama,cuma aku nk ko plih pmimpin mcm mna yg ko nak.cb jgn cari alasan.aku rasa org lain fhm soalan aku.

-berikut adlh cth2 tanah2 org mlayu atau maruah ngara yg dh tgadai kpd org bkn mlayu atau kpd spore (yahudi asia).sumber media bn sdiri.cma rajin2 la belek2:

a-batu puteh tlepas ke spore.sbb apa?gani patail bg bkti bgambar yg dperolehi dr blog,spore plak bg yg ori.mmg la kalah.
gani patail lbh bminat kes batu buruk (kalah jgak) bbnding batu puteh bdasarkan khadiran bliau d mahkamah a/bangsa.
surat dr kerajaan ngri johor yg mnyerahkan batu putih kpd spore (pegawai yg tndatgangn org kuat umno)

b-wilayah pbangunan iskandar
hampir 70 % hartanah dbeli oleh wrga asing esp spore dgn tiada sekatan atau lbh snang wilayah bebas tanpa perlu dokumentasi
dbenarkan oleh paklah (umno).sumber
utusan malaysia

c-pulau pinang (bhgn pulau)-tanah org mlayu dbeli dgn hrga murah (ttipu dgn pujuk rayu org umno).skrg pemilikan tnh org mlayu d bhgn pulau hnya 5 %.sumber utusan malaysia

d-labuan-dh tgadai kpd bberapa ngara asing.dulu tmpat nlayan mcari rezeki(majoriti org mlayu n bumiputra).idea mahathir(umno)

e-pisahkan spore dr msia (org umno gak)

f-jual air kpd spore dgn hrga yg xmunasabah.pastu bli dgn hrga yg tggi (org umno gakyg buat pjian yg berat sebelah)

g-byk lg.cma xlarat nk taip
July 7, 2008 9:01 AM

suhaimi said…

kalau nk di bandingkan rumah flet di singapura dgn malaysia jauh sgt.engkau pergi rumah flet kat tmn cempaka kat johor,lepas tu kau bandingkan dgn singapura.
aku tak tahulah nk kata mcm mana kat kau ni,mcm tu pun kau tak boleh nk bezakan.tu aku belum cerita benda lain lagi.tak payah kat johorlah,kata KL cukuplah yg di katakan kota besar,pun masih tak tak dpt tandingi rumah flet di singapura.kebersihan jgn ceritalah,memang sah kotor.
rugi betul umno dpt penyokong ‘bangang’ mcm kau ni.patutlah penyokong yg lain lebih kurang same je………
July 7, 2008 9:16 AM

shadan said…

sdr suhaimi, aku juga rasa sekiranya pas dpt pemimpin mcm ko rakyat juga rasa rugi sbb ko ni lebih agungkan negara org dr negara sendiri…tp pkr dan dap memang suka ko ni..ko ni lebih berminat pd yahudi nampaknya….tahniah beb…
July 7, 2008 7:46 PM

suhaimi said…


terima kasihlah atas aku tak perlu pujian dari puak2 pembelit mcm kau…

July 7, 2008 9:20 PM

shadan said…

sdr suhaimi, cuba lah kamu 2 mengucap sikit…nampaknya kamu 2 dah terpesong jauh sampaikan DAP pun kamu nak suruh laungkan ALLAHUAKBAR…mengucap suhaimi!nampaknya sdr suhaimi mcm dah terbelit dgn pemimpinya sendiri…tahniah beb…
July 7, 2008 11:03 PM

utohkacil said…

Lebih 50 tahun BN(UMNO) memerintah:

Aras kemiskinan orang melayu makin bertambah tinggi.

Orang melayu dah jadi BANGSA KELAS 3.

Singapura terlepas ke tangan cina!

Baru2 ini P.Batu Putih yg kedudukan nye sangat strategik dari segi keselamatan negara pula terlepas ketangan Singapura – BN(UMNO) jadi BISU, BUTA, PEKAK DAN TULI.

Sekarang, BN(UMNO) merancang menjual sabahagian selatan Johor pula, (Pembangunan Seri Iskandar)!

July 8, 2008 1:57 AM

shadan said…

sdr utohkecil..singapore terlepas ketangan PAP kerana ada org seperti ko org yg menyokong DAP…Pulau bt putih juga terlepas kerana pengaruh yahudi yg disokong oleh pengikut anwar dan org seperti ko org yg buat terlepas…sekira malaysia terlepas ke spore selepas ini, pun kerana ada org yg seperti ko org yg membanggakan s’pore…tahniah pakatan pembangkang yg menyertui perjuangan yahudi…
July 8, 2008 5:45 AM

Jamaludin said…

Kau ni Shadan memang BA..HGAL..tau tak..makne ye, atas pd Bangang lagi…Saye punya ramai kenalan jugak kat Spore sane tu, dan selalu jugak turun sane..Ramai yg punye kereta sendiri,walaupun weekend Car… Aku pun tak tau nak kate lah orang macam kau ni. Kau ni tinggal kat mane? Mai sini, jumpe aku.Aku ni kat Taman Melawati, emel aku
July 8, 2008 11:39 PM

utohkacil said…

sdr shadan,

kenapa beri jawapan mcm orang tak pas SRP aje.

Tolong berhujah dgn cara fakta dan logik, jangan merapu macam orang gila babi!

Di sini bukan nye tempat bagi orang yg ber fikiran sempit dan meracau tak tentu arah.
July 9, 2008 2:19 AM

utohkacil said…

Fakta Singapura terlepas ketangan cina.

Semasa Lee Kuan Yew minta berpisah dari Malaysia, PM TAR dengan rela hati menandatangani perjanjian perpisahan itu.
TAR hanya memberi satu syarat, president Singapora mestilah orang melayu!
Tetapi si UMNO bodoh ini tidak menyatakan dlm perjanjian itu perkataan ‘untuk se lama2 nye mesti melayu’.
Setelah President melayu itu mati, Lee Kuan Yew tidak melantik president melayu hingga ke hari ini.
Ternyata si pemimpin UMNO bodoh ini telah kena tipu cina hidup2.

Fakta P.Batu Putih dirampas Singapura.

Apa se lembar surat perjanjian kerajaan Johor dgn British yg mengsah kan P.B.Putih hak milik Johor.
Tetapi lembaran perjanjian ini telah di lesap kan oleh ‘pengkhianat melayu’ dlm kerajaan BN(UMNO) itu sendiri!
Ada kemungkinan besar ‘melayu pengkhianat’ ini telah di rasuah oleh Singapura.
Semasa perbicaraan di Belanda, Malaysia menghantar wakil2 yg tak berpengalaman jika dibandingkan dgn Singapura. Soalah2 Malaysia tidak berminat, sambillewa sahaja!
July 9, 2008 2:48 AM

shadan said…

utohkecil..klu itu yg ko kata sekurang-kurangnya ada gak tercatit bahawa pemimpin melayu yg memimpin spore…tp perjanjian pangkor 11 terus ada kata negeri itu x leh dikatakan pemimpin melayu…lagi dayus…ko org faham x apa maksud dayus…
July 9, 2008 3:53 AM

ilham_sufi said…

-to shadan:

byk org bg ulasan pasal wilayah pmbagunan iskandar yg akn jtuh k spore,tp ko lgsg x sntuh.naper?

org umno dh byk gdaikan ngara…..sjarah dh mbuktikan…..slp2 pas nih filipina lak mnta sbah.kalu bwa k mahkamh antarabgsa rsanya kalah sbb kjaan sllu pggirkan sabah.

saper yg mgagungkan bangsa asing?
sgkatan umno tuh sdiri dh mlambgkan
pggunaan bahasa asing,kta mlayu tp malu gna bahasa n sgkatan sdiri.contohilah pas yg mpjuangkn islam n bahasa mlayu.

-‘aku umno lg,nk join pas kna tglkan
rasuah,ppuan jalang,arak,judi,fitnah,mgaku aku rasa sush sbb bnda dh sbati dlm diri sejak knal apa itu umno.’—-kta2 kwn aku yg msh dlm umno
July 9, 2008 9:41 AM

shadan said…

sdr ilham sufi, ko ada buktike wilayah iskandar 2 telah dijual..ko org ni pandai menuduh jer…aku dah ygk gak plan pembangunan iskandar 2…byk perkara ekonomi yg dilakukan antaranya development sector pembuatan..airport dll…tp ko org fikir mana lebih baik…bg cina tanah 999tahun atau beri perjanjian 99 tahun utk pembangunan yg akan mendapat pulangan pd penduduk setempat…ko org memeng menolak pembangunan tp cerita nak jd mcm spore…mcm keling lah ko org ni…
sdr ilhamsufi, aku harap ko bertaubat nasuhalah…aku tgk ko dan kawan2 ko byk yg dah terpesong akidah..ada yg sanggup tolak agama utk negara mcm utohkecil..dan ko byk buat benda2 maksiat..mengucaplah…klu aku pun x nak mengaku ko org umno..
July 10, 2008 12:30 AM

Origin: End : Source :

July 11, 2008

Japan : Tonga : Visit before year 2006

Filed under: Republic of Malaysia — Tags: , , , , , , , — Nun Ha Alliance @ 8:10 pm

Japan’s crown prince to attend Tonga coronation

It’s been confirmed that Japan’s Crown Prince Naru-hito will visit Tonga later this month for the coronation of King George Tupou V.

A palace spokesman says the prince will leave Japan at the end of the month to attend the coronation on the first day of August.

The ceremony’s expected to include balls, a military parade, traditional Tongan dancing, fireworks, a rugby match and an open-air concert.

The heir to the Japanese throne last visited Tonga in 2006 for the funeral of King George’s father.

What Tonga Business Offer

Tonga-Tupou V.jpg

Ko Yem Binjai


July 9, 2008

Criminal International P44 | Blogged

this is a base

where you can get all the links. but before you understand what is going on, we just want you to read the articles. PRESS LINK.

as we entered london on february 2008, on the same day malaysia parliament announced the election date, we were placed under detention state in heathrow, our arrival was alerted by TAGGED since dubai, our destination was ireland. but we stucked at Padington. we slipped through the bayswater,  ireland came to us with 3 lipsticks, shared the room hotel, and 5 lipsticks arrived from roma while other team arrive from mid east, and we stayed there for 45 days. the french, we went to the embassy with her. some leads are so vital over a cup of coffee at art cafe.

but we heard another story strolled in. one of us return to KL and later, get out again to another city. you can read all here about the phone calls. but, sometimes, the rabbit can’t be a squirrel. gotcha !!

we declare, there is no cartel in malaysia, except of those in OPEc and drugs from burma, and singapore. if ever those who thought they are dealing with any in malaysia, then, they are not that cartel we looking for. they are chicken feet. info has been there, all are towards that direction. squirrel is there. rabbit is yet.

read what we do PRESS LINK.

yesterday, some of our samples and proof were destroyed. some other websites were misssing links, and destroyed.

this is not your war. you are not the one. you have not meet the big 9.

the photograph does not reflect the story, is just a sample.

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July 8, 2008

PEMILU 2009 | Blogged

About 50 percent

of Indonesian political parties that registered with the General Election Commission (KPU) for participation in the 2009 polls failed to pass verification tests, KPU chairman Hafiz Ansyari said on Monday.

The results of the verification tests would be announced Monday night, but it was already certain that about half of them had failed, Antara news agency quoted Hafiz as saying at the launch of a 2009 general election familiarization campaign in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

He said during the verification tests it was found there were parties that did have an office or had fictitious membership lists. These parties clearly do not meet the KPU’s conditions for participation in the 2009 polls, he said.

The political parties which had passed the verification tests would be officially given permission to take part in the polls on July 9.

Hafiz Ansyari said at least 30 political parties would join next year’s elections.

According to the 2008 political parties law, a party should have at least 50 members with chapters in at least 60 percent of the country’s 33 provinces and branches in 50 percent of over 500 regencies.

The law also obliges the parties to allocate 30 percent of their central board executive seats to women.

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OPEC | Blogged

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Oil prices are likely to rise further

largely due to a weak dollar and geopolitics, Chakib Khelil, president of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), said Sunday.

“The price of oil will rise again in the coming weeks. We have to follow the evolution of the dollar, because a 1 percent fall in the dollar means four dollars more on the price of oil,” Khelil said in an interview with the local daily Algeria-News.

The Algerian minister of energy and mines also highlighted the geopolitical impact on oil prices, noting the current crisis between Iran and the West over its nuclear program as well as the previous sanctions on Libya.

“The embargo imposed on Libya has prevented any increase of investment in that country, just as the current embargo on Iran is stopping anyone investing there,” Khelil said.

“The United States is threatening severe economic sanctions against any group which dares invest in Iran. Similarly, the war in Iraq is why investment there is weak. No OPEC country can invest in embargoed countries,” he said.

“I believe that 60 percent of the rise is due to the fall in the exchange rate of the dollar and to geopolitical problems, and 40 percent to the intrusion of bioethanol on the market,” he said.

The minister denied accusations by some western countries that insufficient supply by the oil producing countries are causing the soaring prices.

“As producer countries we think that the current supply is sufficient, that this balance in supply is in everybody’s interests and that it shouldn’t be disturbed,” he said.

“The current rise in oil prices is in nobody’s interest,” he added.

Khelil said last week that the Vienna-based cartel would increase its output to 52 percent of the global oil supply by 2010from the current 40 percent.

How to curb the soaring oil prices tops the agenda of the summit of the Group of Eight G8 industrialized countries which will kick off in the northern Japanese resort of Toyako on Monday.

Crude oil futures hit a record high above 145 U.S. dollars a barrel in New York on Thursday.

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PEMILU 2009 | Blogged

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About 50 percent of Indonesian political parties that registered with the General Election Commission (KPU) for participation in the 2009 polls failed to pass verification tests, KPU chairman Hafiz Ansyari said on Monday.

The results of the verification tests would be announced Monday night, but it was already certain that about half of them had failed, Antara news agency quoted Hafiz as saying at the launch of a 2009 general election familiarization campaign in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

He said during the verification tests it was found there were parties that did have an office or had fictitious membership lists. These parties clearly do not meet the KPU’s conditions for participation in the 2009 polls, he said.

The political parties which had passed the verification tests would be officially given permission to take part in the polls on July 9.

Hafiz Ansyari said at least 30 political parties would join next year’s elections.

According to the 2008 political parties law, a party should have at least 50 members with chapters in at least 60 percent of the country’s 33 provinces and branches in 50 percent of over 500 regencies.

The law also obliges the parties to allocate 30 percent of their central board executive seats to women.

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Malaysian : Discussion Economy : Case Study

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Japan’s “bubble economy” burst in 1990, and only started to recover in 2002 – thanks in large part to major economic structural reforms introduced by then-Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Since Mr. Koizumi’s retirement in 2006, however, Japan’s reform momentum has stalled – and in some cases, reversed – and there are now serious concerns surfacing about the country’s future. What would it take to truly reform Japan’s economy? Why did Mr. Koizumi’s reforms work? What are the biggest economic challenges facing Japan today?

How will these challenges affect Japan’s relationship with China, and how might this relationship take shape over the next decade?

+9 : test paper : discussion :

July 6, 2008

Chocolate Cake | Blogged

Rice Porridge, Putih, Files : You name it : The “Beneficiary”

.picture below is.anwar dan pak lah,perkongsian kuasa.bukti anwar snitcher, ada.hanya amerika boleh jawab.kesian sedara kami di kampung kena tipu. anwar, anwar.tak cukup ke.tak puas ke?apa lah nak jadi.bacalah yang di bawah ni, kalau tun mahathir cakap pendek2, soalan di bawah ni, cari jawapan pendek pendek juga.kesian betul lah.maaf lah.kami neutral.bukan orang sesiapun, tapi demi kesadaran anwar jadi macamni, maka kami akan bantu dari luar.apalah nak jadi.ini bukan hal minyak kan anwar?betul tak pak lah?sesiapa yang terlibat tu, harap kerjasama je lah, rugi duit rakyat nak melayan semak.susah sikit tak pa anwar.tidr atas lantai simin tu masih ramai.paham lah anwar.tak ke mana nya hidup ni.habis dah.habis dah.

WHY EZAM WAS USED : Ezam reports alleged abuse of power by MB’s office

















HOT CHAIR : FLIP FLOP : Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi : Former Semangat 46 Leader, together with Rais Yatim, Ku Li and few others.

Politic is about allowing a handphone used by other person, but registered under a different name. But sometimes, THAT text SMS sometimes HAD gone wild, that made a lot of speculation and separations. Latest technology in IT had failed to keep secrecy and privacy.

PAK LAH : Old friends are still intact, but never met again. Poor Mr.S.Samy Vellu, had lost in his battle.

Does Malaysia to be re-structure 360 degrees? Who stays, who leave willingly.

These episode, had brought the observer to another level of speculation, but true, not all poor are poor. They have a lot of educated children nowadays. But the messiness, had created, a smelly sodomy nation – a Malaysia.

over to you. -1.

Politic is when you are not Needed

Aizuddin Articles is great and hope it is a good recommendation of all, say


Conquering the Mountain aspired at ATotalBlog that concerns on the day-to day life undertakings and the spirit of a citizen who knew the people at reach. We recommend you to read him.

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