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June 18, 2008

REPUBLIC of MALAYSIA : Perspective

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The same reactions as we reached to a maturity level, that enough to surfaced the truth of critical thinking, that need to be justified. I can’t explain this to my future generation, without your opinions..

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Now, Press This links < Lets go to real life politickings and leadership that were seen so unrealistic, they are:

  1. EMBARASSING: IF factor IF_IF the current PKR states are able to provide free water which is of course from the natural resources of the mother earth, that belongs to the people, e.g. like the Arabs having the oil which is gained from the (lucky they step on that earth) earth that belongs to GLOBAL HUMAN, embarrassingly they claimed they are so rich a nation and press stepping on the head of the poor who grows paddy and rice for them to eat !! YET they selling the oils at bloodsuckings high price, to poor people, God damn You??)..While, at this local platform, this oppositions led state administrators namely PKR’s; had provided FREE WATER to households and THEY can absorbed the cost for the “gift” to gain sympathizers attentions and supports, MY QUESTIONS?
  2. WHY WAS THAT during the former leadership these were not implemented? and IF so now being implemented,
  3. What is the cost that was supposed to be similar if it were implemented before? and where were the funds that were sucked during that term (former regime) equivalent to the cost of providing free water now? and it goes to where? OR
  4. WHERE DO THESE current Opposition led States Administrator are able to have the funds to compensate after providing such FREE WATER? HEY, NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD !! ..Who is going to pay this later?..e.g. Like the Americans gone to War with Iraq, every one GLOBALLY HAVE to compensate by virtue of paying high oil prices?..YOU POLITICIANS are playing with fire?
  5. IF so it is now the PKR’s is so generous and can afford to run the leadership using the free water of the mother earth, (embarassing, to gaining sympathy from the source of our own natural mother earths gift?)..why the mother earth were taken to task to provide a collateral for their ambitions?
  6. IF so there was NOT given to the citizen during the former regime, where did the fund goes to, and
  8. Meaning, therefore, placing one current regime on the RIGHT side and to compare the former regime on the LEFT, where is the stand of chances in the MIDDLE to AUDIT and check the credibility of both regimes, when there were no standards as far as the AUDITORS are concern to explain the past and present objective of politickings? Aren’t we feel being fooled with so many BLINDED BY attitudes that at the end, we cheered for their politickings, but at the cost of our own public resources? Hey, something is not correct here, and NEED A LOT OF HOMEWORK ??
  9. WHY the mother earths resources were used to gain supports, after all it is meant to be shared and belongs to the people?
  10. When can we start to implement the pre-requisite as proposed and agreed that the CITIZEN AUDITING body to look into both – the FORMER regime and the PRESENT regime administrations MODUS OPERANDI?

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In reference to the first subjects mentioned above, and the FIRST That related to the HISTORY of THE KINGDOM of MALAYS…

  1. IF SO the foundation of Malaysia were behold to the idea of developing a new TOTALLY FRESH Malaysia out of the Tanah Melayu context, why it is delayed?
  2. As far as the essence of being a single or plural as Malay, as Chinese or as Indian as multiracial ethnics are concerned, generally speaking: the law and regulators were seems to be out of focused in running a proper country’s management, may it be in terms of general management, religion or social etiquettes.
  3. The appointment of leaders were challenged and the appointed Rulers or Sultanate were as well being challenged. To protect or unprotected the interest of the administrators and the rulers are a matter of benefiting their roles as to be APPOINTED for the sake of the amendments that were drawn by the BRITISH who ran away during the Japanese Invasions.
  4. The commoners were left with DEB and being used into a BLINDING Them with hypocrisies and pretentious move, gaining through their branded flagships and names as the minority or majority ethnics as MELAYU MISKIN or CHINA BUKIT or INDIA ESTET for A TRUST; that these politicians will be appointed – as the next RULERS.
  5. That so called the commoners, the poor citizens were at many occasions being challenged or being fooled by the regulations that deny the rights of the citizens themselves. Proven, even the former premier Tun Mahathir quit form the party that he had once led over the 20 years. Proven by many more leaderships prior to this scenario and.. HEY< is this going to be a phenomenon in this country? Isn’t it a shame that a matured country of 50years independence, and still is seen acting like a SMALL KID, even at the cost until the neighbor branded Malaysia as a Younger Brother?

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One hero who had pulled another friends into an epics and later, killed the rest of their friends, to benefit HIMSELF, a story were told in the local pre-historic Malay legend; the HANG TUAH. ***Ooops..even that history is being challenged by the Indonesian that those were belongs to them..!! Remember the Hang Tuah??

So as one critical minded person can judge and crossed slice the story and history, lets step back one or to steps backwards..RE-OBSERVED and RE-ANALYZE the whole scenario that blend in my head. Of course it sparked from the little little things that happens and the influence of the many other writers that we had studied in school, universities, travels, and THE REALITY..Aren’t we NOT BLIND?

IF Malaysia is ready to go for a REPUBLIC, why not? …Let Mahathir alone sulking under his son’s, Let Anwar with his PKR under his pillowcase, and UMNO with their DEB-so-called under their seat belt, DAP’s under their eyes, and fortunately the PAS under their Books..WE HAD MISSED THE POINT WHERE IS THE PEOPLES’ AUDITOR to counter check on al thse the above..How soon can we implement that? Because, there are many calibers are waiting their chances to run the country out of the reality-is-currently-sick-administrations and foul play corruptions that were uncleared and hey, it is going to be carried forward and forward to latter years, which is now currently now ENOUGH to burden the CURRENT GENERATION and embarrassed to hand them over to the next generation to manage the country. Once we hand over a rotten history to the future generations, in the name of the love to being born here, in this country, YOU WILL SEE THAT IS HAPPENING NOW IN JAPAN !! is hopefully, the campaign to build the republic should start now for the coming elections..??

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Afterall the dream of Vision 2020 is gone my fellow friends, after that dreamer and the initiator quit the party that he had led and the political party that had promoted the Vision 2020. Look !!

Hey, Malaysia.. many are laughing at you guys. Go overseas, take a trip, look from the distance.

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