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July 7, 2008

Malaysia 911 | Blogged

The Clue : Baby Boomer : Older or Younger and Drug Traffickers Please Leave

a call BN Perak_Tajol Rosli < please solve the problem < get hishamuddin and mukhiz < talk

then Supported by BN Selangor_ ADUN x

then Supported by BN Maharani Johor_ Mr X

then supported by Mr.X Subang Jaya near school ss17

then supported by one each religion chief kristian islam hindi buddha sikh and

chief adat of all minority tribes.

no more clustered by ethnics.or extreme religion base political body.

then Supported by neutral people who love this malaysia malaysia

Tajol Rosli, Mukhriz, Hishamuddin, Maharani Muar Secretary

Maharani Muar will help in economy for the poor level, he had been trained to link all economic channels.


others influenced by satan of usa and arabs, please leave.

pak nik may leave, other pas leaders please leave. you failed. wahabis, anwar please leave.

pak lah, khairy, nazri, mahyuddin, syed hamid, ghani othman, abang pandikar, please leave.patinggi, please leave.

Other, should support that man in economy, other cal have their own wish.

China, Chinese, like G8 declarataions, should part some of their income, to help the poor malays and indians. China is not great if Ghenghiz Khan dont meet you. Japan, come and finish your study in Islam, you are confused. You are Islam.

Drug traffickers, get lost from Malaysia.

PETRONAS, Malaysia must save them, avoid anwar usa getting leadeship, getting petronas.

PETRONAS gone into anwar, khairy, ezham, usa, means, malaysia life style will go to the poorest level, social chaos.

Religion : hopefully there will be another islamic party to surface, alternative to PAS. Pak Nik is not listening.

Whoever runs the government, must be vocal and tolerate at international level. USA don’t own the whole world.

Press Wahabi to prove that their property is for the Muslim and entire world poverty. They are not listening. Osama is like Anwar, on personal interest.

We do not want the land, do not want the istana, just return back our history, all are kept in the palace.

History has brought us here, Ketuanan has jajah. By the lanun. The old kingdom has never fight back, in the name of respect to see that other people also wants to live and eat. but the greed had ccontrolled human life style.

If we join the greed, we all will fail, not because of religion, but because of greed.

oil problem, support the indonesian motion, of profit among the world, oil s not yours, its belong to the mother earth. to GOD.

on ly one GOD named Allah, any one any religion can use him. Whoever against that, they are satan. Religion is a lifestyle. Test is evaluation to make you mature. To another level of maturity. Utmost maturity is_Human.

Are you matured?

if you don’t believe in God, then shut up don’t influence human.

you satan you go face death.

People !!! Is this your war people ?

close ending theory of restructring humanity, otherwise, war. war of the end.

if no stop.then in 3 years.alam akan datang.

among you, you have forgotten, a group who had re-appeared after they were abandoned in the war, the bunian.



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