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September 19, 2008

Panji Panji Hitam | Blogged

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Panji-Panji Hitam

yang dimaksudkan itu adalah kekuasaan yang diserahkan kepadanya sebagai tapak kepada membangunkan ummah.

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September 9, 2008

Listening Malaysia | Blogged

Malaysian PM hints could step down in March

Agence France-Presse – 9/26/2008 4:43 AM GMT

Malaysian Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi indicated Friday he could step down next March, saying he had not decided whether to stand in ruling party leadership elections to be held then.

Abdullah spoke after an emergency meeting of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), held amid speculation he would be forced to quit ahead of a planned transition to his deputy Najib Razak in mid-2010.

The embattled premier said that UMNO internal polls scheduled for December would now be postponed until March, and that he would make an announcement in the next few weeks over whether he would bid for the top job.

“I have not made any decision as far as this particular point is concerned,” he said. “The decision is mine, you can go on guessing. As far as I’m concerned I love the party.”

But he indicated that he would depart sooner rather than later, saying the party polls had been brought forward “to help facilitate an early transition”.

Abdullah admitted that several members of UMNO’s Supreme Council were pushing for a speedy transition of power, but he said the policy-making body agreed with the decision to shift the party elections.

PM’s Malaysia Office | Blogged – For True Story

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August 29, 2008

Malaysia Peninsular East | Blogged

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August 28, 2008

Malaysia 3 | Real Babel? and List of Numbers

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List of numbersIntegers

100000 144000   1000000

Cardinal 144000
Ordinal 144000th
Factorization 27 × 32 × 53
Binary 100011001010000000
Hexadecimal 23280

A Real Babel ?

Recounting the story of the discovery of the Astronomical Equation, from its very beginning. It came from the story of Babel in the book of Genesis.
Interested readers may put the matter in context by first visiting Astronomical Enigma and/or Stonehenge Equation (and Nibiru)
It would be appreciated if the reader would reserve judgement until he/she has read and understood the following.. It is a detective story with a difference.
The fabled Tower of Babel is still with us, and it tells us things we did not previously know about the Solar System.
Discovered by the writer in 1980.
Story is in two pages skip to page two ?
I suppose it really started in 1977 when the door bell chimed. There, clutching bags and Bibles, stood two ladies from the local group of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We all know the joyful feeling we get when we open the door to see two silver haired, smiling faces, holding books and leaflets. I was no different. On that occasion I decided to argue, though it was so long ago I do not remember the details. Only one detail sticks in my mind, something one of them said. ‘Why not read it for yourself ?’That seemed to me to be quite a reasonable suggestion, so I did.
I didn’t get very far into it before I came across the story of the tower of Babel. It caught my interest because it seemed to be out of place in the narrative. It is placed smack in the middle of a genealogy and sticks out like a sore thumb, as if some scribe had dropped his papers and picked them up in the wrong order.It was already known to me that the chapter and verse divisions in the Bible are a modern convention, so I allowed myself to view the context of chapters ten and eleven of the book of Genesis as one continuous story. In fact it is all genealogy, apart from verses one through nine of chapter eleven, and these relate the Babel story. Again, I noticed the story was apparently misplaced in time as well, since, going back to chapter ten, verse ten, we see that Babel was part of Nimrod’s kingdom.‘The beginning of his kingdom was Babel…’ (Ch 10 v 10)I had to ask myself why had the ancient scribe misplaced the story of the construction of Babel. Was it an accident? Perhaps not. Perhaps it was a deliberate ploy to attract attention? Certainly it had that effect, it attracted mine.It seemed to me to be saying ‘Please take notice, here is something important.’ I experienced that feeling, though logic, and the view of experts, told me otherwise. The experts all said that Babel was a Babylonian ziggurat, though they never give their reasoning. Perhaps they think that any rational answer is better than confessing ignorance. There were many Babylonian ziggurats built, long after the time context of the Biblical Babel. Why would a Bible writer include mention of just one such ziggurat, when there were many built ? In the context of the Bible, the tower was built before the confusion of tongues and the scattering of the people. It follows that it was built before the time of Nimrod, who founded his kingdom on it.Nimrod was second generation after Noah stepped out of the famous ark onto the slopes of mount Ararat. If we accept the context of the story, Nimrod was the son of Cush, who was the son of Ham, who was one of Noah’s three sons who took passage on the ark. (Gen. 10, verses 6 & 8 ) It follows that the tower was built within two generations, and even if we allow for longevity, the construction was started, at most, within one century of the famous flood.

In the context of the narrative, it was long before the rise of Babylon. The experts place Babel in Babylon, despite the contextual anachronism, because of the similarity in phonetics of the two words. But the word ‘Babel’ has no linguistic or etymological connection to the word ‘Babylon’.

The Witnesses seemed to think it was a pagan temple.

As it turned out, it seems that both were wrong.

Another problem area was found in chapter eleven, verse two, where the authorized version says :-

“…as they journeyed From the East.”

The sequence of the narrative is quite easy to follow, there should be no cause for great dispute.

When Noah and his family stepped from the ark, they were the only living souls on Earth.

They stayed in the area of Ararat for a while, and then set out in a westerly direction, to explore their new world.

Mount Ararat is in Turkey, so traveling from the east would mean they were moving towards the west. That is to say they would be moving towards Europe, not towards Babylon, which was in the other direction. (actually it wasn’t, Babylon did not exist as a nation at that time. All the Earth was of one speech and the people one, according to the text)

I concluded that Babel was not a Babylonian ziggurat, and must therefore be something else.

By this time I was well and truly hooked.
It was more than enough to cause me to read with closer interest. Soon other anomalies presented themselves, and I found myself drawn into a fascinating Biblical world.
My initial curiosity soon led to a full investigation. I followed clues which led me to discover the maths reported in detail on the other pages.
(“An Astronomical Enigma”, and/or “Stonehenge Equation”. )
I kept an open mind, or tried to, and was willing to accept the Bible on its own terms.My approach was to say, ‘O.K. The Bible is myth, but let us accept it, let’s accept the context, and see where it leads.’
The idea was, of course, that if the Bible was myth then accepting it would produce no valid result. If I were to base logic and reasoning on Biblical clues, and if those clues were not real, then quite obviously, I would not expect real results. The fact that I did obtain real results came as something of a shock, but more of that later.The first thing I did was to draw up a list of all the things I could that concerned Babel, along with a fresh translation of the text. The translation I made with the aid of a concordance, and common sense, I am no expert on Hebrew.I knew that Hebrew words had many nuances of meaning, just like English words, and the exact meaning chosen by the King James translators, or any others for that matter, would depend on the expectations and religious views of the translators.For example, it is well known that there is no Hebrew word that can be directly translated as ‘God’. The Hebrew uses the word ‘Elohim’ which is plural and literally means ‘strong ones’ or ‘mighty ones’. Chapter one verse one of Genesis actually says that the heavens were created by ‘Elohim’.
Perhaps, before we go further, I should present the reader with my alternative translation to the Babel story.It is much the same as the King James version, I have merely allowed myself to explore some of the nuances of meaning in both Hebrew and English.It should not trouble the reader that I am not an expert on Hebrew, if my translation is wrong, then it does not matter.A wrong translation will lead nowhere. Only a correct translation will yield positive results. The reader might like to assess the accuracy of the translation later, when the results of the investigation are considered.The chapter and verse references are just that, for ease of reference, they mean nothing of themselves and should be ignored when reading the text.
The translation that follows should not be seen as authoritative, for the most part it is derived from the alternative meanings that can be found in all languages. The particular sense of meaning that emerges is just one of a range that are possible from the semantics of the passage. If critical experts disagree with the translation, then I can do no more than point to the reasoning already expressed. If it is wrong, it will lead nowhere.

Genesis Chapter Eleven

1) And the whole Earth was of one language. United.

2) And it came to pass, as they journeyed westward, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there.

3) And they said one to another, go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick and stone and pitch for mortar.

4) And they said , Go to, let us build us a town and a place of pillars whose top elevation, or plan, may connect with the heavens: and let it be for a memorial to our name, lest we be scattered across the earth and forgotten.

5) And the Mighty Ones came down, to see the town, and the place of pillars, which the children of men were building.

6) And the Mighty Ones said, Look, the people are one, and they have all one language: and this they begin to do:

Now nothing will stand in their way, they can do anything they can imagine.

7) Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand each other.

8) So the Mighty Ones scattered them across the Earth, and they stopped building the town.

9) Therefore is the name of it called The Gate of Strength, or the Gate of God, because the Mighty Ones did there confound the language of all the earth and from thence did the Mighty Ones scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

It is worthwhile drawing attention to verse two, which claims that they ‘journeyed’. Now it matters not, for the moment, which direction they were moving in. The point I would wish to bring out is that this was a smallish group of people, on the move as one united body. It was not a global population of many billions, as might be inferred from words like ‘The whole Earth’. A truly global population would not be considered as being capable of journeying as a united body.

The context refers to a smallish group of people who, because of their unique circumstances, were the only people in the world, and could therefore be described accurately as ‘The whole Earth’.


After the confusion of tongues and the scattering, the narrative jumps back to chapter ten verse ten, where it is reported that one section of the fragmented society under the leadership of Nimrod, established a kingdom centered on Babel, while the others were scattered abroad.

Chapter ten, verse five, describes the process in more detail.

“By these were the isles of the gentiles divided in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.”


I would like to remind the reader that I am making no claim for the literal truth of these verses, nor am I trying to prove a point. My purpose is to relate the sequence of events that led to the discovery of the mathematics on web site An Astronomical Enigma

Once discovered, the math is independent of the path that led to its discovery.

I could have obtained the mathematics by following a false trail, it matters not. The math is what matters.

I started with the information reported above, be it true or false, I considered that it had meaning. Someone took the trouble to preserve it for thousands of years, so the least I could do was take it seriously.

Let us return to the narrative, and use it firstly to clear up a few misconceptions promoted by ‘experts’.


We may note again the comment that the people were united under one leader, presumed to be Noah, and that they travelled westward away from Ararat. This would bring them into Europe, and not Mesopotamia.

The ‘land of Shinar’ is often said to be located in Babylon by those same experts, who presume that because Babel was a ziggurat (according to them) and because Babel was built in ‘Shinar’, then, using false logic, it follows that Shinar must be a region or sub district of Babylon. That ties it all down neatly, but is not necessarily correct.

If the people moved to the west of Ararat, then there can be no connection whatever with a country that did not even exist at that time.

So, the first misconception to correct is the notion that Babel or Shinar was in Mesopotamia.

Since we conclude it was not Babylonian, we can further conclude that it was not a Ziggurat, since they came later, and were only built by Babylonians, as far as we can tell.

The people who built Babel, were not Babylonians. They were the only people on Earth, they were united, with a common language, and they moved westward into Europe.

There is another commonly held misconception that is somewhat easier to clear up. Babel is often shown in rather lurid pictures as a toppling tower, in the process of being destroyed by the wrathful hand of God.

In the narrative, the structure of Babel was not destroyed.

The Mighty Ones did not destroy it, nor is there any indication that they wished to do so.

The scripture simply reports that building work was stopped on the ‘city’ or town. The people subsequently scattered.

No mention is made, not anywhere in the Bible, of a destruction of Babel. It was simply taken over by Nimrod after the scattering.

To summarize the misconceptions….

A) Babel was not in Babylon.

B) Shinar was not in Babylon.

C) Babel was not a ziggurat.

D) Babel was not destroyed.

E) There is no indication that Babel was a temple.

F) The population was small.

G) Babel was a memorial of some kind.

Let us turn our attention to item ‘C’.

It is valid to say that Babel was not a ziggurat, but it could have been some other kind of tower. Why have I changed the word ‘Tower’ into ‘Place of Pillars’?

I did this for several reasons, not least amongst these reasons was the fact that the language allows for the use of the word ‘pillars’. A pillar is a small tower, a tower is a large pillar.

The literal translation is “upright things”.

Another reason is related to the statement that the top “may reach unto heaven.”

The King James translators were in the habit of inserting words to make better sense of a dubious translation, these they dutifully rendered in italics. The words in the text, reading, ‘may reach‘ were not in the original, and can be omitted.

This leaves us with “Whose top unto heaven” as the King James English version of the Hebrew.

The language seems to indicate that the top connected with the heavens, rather than reached towards the heavens.

The text appeared to me to read ‘connected’ but this could not be literal, on the understanding that the people who built it were not stupid, nor were the people who wrote the text. They must have had experience of mountains, they had recently departed from mount Ararat.

The people who built Babel would have known that the mountains do not literally reach the heavens, as the scribe who wrote the story would also have known. Knowing that the high mountains did not reach heaven, would they be likely to think they could build a tower, so much higher than the mountains ?

The structure was built on a plain. Had they wished it to reach the heavens, surely it would have been better to build the foundations on a mountain top ? Starting at the top of a mountain would mean they were at least half way there, it would reduce the amount of work considerably.

If the monument top did not reach the heavens literally, and if the words do not really indicate ‘towards’, then we must seek some other meaning.

I inserted the words ‘connect’, since it covers several possibilities, including the literal.

It is often claimed that the structure was to serve as a pagan temple, a claim that may have been deduced from the apparent displeasure shown by ‘God’, however, the context indicates it was built under the auspices of Noah, and he is elsewhere described as righteous, he would not be expected to build a pagan temple. The structure is nowhere described as a temple, pagan or otherwise.

In fact the text describes it as a ‘memorial’. (Verse 4).

It is expressly stated that the structure was to be some kind of memorial, a monument to the builders who anticipated being forgotten by posterity.

It seemed to me that these people wanted to build something special, or to record some special knowledge, as a memorial to their name. They wanted to build something that future generations would look upon, marvel at, and be impressed by. It was to be something grand, to perpetuate the name and the memory of the builders.

It was this thought, that the structure was a memorial, built to last, that hinted at the possibility of stored knowledge. If the people who built it were survivors of a global disaster, as described by the text, then they might well wish to preserve some record of what happened.

Such knowledge, if it existed, could be preserved in architecture, designed into this ‘memorial’.

The thought led me to examine the text even more closely.

The understanding of ‘Top reaching unto the heavens’ was imposed by the translators, they could only conceive of such a literal meaning, because they viewed the structure, and the scripture, as being primitive.

Having decided that ‘Top reaching the heavens’ was to be understood in a primitive literal sense, that it meant ‘High’, the early translators left themselves no option but to use the word ‘Tower’. No doubt their translation made sense to them, since they were always ready to equate ‘old’ with ‘ignorant’.


The original language, and the English, allow for my version.

‘A place of pillars whose top elevation (plan) connects with the heavens’ is a legitimate translation.


There is another reason for changing the meaning of ‘tower’ to pillars, but this is a little more complex.
It may be recalled that in verse four of Chapter eleven of Genesis, the people who built Babel were in effect suggesting the building of a memorial.

In several times and places, later in scripture, many of the early Israelites built memorials of significant events, but they did so by erecting stone pillars.
The erection of stone pillars as memorials seems to be a cultural trait, with particular regard to the characters in the Bible.

In Genesis Ch 28, vs 18 and 22 there is a record of Jacob erecting a stone as a memorial, and he even calls the place by a similar name to Babel. In verse seventeen he calls the place ‘the gate of heaven’. However, this is not Babel, it is a different time and story entirely, only the events are similar.

Moses, one of the most famous characters, came much later in time than Babel, and we see him erecting a kind of monument made of twelve ‘pillars’ as part of a religious memorial.
(Exodus Chp 24 verse 4)

See Joshua Chapter 4 V 9, and v 20 where another such incident is described. The story of Joshua is part of Israel’s history, and also comes much later in time than Babel, yet here we see the erection of twelve stones, one for each of the tribes, to commemorate the crossing into the promised land.
The size of the stones is not mentioned, but the scribe notes they ‘remain to this day’ (Josh Ch 4 v 9), the impression given that a long period of time had elapsed, that the stones were still there.
We can conclude that the stones were large ones, or they would not have ‘remained’ for long.

There are other such incidences described elsewhere.


The erection of pillars appears to be a cultural trait, or tradition, of the early Biblical patriarchs, and if this is so, then we may expect that they would have acquired such a tradition from their forebears.

The forebears of Abraham were the builders of Babel.

(See genealogy in Genesis 11, from Babel through to Abram, who was later renamed as Abraham, who was the forefather of those mentioned above, who erected pillars as memorials.)

The genealogy of scripture provides a continuity between the builders of Babel and the later ‘erectors of pillars’. The tradition of erecting pillars is seen as originating with Babel.

From this observation, we may deduce that the builders of Babel started that cultural trait, and that the monument at Babel would have been similarly built, that is to say, it would have been a memorial made of vertical stone pillars.


It is also noted that the erection of vertical stone pillars is a cultural trait of the Neolithic peoples of western Europe.

It is a known fact that many of these Neolithic structures were aligned with the heavens, and details of the alignments can be found in many books on Neolithic archaeology.

We may also observe that, in the context of the Biblical narrative of Babel, the structure was the first to be built after the flood.


We need not concern ourselves here with the vexed question of the reality of Noah’s flood, that is for later, or for others to discuss. Here we need only note that in the context of the scriptural story of Babel, the entire planet had been recently wiped clean of any trace of humanity. Babel, and the enigmatic ‘place of pillars’ would be seen as the first, and at the time the only, man made structure visible on the planet.

If it still existed today, it would be very, very old. It would be older than any other structure, older than the pyramids, older than the Bible, older than anything made by man except for the remains of Noah’s Ark.

It follows from this that the supposed ‘City’ or town, which was made of mud brick, would have turned to dust long ago. No trace of the city would remain.

Only the pillars stood a chance of remaining, and then only if they consisted of large and durable stones.

The thought then occurred to me that it was built to last. The scripture reports its supposed purpose, as a memorial, to make a name for the builders, lest they be forgotten.

They seemed to have had some prescient foreknowledge of their fate, ‘Lest we be scattered’, as indeed they were.

If it was built to last, and if it were built of durable stone, then it seemed to me to be at least possible that it might still exist, or some trace of it might still remain.

It might even be known to modern archaeology, but if so, it would be under a different name. The thought entered my head that I might be able to find it.


Babel was built by a group of people shortly after a global catastrophe that had wiped the Earth clean. No matter what their previous technological capabilities, these survivors of the catastrophe would have been reduced to a primitive, Neolithic condition. They may have retained knowledge, but they would have lost any prior industrial infrastructure.

We might expect that Babel would have been constructed using primitive tools and methods. Were it to exist today, it would possibly show signs of having been so constructed.

In other words, it would look primitive, it would look Neolithic.


I decided to review everything I had deduced about the structure, and list all those properties that might help to identify it. I had very little to work with, only the Bible, which was no more than mythology, according to all the experts.

I felt sure that the structure would be monumental, in keeping with its declared function as a memorial.

It would be something that would attract attention, something splendid, at least when it was new. It was intended to ‘make a name’ for the builders. A mere pile of rubble would not do that.

I considered that it might be Neolithic, and it was almost certain that if it did exist to this day, it would be regarded as Neolithic by modern science.


I also had to consider the attitude of the Mighty Ones, as reported in the text. They seemed to think the structure was very significant, dangerous even. It was something more than mere idolatry. Men are always building places of worship for idols, and the world is full of pagan temples. God never seems to bother much with such places.

There was something about Babel that was more significant than a pagan temple, and it seemed to me, again, in context with the narrative, that it may have been a repository for antediluvian knowledge, and that thought served to explain the enigmatic statement that the ‘top’ connected with the heavens. It could connect in a mathematical or symbolic sense, but not in a physical sense.

After all, when Noah embarked on the ark, he took with him all that he was told to take. He took his family, his wife, his sons and their wives. He took all the animals, two by two, and we can only assume he took along enough in the way of provisions, food, water, and fodder, to last for the duration.

He would have packed many things that were not mentioned in scripture, if it were a real story.

He would have taken all sorts of trivial things, like a means to make fire to cook his dinner, just as an example.

There is something else he would have taken, could not avoid taking. He and his family, all eight people on the boat, would by necessity have taken all their knowledge acquired over a long lifetime. Noah was six hundred years old when the flood came upon the earth, (Or so it is claimed by scripture, see Gen Ch 7 v 6), and it is possible to learn a lot of scientific knowledge in six hundred years.

Certainly, under the imposed condition that the context is true, Noah would have taken antediluvian science onto the ark, and would still have it when he built Babel after the flood. (Noah lived for three hundred and fifty years after the flood, see Gen Ch 9 v 28)

This observation was supported by my attempt at translation, that it had a ground plan layout that somehow connected with, or mapped, some part of the ‘Heavens’.

A monument that contained advanced knowledge would certainly be an anachronism, and could be seen as unwelcome by some putative ‘God’, but I could not quite understand how it would lead on to the builders being able to do whatever they imagined.

Perhaps the translation should read “If they can do this, they can do anything, we’d better intervene” or words to that effect. I mean that the confusion of languages was not imposed to stop them building what must have been almost completed, but to stop them from doing even worse things.

In short, they were reduced to confusion, not as a punishment for what they had done, but to prevent them from doing whatever it was they “imagined” to do afterwards.

If the Mighty Ones had disapproved of the actual structure, they could surely have destroyed it. Fortunately they didn’t.

I considered that there was a good chance that some trace of it might still exist, and decided to give some thought to a possible location. I reasoned that if I found it, I could identify it in a positive manner by extracting new, advanced knowledge from it. One would not expect to extract new knowledge about the heavens from a primitive structure.

If I could learn something new, not previously known to science, then I would have proven the case and identified Babel. The problem was I had no idea how to go about it, not at that time, but I persevered anyway.

There were some indicators in scripture that point to a general location, many I have already mentioned.

It was built on a plain, somewhere in Europe, possibly, or one might say, probably, in the area of Neolithic culture, which was western and northwestern Europe.

Europe is a large place, and there are many areas of land that could be called ‘plains’. There are many Neolithic structures, all of large upright stones, all could be described as ‘Places of pillars’. A very great number of them have some form of primitive alignment to the heavens.

I felt sure I was on the right track, but I needed something much more precise if I was ever to obtain a positive identification.

I returned to the text of the narrative, looking for some clue that would narrow down the search area.

My attention focussed on an enigmatic statement in verse five of Genesis chapter ten.

‘By these were the isles of the gentiles divided…’

This struck me as odd. The term ‘gentile’ literally means a Greek, and there were no Greeks in the time of Babel.

It also means ‘Non-Jew’, but there were no Jews in the days of Babel, and hence no need for a word meaning ‘Non-Jew’.

It is true that the text was written long after the events it claimed to describe, but surely the scribe would have been familiar with Jewish history ? He must surely have known he was using an anachronism ?

I saw here a clue, a superfluous and anachronistic reference to islands of Greeks, or non-Jews. The only other possibility was perhaps the scribe was referring to islands that would become Non-Jewish in the time period during which the scribe was writing.

Even this alternative was enigmatic. There are not, and there never were, any islands that could be called ‘Jewish’. So again there was no need for reference to islands of gentiles.

ALL islands are ‘of the Gentiles’ and always have been.

A look at a map of Europe and the middle East will quickly reveal that there are not many islands to choose from.

There are the Mediterranean islands and there are the British Isles.

That is about all there are in the area covered by the text of scripture. It seems there is limited choice of islands.

If the term ‘Gentile’ meant ‘Greek’, then the verse seems rather meaningless, the Greek Islands are all very small, and boast little in the way of megalithic structures.

We could consider the other Mediterranean islands, but apart from Malta, there are not many candidates for Neolithic monuments.

Malta is possible, but the scripture uses the plural, ‘Isles’, so we are looking for a group.

The British Isles are the only group of islands that fit the requirements. They are non-Jewish, they are a group, and can be described in the plural, and they are very rich in Neolithic structures. They also lie more-or-less to the west/northwest of Ararat.

If the verse in Genesis means anything at all, it appears to be pointing the finger at the British Isles. There are not many others. There are none in the Red sea, none to speak of in the Persian gulf, and certainly none in the deserts of Babylon, modern Iraq.

Where else could one look for ‘Isles of the Gentiles’ ?

I decided that the monuments of Britain would be the first to be examined in detail. There are a great many, but most are simple circles, only a few have enough complexity to hide knowledge.

Stonehenge was a prime candidate.

I spent some time looking at other places, such as the stone arrays in Brittany, France, but there seemed to be no way of connecting them to the heavens, apart from some rather dubious alignments. All my indicators seemed to point to the British Isles, and the most obvious Neolithic Structure in those islands is Stonehenge.

It became necessary for me to study the monument, since to start with I knew very little about it. I visited libraries, and book shops, collecting as much information as I could.

I was surprised to find that the ‘experts’ seem to know very little about it. It was a mystery.

Of course, there were guesses, and many theories, but by and large the monument seemed to have the experts stumped.

There are several aspects of Stonehenge which should be pointed out in connection with Babel.

Stonehenge is in roughly the right area to accord with the Biblical story, people could have walked here from Ararat in less than ten years, crossing the channel in boats.

It isn’t as if Stonehenge were in Australia, or on Easter Island, its location would be accessible to the people from Ararat, so it cannot be ruled out on grounds of distance or inaccessibility.

Stonehenge is built on a plain, (Salisbury plain) and the scripture describes Babel as being on a plain.

(Gen 11 v 2, ‘they found a plain and dwelt there’)

According to archaeologists, Stonehenge was never finished, just like Babel.

(Gen 11 v 8 ‘They left off the building..’)

Nobody knows exactly how old Stonehenge is, but it could easily be one of the oldest structure on Earth.

Stonehenge is a grand structure, and would make a fitting memorial for the builders. It was certainly built to last.

It could be described as ‘A place of pillars’ but not as a ‘tower’. It is located in ‘Isles of the Gentiles’

Perhaps the most telling of all is the archaeological fact, attested to in many books, that Stonehenge has no known precedent.

It appears out of the mist of history as a unique structure.

There is no verified or proven case for its origin.

There it stands, on Salisbury plain, where it has stood for thousands of years, and, though many books have been written about it, and many theories and guesses applied, it still remains a complete mystery to the experts.

SUMMARY of similarities between Babel and Stonehenge.

1] Both very old.

2] Both constructed with primitive tools.

3] Both constructed with primitive methods.

4] Both grand monuments.

5] Both located to West of Ararat.

6] Both built on a plain.

7] Both built to last.

8] Both were unfinished.

9] Both consist of pillars. (Babel probably)

10] Both are unique.

11] Both have no precedent.

There is another point to add to the above list, both connect with the heavens.

I could not include this point at this stage in my investigation, the full extent of the connection had not emerged. However, it is a known fact that Stonehenge does connect to the heavens in a simple way.

The alignment with the summer solstice is well known, as is the use of the Aubrey circle as an eclipse predictor.

12] Both connect to the heavens.

On consideration of all these points, not forgetting references to the Isles of the Gentiles, I concluded that if Babel were to be anywhere, then Stonehenge had to be top of the list of possible candidates. Twelve points of similarity had to mean something.

The only way to prove it would be to show that Stonehenge had a ground plan that ‘connected with the heavens’ and revealed new, verifiable, information about the heavens.

This I was able to do….See Stonehenge Equation

The information obtained is new, and has been validated many times by professionals. It has been examined by most of the elite scientific institutions in the world, and at over 950 universities.
Nobody has yet reported any significant computational error. The mathematics/astronomy is presented in formal manner on ‘Astronomical Enigma’

The astronomical information is ‘stand alone’, that is to say, it is unaffected by its origin in an ancient monument. It would remain valid, even if Stonehenge ceased to exist. The material is important in its own right, since it proves beyond doubt that the ‘Nebular Hypothesis’ is not completely correct.

Although I personally consider the case proven, there has been no comment from any of the experts who have examined it, and in the years that have passed since the discovery, I have not been able to publish.
Stonehenge is indeed ‘A place of pillars whose top elevation (ground plan) connects with the heavens.’

In all respects, Stonehenge fits the description of the ‘Tower’ of Babel.

Back to Start
Visit ‘Astronomical Enigma’
Visit ‘Stonehenge Equation’


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Malaysia Nibiru | 1

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August 26, 2008

Anwar “SatanicPenipu” Ibrahim | Blogged

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Anwar Penipu

‘Laporan paling gila’

PUTRAJAYA 23 Sept. – Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menyifatkan laporan agensi berita AFP bahawa perundingan sedang dibuat antara wakil pembangkang dan kerajaan mengenai peralihan kuasa sebagai ‘laporan paling gila’ yang pernah didengarnya setakat ini.Perdana Menteri menegaskan, pihak berkenaan sepatutnya berfikir dahulu sebelum mengeluarkan laporan seumpama itu.

“Ini laporan ‘paling gila’ yang pernah saya dengar.

“Tidak ada sebarang mesyuarat dengan orang (Ketua Pembangkang) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Ekonomi di Pusat Konvensyen Antarabangsa Putrajaya (PICC) di sini hari ini.

Laporan AFP mendakwa Ketua Penerangan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Tian Chua sebagai berkata bahawa pakatan pembangkang telah mula berunding dengan kerajaan berhubung peralihan kuasa selepas “mendapat sokongan mencukupi daripada Ahli-Ahli Parlimen untuk menumbangkan kerajaan.”

Laporan itu yang dilihat sebagai sebahagian daripada perang saraf PKR mendakwa Abdullah enggan bertemu dengan Anwar tetapi para pegawai dipetik sebagai berkata ‘kontak’ dibuat melalui orang tengah.

Di KOTA BHARU, Anwar terus berdolak dalik mengenai bila pakatan pembangkang dapat mengambil alih kerajaan daripada Barisan Nasional (BN), tetapi kali ini nada Penasihat PKR itu jelas berbeza kerana ia tidak seyakin seperti sebelum kegagalannya membentuk kerajaan menjelang 16 September lalu.

Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh itu mendakwa, faktor utama yang menghalang peralihan kuasa tersebut adalah prosedur Parlimen yang memberikan kuasa kepada Perdana Menteri untuk memanggil persidangan khas.

“Kalau (kita) tengok prosedur Parlimen, hanya kuasa Perdana Menteri untuk memanggil sidang khas bagi usul undi tidak percaya. Peruntukan Parlimen pula tidak jelas mengenai kedudukan untuk membawa usul khas seperti ini,’’ katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan Mesyuarat Perhubungan PKR Kelantan di Kota Bharu petang ini.

Sementara itu, Anwar berkata, beliau tidak pernah menggunakan khidmat orang ketiga untuk bertemu dengan Perdana Menteri bagi membincangkan peralihan kerajaan.

“Saya bersetuju dengan Abdullah bahawa memang tidak ada pertemuan dengan pihak ketiga secara langsung walaupun ada usaha daripada pelbagai pihak untuk memastikan pertemuan itu berhasil.

“Dengan ini saya memperbetulkan kekeliruan daripada kenyataan Ketua Penerangan PKR, Tian Chua yang dibuat baru-baru ini,” katanya.

Anwar, bagaimanapun, tidak memohon maaf kerana membiarkan Tian Chua membuat dakwaan yang tidak benar itu kepada wartawan AFP.

Dalam perkembangan sama, Tian Chua hari ini mendakwa Anwar kini menumpukan usaha meyakinkan pemimpin Pas terutama Mursyidul Am parti itu, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat dan Presiden parti, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang untuk meredakan kekhuatiran bahawa ahli-ahli Parlimen beragama Islam akan diketepikan jika pakatan pembangkang mengambil alih kerajaan.

“Kita perlu berbuat demikian sebelum meneruskan bentuk tindakan yang seterusnya,’’ katanya kepada Bernama tanpa mendedahkan bentuk tindakan itu.

Minggu lalu, Anwar mahukan jawapan daripada Perdana Menteri selewat-lewatnya hari ini untuk mengadakan sesi Parlimen tergempar dalam usaha membawa usul undi tidak percaya terhadap Abdullah.

Anwar mendakwa beliau mempunyai sokongan daripada 31 anggota Parlimen BN yang akan lompat parti, satu dakwaan yang menimbulkan kemarahan para pemimpin BN kerana ia dianggap suatu pembohongan Anwar untuk menjejaskan kestabilan politik negara .

Bagaimanapun, Abdullah menolak cadangan Anwar itu.

Sebelum itu, Anwar secara terbuka mengumumkan bahawa beliau akan mengambil alih kerajaan pada 16 September tetapi tarikh itu berlalu begitu sahaja kerana BN masih kekal memerintah negara.

Ini menyebabkan banyak pihak melabelkan Anwar sebagai pembohong.

As a Liar, he is

Note | re-blogged

anwar penipu.
all will follow suit.
malaysia ditertipu
all will fall to soot.

awas, anwar penipu.
all to be sold as car boot.
what pakatan rakyet?
who involve in pakatan rakyet?
it’s not even registered!!

confirmed, they already lied.
they lied..

anwar they used
anwar is stucked
anwar had refused
anwar misled
anwar thought
they success
until he realized
there is 3rd group, and
there are chain group after the 3rd
to topple anwar,
not through BN
but through the real power
not even Bush can defeat

anwar seen
they had arrived.
anwar ran to scavenger
but they still not alight
not agitated

anwar is scared
anwar is desperate

pakatan rakyat
of the real
while itself has created
lies and lies

shall have that last tango

anwar has been forwarned
anwar plays with fire

pakatan rakyat is
the price

with no mules
to pawn.


Continue rebuilding UMNO, forget Anwar: Mukhriz Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 (Bernama) — Umno executive committee member Datuk
Mukhriz Mahathir today expressed his disappointment that Umno has been focusing
more on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s antics
that it disturbed the party’s branch meetings which ended three days ago.

“We now have a confidence crisis in the party, and surely we need a strong,
new approach to resolve our internal problems to ensure that Umno remains
relevant to the people.

“I believe that people are not so supportive of Anwar but disappointed with
Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN). Therefore, we should not get carried away by
Anwar’s antics but focus on our party elections and restoration agenda.

“Sept 16 has passed while the BN government is still standing. He (Anwar)
has now come up with another excuse — wait until 48 hours, but still there are
people who believe his bluff.

“I am confident the BN government will remain in power, and I urge all the
qualified individuals in Umno Youth to contest in the party elections as young
leaders can help rejuvenate the party,” he told Bernama here today.
He also said that Umno Youth should go back to its original role of being a
pressure group in the party but with decorum, “otherwse, we would become
irrelevant and disappoint the people”.

Orang Malaysia Hitung Butir yang depan Mata | Tapi Lupa Implikasi Masa Depan

TEMBAK sblm SEMAK | Pahami Video + Read Comments


Our food have done it. can we?

Our food have done it. can we?

Malays are racist. Chinese are racist. Indians too are racist. The rest are not much different.

Currently, this statement is my premise in writing this post.

Upon returning back from the 2nd Malaysian Student Leaders Summit last weekends, one question really troubles my mind posed by a political analysts, Khoo Key Peng  in one of the talks given. Are we willing to become BANGSA MALAYSIA?

Are you willing to forget that you are a Malay, Chinese or Indians?

Are you willing to put off  your race’s culture, norms,  language, heritage, ancestry and  historical background and truly embrace the totality of becoming BANGSA MALAYSIA?

Are  the Malays / Bumiputeras ready to abundant their Hak Istimewa?

Are the Chinese willing to hire other races to work in their heavily Chinese-populated companies?

Are the Indians willing to pass their Tamil language and embrace the national language?

Comments | Blogged


  1. Darling,
    Whoever ask you to destroy your ethnicity, first thing you should do is..KILL HIM. Stupid enough if I am too late to marry a chinese girl at the age of 60 or marry an indian woman at the age of 70. Historian were made to re-write the history which is at the later stage, the truth unveiled. even the nigers in london are respected as niggers but they are londoners. so don’t listen to this government influenced questions wheteher we can submit to SURRENDER our toilet to the neighbour !!

    let me explain, THE HISTORY taht they tried to re-write is coming back to them !! that’s where they got stucked !! would you ask your children to play at the mosque or temple with kavadi and free sex at afternight party ? which one do you allow. so KEEP YOUR VALUE as it is. BANGSA MALAYSIA is all about BANKING SYSTEM AND anything that is between your stomach bellybutton to 6 inches below and 6 inches up !! thats HUMANITY. and a bit of HUMANISM. even if you are atheist, you are A deny all these historian especially the one who lead the society..he is the most corrupted and too bad the chinese had produced one species as his that destroy the trust to chinese !! and malay umno had allowed him to tell th ehistory wihtout knowing the truth..MALAYSIA WERE CONSTRUCTED ON SOYABEANCURD and TEMPEBASI added with PUTUMAYAM which all this combination had made neutralist imbalance in getting the purity after the activation of the moleculous society !! darrn, that smy opinion, and I will rally on that dear friend..WE WERE MIS-THREAD !!..

    for the malays..i am more concern and they thought that malaysia is belong to them !! haaaahhhh…crazy..KL IS GOING TO BE LONDON DARLING, sex is going to be free and they talk by Raja Petra and, even wife sex with other people will be tabloidED..whats going on to this world ya ?

    raed on herein

    First, why The God NOT creates just one race on Earth? There are many races here, since. Since Adam and spouse, each of us is a citizen of the World. It was greed that we have lines drawn as boundaries. No one is superior than me, and I am not superior to any one. There is no comptetition between you and me, or we. I am only in competition with the me now and the me I prefer to excel for my own goodness. I propose cooperation. We are equal. Equal in potentials or otherwise. This Earth is ours, and we can share living in abundance. While some prefer to take, and need be educated, others prefer to share. We can move to barter. When I see another, I see the like of me. The we inside, and not the outside.
    After knowing why The God created us of various races, I begin to drop my ethnicity, no longer see race in my mind, feeling open about living together in harmony, agreeing with a Malaysian Malaysia, and even moving into accepting being a citizen of the World.

    I see this in my father, a Zainordin, who named me a Zubli. I proceed with Zubli Quzairi, Zubli Quzairov, Zubli Quzaimer, Zubli Quzaimi, Zubli Quzaini, Zubli Quzairyl, and Intan Quzainur Ezryn. A bit away from the tradition or the conventional.

    Bangsa Malaysia, although this can be possible with the first child being born in Malaysia, the realization can be now.

    Next, two parties system for all Malaysian in Malaysia.

    Thus, the Malaysian 13th General Election, we begin!

    A moving From One-Race Party To A Multi-Racial Party

    Then Two-Party System Of All Malaysians.

    The wisdom is about 50 years old, when Onn Jaafar suggested of a multi-racial party in Malaysia.

    The suggestion did not materialize then due to the concerned of the natives in relations to those who migrated from China, India, and elsewhere.

    The formation of Perikatan is a good move initiated by Abdul Rahman Putra, followed by a move solid Barisan Nasional initiated by Abdul Razak Hussein.

    Later we see the alignment of Barisan Alternatif, now Pakatan Rakyat, I prefer to suggest Bulatan Alternatif, or Bulatan Rakyat.

    No longer do we prefer two coalitions of parties still based on each race.

    We have grown to be wiser in relations to race relations. Our solidarity, friendships, partnerships, integrations, all is leading to being Malaysians in Malaysia rather than being for example Chinese in Malaysia, Indian in Malaysia. We are now Malaysians.

    UMNO is a one-race party. Particularly, it is a party of the Malays. At one time UMNO opened up to other races from the natives, for example those in Sabah. There is a need for this party to find a way to move into a multi-racial party. Later, it shall be a party of Malaysians.

    PAS is not a party based on race. It is a party based on religion, namely Islam. Since the majority of Muslims are Malays, then, it is actually still a party filled with one race. There is a need for this party to expand toward a party of Malaysians.

    A move has been to merge MCA and Gerakan. This has not materialized, because MCA is a one-race party for the Chinese. Gerakan is now opening up to other races, and can already be a multi-racial party. A formula to merge these two parties can be possible soon.

    MIC is another one-race party, for the Indians. This party can easily merge with PPP, and other similar parties, and then merge into a party of Malaysians.

    Almost like Gerakan, DAP is a multi-racial party, but it has filled with Chinese, and shall move toward a party of Malaysians soon.

    PKR is a party with a good beginning and is gaining popularity since it is a party open to all races. It can be leading to the formation of only one party of Malaysian preferably Bulatan Alternatif, or Bulatan Rakyat.

    While there is a Bulatan Rakyat a party of all Malaysians, another shall be the merging of parties to be a party of all Malaysians, a Barisan Nasional.

    These two is no longer parties based on race or religion, but parties for all Malaysians. The parting difference is the style and approaches to serving the nations.

    Since, race shall no longer be relevant, and there are always issues of common interest affecting all Malaysians, two parties system in Malaysia shall soon takes place.

    This will be totally awesome!

    In politics, yes, Malaysian politics:
    Leaders and Leadership:

  3. exactly Zubli
    but ethnicity is the foundation of the race
    bangsa malaysia is (is it a race?) or propagated by the sick politician aling to die off in the awakening of socialites citizen?
    we propose socialites democrates, meaning back from the nature as sosio-humanity to democrates-polity.
    unlike umno, they are democrates crony.
    pkr is democrates to renew the democrates.
    dap is democrates socialist.
    we promote the ideology of S to D and + together.

    any ideology as long as it good to be applied in the community, shall reflect the next ideology, next humanism. next humanitarian.

    what was cultured (pembenihan) in malaysia is based on lies, cheat and retaliation. its all about wrongdoings that need to be justified.

    bangsa malaysia? what is bangsa malaysia when rafidah aziz cultured (pembenihan) malaysia with japanese without study the implication after 20 years (current) that is happening?

    bangsa malaysia? what is malaysia IF, tun razak cultured (pembenihan) malaysia with plantation pertanian project, what do you think will happen?

    of the above, mixed wth confusion and kebodohan bahalol came one ideology, one like sendayan project, plantation farmer and money at the bank controlled by satan.

    thus, bangsa malaysia mana yang kita mahu?

    lets go to bukit bintang, 3 am.
    its not malaysia, its london.

    lets go to the police station.

    lets go to the mosque, temple and churches and even become the PM.

    at the end of the day its all about sex and satanic speeches.

    bangsa malaysia, the idealism is still go back to the socialites that need jobs jobs and jobs. money factor.

    thus against the rich who deprived the other.

    socialism bangsa malaysia towards one malaysia malaysia.

    without good breed of ethnic teaching, without a good parent to teach a good family value, (but media love to open up people story and living the satan lifestyles), without the good ethnicity and good parenting, you can imagine which bangsa malaysia do we choose?

    bangsa malaysia,

    once wrong/mistake

    forever wrong/mistake.

    problem is, even tapai basi..malaysia love to keep in the fridge and


  4. Dear Ko Yem Binjai, I prefer to understand you more.

    You are saying an ethnic remains toward being Malaysian.

    Please elaborate.


  5. Malays can be malays if they want to. same goes with indians and chinese. the problem now is:


    that’s why we dont have malays working in chinese-dominated companies.

    that’s why we dont have malays working in estates.

    that’s why indians are being sidelined.

    that’s why the chinese is dominating the economy (since the bloody malays are content in domineering the politics, but now losing ground)

    we can’t tolerate each other – we keep our distances
    malays- kampungs
    chinese – cities, urban area, town fringes
    indians – mostly concentrated in estates

    so the problem lies not in whether we are emancipating ourselves to become bangsa malaysia, it’s whether we can tolerate the cultural and religious differences between each of these 3 main races.

    if we can tolerate each other, we don’t mind having people of other races being our neighbours, people of other religions as workers in companies,

    then really, there isn’t any real need for a bangsa malaysia

    because essentially, we ARE malaysians.

  6. Dear Ko Yem Benjai,

    It is so interesting to read your words here. But I am now confused with all your statements. I can’t see what’s your real stand is.

    But what I can see is that you are misleaded, maybe. You have not some but many unsatisfied feelings in you. My hypothesis is that you have have heard so many informations from I don’t know, you know all the resources.

    My opinion is, please try to be rational and not biased. Try to absorb informations from many sides and parties. Then you try to judge. I know you must agree that medias are biased. Beacuse everyone has their own agendas.

    And don’t be too emotional. Not everything that you heard are true.

    And lastly, sorry to say. I think people in Malaysia nowadays who can’t accept the idea of bangsa Malaysia are actually RACIST.

    Bangsa Malaysia is not the idea of abolishing our original culture, but the idea of uniting all people in our country, no matter what race or religion. And how can we do that?

    Don’t you ever think that our leaders have not ever think about it. Our leaders are not that stupid. If you are at the place of them, can you hold the responsibilities? Can you manage to cope with it? Try to satisfy everyone. Try to satisfy every race’s needs. Can you do that? Can you?

    If you wish to see a new face of Malaysia, everyone wishes to see that. Which means we all love our country, Malaysia. So put aside your racism feelings or wants, try to be a Malaysian.

  7. we are not going anywhere if we kept finding our differences regarding the issue…

    but…. no offend… this issue is extremely sensitive… because it involves the PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA which also differentiate races…..

    so… if we were going to talk about the issue…
    we should make sure that our race… MALAYS.. to be ready to answer this questions,,,

    are we ready to loose our rights???
    we can’t even compete in economical sectors… even with what the government has give us…


  8. macam ni,

    ethnic is singularity. spell it right at webster please.
    bangsa is plural.
    but one bangsa has been fought over before the independence.
    Remember Malacca Tan Cheng Lok’s view?

    okay, ethnic is in blood, culture and so on.
    but, the UMNO and British had declassified the needs to have one Malaya.
    Is Malaya or is Malaysia is a “Bangsa” ?

    We cannot claim that we are Bangsa Malaysia?
    We are “IN” the group of so called Malaysia..yes, we can claim that.. everyone go for a BANGSA MALAYSIA..
    no one objects that, no one supposed to be angry at any one who disagree with anyone else who might go against the opinion of another..what is the TOLERANCE to claim that we are a BANGSA MALAYSIA is more important than claiming, suddenly by the road side, that we are BANGSA MALAYSIA..does anyone condemning anyone esle here?

    we condemn the corruptions in lieu to develop a nation, right?

    we condemn a teacher who had taught us wrong philosophy that may drive us crazy right?

    we don’t simply call or condemn for not being recognized oneself as a MALAYSIAN

    so, at this moment, we are still having ethnicity to be proud of, maintain to and try to sustain all the good value of – to be a one BANGA MALAYSIA. 1000’s of ethnic is to become a group to be called a BANGSA MALAYSIA, in true colors and harmony.

    We have to earn it.

    Not jumping around and yelling at others as Racist?

    some even commented that I am, our family blogs, by saying that they (an ethnic blog-writer) called us to stop from making their ethnic to work for the Malays, to feed the Malays, as though they are the only one who develop this country to feed the Malay? Gosh !!

    We still have this kind of people around us !!

    If we cannot be matured to discussed about the true Websters dictionary translations or meaning of words, what kind of people we are really facing in here, in Malaysia ?

    I thought my late father time were bad, but now we are deteriorating !!

    So, Ethnicity, what I defends is about the translation.

    Bangsa ? we, WE, WE have to earn it !!

    My freedom of speech, is not necessarily free to be heard.

    You can switch off this booklines.

    Read me more here at what is color and skin and religion and bangsa and whatever means to me..please

    My Stand is | Even if my eldest son is the culprit to his bangsa, I will be the first one to shoot at his head.

    that’s how my stand towards one bangsa, in one malaysia.

    do you do the same ?

    do you like to see malaysia provoked by the MI5 or MI4 from Britain..

    who is the culprit?

    there’s so many other ways to do transformation or to change government !!

    not through using personalities that create IMPLICATIONS.

    Again, I willing to shoot my own son if he did wrong to this nation !!

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Ambillah sapu lidi (bisa juga tusuk gigi, bambu kecil dll). Lalu potong atau patahkan dengan tangan anda menjadi 7 (tujuh) batang, kecil-kecil, kira-kira 3 sentimeter. Sediakan selembar kertas atau tissue. Siapkan garam dapur, sedikit saja. Taruhlah potongan ke tujuh sapu lidi dan garam dapur tadi ke dalam tissue atau kertas. Lipat kertas tersebut dan kuburkan ke dalam tanah (pekarangan, halaman rumah anda). Kalimat yang anda harus ucapkan ketika akan mengubur/membenam kertas (yang berisi 7 potong sapu lidi dan garam) tersebut adalah kalimat yang meminta kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar di jauhi dari akibat buruk mimpi anda. Contoh kalimat:

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Obituary for Foreigner Bastardology

Don’t You Have Life Back Home?
(Part 01)
(Part 02)
(Part 03)
(Part 04)

August 25, 2008

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Demi Dini hari dan Subuh dan Hari yang Mendengar,


Ladies and Gentleman,

Hari ini kita akan mendengar apa mahu nya si Tian Chua. Apa mahu nya si komponen PKR dalam tangani isu manusiawi yang kita tunggu kan. Kita sudah membaca apa mahu nya HINDRAF dalam perutusan surat kepada Jabatan. Kita sudah melihat permainan yang jelek dalam tempoh pentadbiran Kerajaan Perkongsian yang di canangkan oleh PM Malaysia. Kita sudah dengar kebangkitan suara Mega ke atas SBY. Kita sudah mendengar apa maunya Papua. Kita juga sudah mendengar rayuan si Amnesty dalam menangani isu sosial di negara ini dan yang akan tersebar di RANTAU ini. My fellow friends in General Santos and the Philippine, and all over ; I dedicatthe world; this message to is enable us to sustain our trust in commanding the right of what we have been looking and amazed us since the last 30 years. Satu tempoh yang panjang untuk kita menilai sebagai orang kecil orang cilik yang mempunyai kebanggaan kita kepada Malaysia. Kita bangga menjadi Rakyat Malaysia. Kita bangga menjadi rakyat Nusantara, Kita bangga menjadi rakyat dunia. Namun, atas kegagalan kita yang dijatuh kan kepada kita, Kita tetap dimalukan di mata luar, oleh permainan kotor lagi jelek lagi memalukan untuk kita terus mengaku kita orang Asia, sedangkan kulit kita terpahat kekal di mata mereka. Kita telah lagi diperlambatkan dan di hegeh kan demi mahu menunggu deklarasi nya Tian Chua. Maka kita akan tunggu melihat apa mau nya si dia, demi partai nya. Tapi – bukan kerana Cina nya. Kita telah melihat permainan kesemua nya dan kita akan bicara kan apa mau nya KITA pada suatu hari nanti. MAU NYA KITA mereka tahu, tapi mereka tidak mendengar mereka khianat mereka lupa. Sesungguh nya mereka masih lagi buta dan pekak dalam menilai lantai basah di depan pintu mereka, seperti anak kecil 3 tahun.

Demi Langit yang Kau turun kan Hujan,

Kebangkitan bangsa dan Nusantara yang akan kita tempoh adalah satu kesatuan kepada kita semua, dalam menghadapi si kepala kepala satan yang telah menodai kita, yang telah mempergunakan pengkhianat bangsa demi merangkul juara dan merebut harta tanah hasil bumi kita. Kita telah di jajah dan sekarang kita akan terus di jajah oleh liberalisma dalam demokrasi parlimen mereka, sedang kan mereka membelakang kan maruah bangsa demi kerakusan mereka, se mau nya dengan kaedah demokrasi yang sangat perih kita telan.

Kepada teman teman yang berbangsa India, maaf kan aku jika tidak kerana salah nya bahasa si Melayu sombong yang mengatakan kau ular, sedang kan mereka tak paham bahasa kavadi yang di junjung semangat jujur niat kamu, demi kuil dan langit kamu, ketuhanan kamu, kerana mereka tak paham suarsa bahasa sanskrit yang tumbuh dalam jiwa kita. Maaf kan aku sebagai Melayu nya kelahiran aku, sebagai Melayu nya kau dalam kelahiran aku, kerana jengkel kita saling bermain di estet semasa kecil dan sama sama mendayung perahu mencari lokan di pesisir sungai, kerana sama sama kita pelajari buku demi  eperiksaan di sekolah dulu.Demi dengkel benak nya mereka tidak memahami mahu nya kita sebagai manusia.

Kepada teman teman Cina yang sama kita makan sepinggan demi susah nya kita dengan pinggan ayan, demi susahnya bapak kita mencari beras untuk kita makan, demi susahnya kita ber baju koyak dan seluar pendek yang di campak kepada kita oleh abang abang kita, demi bag kantong plastik yang kita bawa ke sana sini sekeliling dunia demi mencari rezeki sesuap nasi untuk anak anak kita, segenggam emas untuk ibu ibu dan isteri kita, BERSATU LAH dengan jernih, bersatu kita melihat permainan si tamak, si rakus, si kaya yang punya kehidupan tinggi lagi memartabat kan diri mereka, biar mereka tahu kita menitis kan air mata melihat masa depan anak anak kita, yang semakin di lempar di bumi sendiri – sedang kan pantas lantaran kita tidak di dengar.

KITA akan LIHAT dan NILAI kan apa deklarasi nya si Tian Chua. Kita tidak sekongkol dengan mereka, selagi mereka masih punya manifesto mebelakngkan kaum satu sama lain nya, selagi bahasa mereka tidak satu dengan bahasa kita yang bisa menimbulkan fitnah antara kita. TIDAK. Kita tidak sekongkol selagi mereka mencebur kan kita dalam kancah yang lebih merumitkan partai mereka. KITA TETAP SATU. KITA TIDAK BUTA. Kita lihat apa mau nya sekali ini, walau pun sudah banyak dari mereka yang sudah lebih kaya dari kita. Kita lihat berapa besar lagi rumah yang mahu di bina mereka. Kita akan lihat, betapa dia mengatakan darah kita mahu mengalir demi mahu membangun kan anak anak kita. Kita lihat permainan Sultan dan Satan yang sudah ber mahara jalela di satu sen kelopak mata mereka. Mereka belum puas. Nilai kita hanya lah satu sen di kelopak mata mereka. Kita lihat. Kita pelajari deklarasi nya.

Sesungguh nya demi Rasul yang berkongsi demi ketuhanan kamu si Hindu, demi kemuliaan kamu si Buddha, hari ini kita tunjang kan hasrat saraf kita, kita kompromi kan lagi hasrat kita demi hanya pelajari si Tian Chua. Namun jangan kita terpesong dengan dakyah mereka yang merusakkan yang meneruskan hasrat bicara kita demi kehausan rakyat yang mau kan KESERATAAN. Biar mereka berbicara elit biar mereka berbicara bahasa tentara biar mereka bicara bahasa acara, kita lihat demi bahasa kita bahasa manusia bahasa Malaysia bahasa Nusantara. Kita lihat. Se mau kita jika agar matang jangan lah deklarasinya hanya deklarasi anak kecil yang masih di pangkuan kendongan kita. Hanya demokrasi REPUBLIK yang kita mahu kan.

Fokus. Kembali kita fokus agenda KEMANUSIAAN REALITI kita. Fokus.

Hanya Imam, Pendita, Pemegang Adat, yang mengerti bisa mengerti kan.

Sampai kan.



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  1. The problem isn’t your problems, it’s your ridiculous solutions.

  2. Asian Cities in the 21st Centuries.

  3. Democracy vs Republic

Sons of Liberty ^ | Marvin Gardner

Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2004 4:42:53 AM by jedi150

“Indisputably, this nation was founded as a republic and its leaders were justifiably afraid of a democracy, lest it destroy the nation they had risked their lives to establish”

The author is secretary of Sons of Liberty (P.O. Box 44673, Boise, ID 83711-0673; phone 208-322-7863), a network of activist patriots whose goals is “the full and permanent restoration of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as their authors intended them” — The editors.

It was long ago speculated that the reason why so many Americans — especially new (naturalized) and working class Americans — register and vote as Democrats instead of Republicans is that they think this nation is a democracy. After all, that’s what they’ve been told all their lives, and, wanting to be “good Americans,” they opt to call themselves Democrats.

As a person who has never been able to understand how so many people with, supposedly, common sense would identify with and slavishly support the very party that bleeds their pocketbooks dry while enacting interminable tax loopholes for their very rich campaign contributors, that theory makes better sense than anything I have been able to come up with. Alexander Hamilton said: “Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate government.”

The redefining of “democracy” is one of the most disastrous and potentially fatal blows America has ever suffered, and the most frustrating thing about it is that it is such a blatant lie. The simple truth is that America is not now, never was, and was never intended to be a “democracy.”

The political systems known as “democracy” and “republic” were created and named concurrently about 3,000 years ago in ancient Greece in what are known as “city-states”: cities that were in bare-knuckle competition with each other even though their citizens were all the same nationality, Greek.

The one thing both systems had in common was the idea of self rule; that is, the absence of a “king” by any name. The distinction between them was that, in democracies, the qualified voters (which included every “free” citizen — yes, the ancient Greeks had their helots; lower, “serf” class people) met together and enacted all laws and made all decisions directly for the state. In the republics, the qualified voters elected representatives who, in turn, met together and enacted all laws and made all decisions for the state. Obviously, any political unit that got too large for all its qualified voters to meet together at one time in one place could not be a democracy, even if it wanted to be.

Also, keep in mind the fact that, contrary to what every 20th Century “liberal” (closet communist) propagandist tells you, “democracies” have never been classless societies, and have never been governments “of all the people.”

Furthermore, even then, even 2,500 to 3,000 years ago, the dangers and failures of a democracy had revealed themselves, as shown by writers of the times.

About 370 BC, Plato wrote: “A democracy is a state in which the poor, gaining the upper hand, kill some and banish others, and then divide the offices among the remaining citizens equally.”

About 126 BC, Polybius wrote: “The common people feel themselves oppressed by the grasping of some, and their vanity is flattered by others. Fired with evil passions, they are no longer willing to submit to control, but demand that everything be subject to their authority. The invariable result is that government assumes the noble names of free and popular, but becomes in fact the most execrable thing, mob rule.”

And about 63 BC, Seneca, a Roman wrote: “Democracy is more cruel than wars or tyrants.”

More than 2,000 years before this nation was founded, democracy had been recognized by its creators for the political and economic failure it is.

Colonial American Experience — Subsequent to declaring their independence from Britain, the colonies established their own, individual governments and, apparently in the enthusiasm of independence, most of them incorporated “democratic” standards for qualifying voters in their systems. According to some of the framers of the Constitution and to many 20th Century historians, this act very nearly caused the political death of the infant nation.

Specifically, most of the colonies voted themselves all manner of benefits without any apparent reflection on the ramifications of their acts. As a result, the individual colonies as well as the Confederation were confronted with massive debts and zero funds with which to pay them off. They had no credit — either financial or psychological — anywhere in the world. They were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and facing the very real threat of being taken over by some European nation.

This crisis, created by the financial and social irresponsibility of “democracy,” compelled the convening in 1787 — barely four years after wining their war for independence — of the convention that led to the writing of our Constitution. During those debates, the danger and failure of democracy as a political system was known and pointed out.

Edmund Jennings Randolph, in debate, stated: “Our chief danger arises from the democratic parts of our constitutions.”

Alexander Hamilton, in debate, said: “Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate government.”

Elbridge Gerry, in debate, said: “The evils we experience flow from the excess of democracy. The people do not want virtue, but are the dupes of pretended patriots.”

And after the Constitution had been adopted: Alexander Hamilton, in Senate: “It has been observed that a pure democracy, if it were practicable, would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies, in which the people themselves deliberated, never possessed one feature of good government. Their very character was tyranny: their figure deformity.” James Madison said: “…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

John Adams, in a letter to John Taylor, wrote: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

James Madison said: “…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

Thomas Jefferson, in the drafts of the Kentucky Resolutions, wrote: “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

(Yes, Democratic Party propagandists and their dupes insist that Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat. And he did, in a response to a European correspondent, say, “…we are all democrats; we are democratic Republicans and democratic Federalist…” and explained that, to him, “democratic” was not a political system but a political condition; specifically, a system in which the government recognizes no social classes and creates no social classes. Where, as far as law go, “all men are created equal.” Jefferson, of course, acknowledged that all humans are not equal, in hardly any way — he was just adamant that the laws should make no acknowledgment of these differences, should bestow no benefit or civil advantage to a part of the citizenry because of differences. That was as far as his “democratism” went, which, obviously, is the exact opposite of what “Democrats” today believe.)

John Adams, in a letter to William Cunningham in March 1804, wrote: “Democracy is Lovelace and the people is Clarissa” (an allegoric reference to popular literature of the time, in which Lovelace “did Clarissa wrong”).

Not only were our Founding Fathers adamantly opposed to creating a “democratic” system, they were unanimous in giving this nation a republic as its political system.

Alexander Hamilton, June 26, 1788, stated: “There are few positions more demonstrable than that there should be in every republic some permanent body to correct the prejudices, check the intemperate passions, and regulate the fluctuations of a popular assembly.”

Alexander Hamilton, also in 1788: “It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of society against the injustice of the other part.”

George Washington, April 30, 1789: “The…destiny of the republican model of government (is) justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally stacked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.”

Thomas Jefferson, March 11, 1790: “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1791: “Government in a well constituted republic requires no belief from man beyond what his reason authorizes.”

Thomas Jefferson, July 30, 1795: “The revolution forced them (the “people of America” — author) to consider the subject for themselves, and the result was an universal conversion to republicanism.”

Thomas Jefferson, March 12, 1799: “The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played upon by some fact with more fiction, they have been the dupes of artful manoeuvres, & made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves.”

Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1801: “If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form…”

Thomas Jefferson, Jan. 18, 1802: “The body of our people … have ever had the same object in view, to wit, the, maintenance of a federal, republican government…”

Thomas Jefferson, Jan. 13, 1813: “This is my belief of it; it is that on which I have acted…to administer the government according to its genuine republican principles…”

Thomas Jefferson, in the Anas: “He (John Adams — author) has since thoroughly seen that his constituents were devoted to republican government…”

Thomas Jefferson, in the Anas: “…and I fondly hope … that the motto of the standard to which our country will forever rally, will be ‘federal union, and republican government…”

As historians Charles Austin Beard and Mary Ritter Beard wrote (1939): “At no time, at no place, in solemn convention assembled, through no chosen agents, had the American people officially proclaimed the United States to be a democracy. The Constitution did not contain the word or any word lending countenance to it, except possibly the mention of ‘We the people,’ in the preamble … When the Constitution was framed, no respectable person called himself a democrat.”

Justifiably Afraid Of ‘Democracy’ — Indisputably, this nation was founded as a republic and its leaders were justifiably afraid of “democracy,” lest it destroy the nation they had risked their lives to establish.

And thus it officially was for a century and a half. As recently as in a 1928 U.S. Army training manual it was described thusly:

“Democracy: A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of ‘direct’ expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude towards laws is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice or impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.”

It is stated (I have been unable to verify it — author) that Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic president who gave control of this nation’s money to the Federal Reserve Bank and thus put America’s economic destiny in the hands of foreign bankers, was the first public figure to proclaim this nation a “democracy.”

One of the 1993 Merriam-Webster’s definitions of “democracy” is: “the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges.” Yet today, “democratic” America is riven by class distinction, class envy, and class warfare, and all of it has been deliberately created and fomented by “liberal” (closet communist) Democrats in order to facilitate their personal possession of political power! Not a single day passes today but some Democrat politician somewhere deliberately agitates the masses in class envy, ethnic envy, economic envy, etc. — all in the name of “democracy” which, by their modern definition, forbids the very sociopolitical condition they advocate.”

While our “democracy” and its accompanying social self destruction are the planned and deliberate handiwork of the “liberal” enemies of free people, so successful has their redefinition of “democracy” been that the leaders of the opposition, i.e., “conservatism,” aid and abet the liberals by their constant reinforcement of the idea that this nation is a democracy and that there is nothing wrong with that.

All of the “conservative” and Republican icons of the past 50 years — William Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Robert Dole, Newt Gingrich, Phil Gramm, Dick Armey, Rush Limbuagh, and Gordon Liddy, to name just a few — invariably refer to this nation as a “democracy” without hesitation.

Today, America is 220 years old, and to call Congress’ fiscal policy “loose” is an understatement of monumental proportions. Today, America’s debt is several times as large as its total worth (in fact, America’s total debt today — over $13 trillion — is, according to Ibbotson Associates, equal to 30 to 35 percent of the entire world’s total worth) while chaos prevails in her streets and, like the cancer it is, is spreading to he countryside.

And all because of the successful definition and sanitization of the word “democracy.”

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” — George Santayana.

It may be too late to save America from its historically mandated fate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. And one thing we can all do is to quit propagating the “democracy” lie. We who know better can quit calling America a democracy and we can try to educate those who don’t know any better. Oh, yes. We can also call on those public leaders who keep repeating the lie to cease to do so. When the very people who invented “democracy” learn the error of their ways, what excuse can a modern educated person have for not knowing?

Truth Behind Republic | Blogged

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Truth Behind Republic




My Friends,

The CD.ROM is my campaign’s openness, honesty with access – for a true Republic democracy at work. Many favorite memories are riding on the CD.ROM across at the world and this nation, unscripted, motivated with spirited conversation, threats, arguments, about the issues related to the untold path, the twisted history, the unmaking of Malaysia, and the analysis of the present monarchy and leadership, with members of the public from Malaysia and other countries, locally and global. I believe sympathizers and future voters deserve a close, unfiltered examination of our manifesto and leadership. This exchanges of ideas is a true example of becoming Republic mindset for democracy in action. We want to justify and refurbished the image of Malaysia that has been dubbed by many dissatisfied European nations, and other blocks that labeled Malaysia as one managed by the Corrupt MPs that run the Parliament that we established, Malaysian is terrorist, Malaysia is ADIK KECIL, Malaysia is Mobs, Business run by gangsters – of which those labels yet WE had no one defended and to turn to, yet at home, we still struggling on with graft, corruptions, power rift, ethnics chaos in front of us, at our doorstep. We need another power – People Power that votes for REPUBLIC.

Why not? Take a hike on this CD.ROM opportunity today to join me on the Republic democracy at work for a day of conversation and campaigning.

We have started to establish an international appreciation bodies for financial support, and several campaigning leaders have been busy to define the establishment of the code for the right candidates in Malaysia. The opposite of us, is the liberals who disagree with us. We are not afraid of those threats, because we believe in the Mother Earth that own this land, equal opportunity, proper financial practices. So the liars are the enemies are liars are speculators whom had living on the people blood and sweat yet, they are ignoring the NEED OF FUTURE life. You can abandon all the books that have written on the previous history, because the Age of Pisces is a command by itself, and the new movements of the planets is being controlled by the scientist, to rescue the earth. BUT no-one has talked about to rescue the HUMAN, the THINKING, the IDEOLOGY of the UNIVERSE. We are not dreaming, the impact is already in-front of us. We are here to debate on that.

CD.ROM of the Republic of Malaysia will make certain that the administration is open and forthright about the issues facing this country, and to keep this great openness going that began on the CD.ROM.

As we travel around this great world to meet directly with Malaysian and foreign sympathizers, to discuss their thoughts, ideas and concerns. We stumbled upon many well learned people and the family of the old kingdom whom are now commoners and lived as the poor commoners. We cannot expect much after got abandoned. We also met those that non-linked to the heritage family – they are also the ordinary commoners, and BOTH, through their stories we had noted all had accepted to being commoners. Much have been done by the former regime led by Premier Tun Mahathir and even current regime, that – to establish the rights of the Monarchy in the Government run by the Parliament.

We appreciate the Parliament. We appreciate the Constitution. But we are living in a dilemma where NOW proven that the current leadership in Parliament Democrates has been challenged by the ENERGY issue evolved the OIL and MONEY, and GOVERNMENT FUNDS that attracts a lot of debates synchronizing the CORRUPT MINDSET LEADERS and MONETARY CORRUPTION.

Many had been debated before, but at the respect of the rulers and parliament – much were based on the economy image, psychology image and of course certain acts in Malaysia that controlled and limits the aspirations of being a human. So there are many agencies were developed and all-in-all, we recommended that Malaysia is ready for a new wing for Republic. We chose a nett nett value Democracy to be implemented in the Republic.

We’re facing many great challenges as campaigners that involved threats from another human being who don’t understand the real meaning of LIFE IN THE NEXT YEARS of this decades Age of Pisces. The heat will get stronger, the hydro carbon impacts, the monetary controls, the newborns, the sex and drugs impacts, as we can regard as the total social impact. SOCIAL. Our leaders now are much worried about their ancestors, while we also have our own ancestors that we ened to preserved, and we are still at the point of talking about how to manage a one man problem rather than looking at international global issues that had impacted this Malaysia nation. which is a small as a dotted point in the world, which they had made severely wronged moves and cheats that had blasted the last blasts to other nations and neighboring countries, that they rejected, they cannot perceived. It is the people that who had gone and present themselves as the Malaysian but they cheat and those poor people had retaliate and labeled us as liar. Why this happened, its all due to the history that many had seen and known by many thousands of journals and research that the Monarchy is myth, and the Parliament Democracy failed to sustain the cover ups, and this is their last blow to the nation that they will ransack our rights to have a descent living as a HUMAN. We are the citizen of the world as being promoted by the present lifestyle, where the culture is invading us, rapidly an in next few months, all that we love will disappear if we don’t select ourselves to run the country, as per quote.

The world is about togetherness and sharing. In the issue of religion, Malaysia and anywhere in the world, human being are still looking that Islam is the greatest than Christianity and other, while other religion believe that they are better than the other. In the Malaysian context, other religion tried to surface with their own mindset to implicate the Islam approaches, while the royals are collateralized as the symbol of Islam and laid back at palaces that is provided by the people, less contribution in having their own fund to build the worship places, but only their signatures were needed to pass certain price of coffee and rice in our kitchen budget. No one had provided ALL Malaysian by converting own lands to the people to turn into the rice field. But the world’s economy and Capitalist had provoked even harder impact to pay the rent, as such created competitions, that no poor man can become human no more. We in ROM has belief and agree that your rights to have anywhere for worships to be built at anywhere you prefer as that is the right to being HUMAN. It has been a norm for us in CD.ROM to perform our social human obligation to prayers, or donations on other religion place of worships. Religion is taught to fight the evil inside us, so be it anywhere, human are the same with their belief. The more we fight for the rights of our religion, the more lies will surface to make we understand of our religion. Its not the religion rules, but its the people that taught us to justify the rule. So we had justified the roles of being a human. Republic will ensure that we have to sustain those rights.

As we need another avenue to talk, to express whether the CD.ROM, or the left, the right, or the middle as to justify our concern. In the issue of the Monarch, we proposed that they to stay as at their garden compounded in their life and belief. But many were from the old kingdom had suggested and agreed on those, while we the Republic runs the nation, but without disturbing the Monarch to aggravate the commoners feeling, where the Monarch had proven failed to secure trust and respects by passing remark onto commoners, and agitated their own lifestyle, personally or through their appointed people to act on their behalf. Malaysia newspaper, websites and records had showed all. If we were to see the first republic was done in Tanah Melayu, that was the present Melaka. Why Melaka is destroyed, while there is no evidence to say that Melaka was destroyed by the Portuguese but were recorded as the attacked by Portuguese. Its two different things. If so, why not the remnants of Portuguese family available in Melaka became the Sultan, and why not the Hang Li Po group of Chinese become the Sultan. Instead it was much said that the Melaka family ran towards Johor Lama and set the Kingdom there, unfortunately, many historical scriptures were kept and remained in the palaces, to avoid the public search and rescue the states and return back to the ownership of the old kingdom.

While Penang Sabah Sarawak were just lucky because they are on the island, and their thinking in Borneo is of that former Soekarno’s revolution. They were Indonesian as part of the Republic of Indonesia. They Indonesia had gone through the episodes. They are republic. Singapore had cheated and staged the drama and chaos between the Malays and Chinese, so the writers aggravated the ideas of multi racial and ethnis issue, and Tunku approved the Republic. Malaysia foundation is already wrong fundamentally, and the nation is being dragged to the unsettled issues, furthermore that we are now being runned down by the present politicians who not understand the spirit of being a HUMAN.

So, what is that we can move on to the next episode for Malaysia, when the Johor Royals feels that Johor is belong to them, when Kelantan Royals is actually searching for their old original Royals, similarly to the other states Trengganu. One must passed a certain level of appreciation in their life to get to the road and level of understanding of the real appreciation of their HUMANITY. We never go back to become animal. Negeri Sembilan is Republic. Each districts are controlled by their own nominees. Perak is the same. Perlis is too small to mention for the state of Thailand,  as to compare with Kedah and Langkawi, by virtue that many in Langkawi said the Kedah kingdom is traitors. That’s why former leader had brought back the former Mahsuri family and indirectly had opened the case of poverty in their family back in Thailand, as the commoners.  Is just to proof-stamp that Langkawi has royalties, and make the lies of psychology of the locals that they are blue-blooded people. She was used to benefit certain ideology in that tribe. So, when we have the sense of reading the Visit Malaysia Year promotion, or History Re-Kindler, or Provocation to Republic settlement – but keeping in our hearts over regrets, sulking and remorse, and psychologically pressured by ALL THESE political nonsense. That’s the meaning of Money Polticking.

Therefore, the infamous gimmicks Perjuangan Belum Selesai as a notable remark among Malaysian, had actually sent a strong message means “REPUBLIC”. It is unlikely to be promoted as a fight to open a small warong stalls to sell noodles or taking a quick shower in a cool morning.

WE are promoting this campaign, in continuation of that MESSAGE and ASPIRATIONS. of “Perjuangan Belum Selesai”.

We are not the first. But together, WE ARE THE FIRST.

I hope you will join our campaign for CD.ROM today and make a contribution when the time arrive.







> Dear sir,
> Thanks for commenting on the matter.
> There is a phrase in your comment which i am not very sure its
> meaning; “check malaysia hall London every weekends..who are those
> there…”
> I appreciate if you could illustrate further.

1. There, We have many capable candidate to run the nation state, a freshly minded and watchdogs.
2. There, we met many political “doers” coming to transact their business interests.
3. There, we knew (*) political group campaigning to stop good Malaysian to return; being paid to stay back. For their political interest.

Briefly, in the name of the nation that we love, we all were refugees before, not until one or two who had learnt about their ancestors were betrayed by the present kingdom. Many had seen, many had heard, but the tribes on the Eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia down south to Johor and Riau are awakened by Malaysia Development. If I am not wrong, only the present King are dare enough to enter the territory in Java to visit them, because he had the sense and realized. But many more are keeping their feet under the blanket, because outside there is chilling. Many had been patience about this, we are not that far from the history. They had destroyed those the old kingdom. But their egoism and destructive comments over people, had to be ended. They had failed. But they have a shelter, the British.

Only nation that British fear is France. Because Tanah Melayu is NEVER a TANAH MELAYU RESERVED LANDS. Its a plot.

Kindly read in between my articles, I jump one point to another but, collectible to make into a straight point.

Why we start to appear, because we are tired to see the wishes were destroyed after compromised and failed by the Portuguese. However, at this end of Malaysia, we realized the need of poverty and we saw the gap that is not the religion (as it was now played as issue to start racism) or, that is not the ethnics (as it is now played as issue to start racism). But it is now about Humanity. We can’t allow animal to run our nation. Or, satanic sphered corruptors who may thought that they have the chance, they may have the support, to destroy the other, in the name to reach their own mission, to undertake the country.

To undertake and run a country with accessing the files of the government and being pulled back not to having the access to those file again, IS A MOST FRUSTRATED point of time for the Administrator. But, Why the politician had been controlling our government office and said and campaigned and educate our people to swallow the word that UNDI itu RAHSIA ? Hence, we see that the government is dominated as the one runs by the Government BN’s. If they have the pure sharing coalition of power, we have been cheated. The opposition is still running the mockery set ups in the states, BUT NOT ABLE to share the deputiness of the main Putrajaya Office. What’s the logic? A Manifesto that ruins the trust, and the people still adopt to the Ketuanan Myths and agreed to that, just because they are the supporters of them. But now, since the oil issue had developed and we are paying more than the neighboring countries, this is an issue that can be placed back to their doorstep. Sultan of Johor, I wonder why that CRAZY man is still alive, and rushing over the Iskandar, Majidee Camp development, after all that is NOT THEIR LAND.

Allow me, We are watching monkeys running our country. FRANCE has different understanding, and they are on our side – Malaysian for Malaysia, as Republic. Their law, is why they are there as FRANCE. British, are not British. They are by virtue of marriage, and their law is by the Dukes. But partisans in British is now awakened and Please check at my for further linkages.
> About your idea of “Republic Of Malaysia” , I would say the “road” to
> reach this “destination” will be full of obstacles. Historically,
> this so called Malay Land( Tanah Melayu) is ruled by the Sultan of the
> different states, and one of the Ruler’s role now is to “protect” the
> privileges of the Bumiputra. By transforming Malaysia into a
> Republic, the Royal status will need to be abolished, and this is
> very sensitive and dangerous for the time being…UNLESS 2/3 OF THE

What is the deal here Sir.? What IF there is a stake-over and reformation can be done?
IS Malaysia willing to go for another snap poll OR, do we have to wait for the next PRU which, during which it is also good and enough time to campaign for this.?..BUT by that time we are already late. LATE.

YES, we have overseas supports that had looked into this issues. It has been debated for long time over many international seminars, FORGETTING the fact they are the one who opened the ears and the eyes of the people, UNFORTUNATELY had touched certain international laws and business strategies of the people which had longer historical records and directions and problems. That’s is why I try to commend on their mistakes, but it was not heard, and suddenly, we all had been stabbed back from behind, not on personal basis, but, nationally we are TO SUFFER. I regard them as the ADIK KECIL. So if they cannot listen, if they do not want to listen, ARE WE to allow further destruction to run into our country. Who blogs who now? Who is the destroyer. My blogs is a chain of articles that leads to one message. YES, we are not worry about the change, for the justice of the people. Even if we were to fight because of the multi ethnics issue in future, NO, stop there we come into one and proceed to one focused agenda that is ONCOMING towards us. ITS ON THE WAY. If we hand this over to the current regime, whether they are the BN or Opposition, this is destructive..UNLESS the opposition really serious togetherness to turn this nation into a republic. YES we shall talk.

> However, I do agree “CORRUPTION” in one of the major negative element
> in malaysia’s society. In my opinion, we shall learned from
> Singapore and Hong Kong in the effort to curb corruption problem.

Corruptions is acceptable if the money is refundable, and the takers leave the office of his functions.
An honest sincere person cannot be a politician.
But IF one man can withstand to share a room with 5 beautiful ladies and they don’t do anything over such a long period of time, then we need to search for that kind of spiritual person.
A spiritual person, leadership is commanding, monumental, NOT to bribe and believe in sins which are not to be served on his nation.
ALL, ALL of our politician are there, near missed or involved, corrupt attitude, AFTER they got elected. I don’t think I will swear at Lim Kit Siang, simply because he is much older than I am. Got the point? The rudeness now is from the lifestyle that being created by the regime.
So to have a “back-to-reality” leadership, is adaptably to be nationalized as human base because they have to serve we-human.
BUT the awakening of the Internet and the FAILED Islamic state of Malaysia; with its lackasidle in control of the laws, they called it flaws, is a sign that they are to accepting the fact that the world is changing. The revolution had started Sir. The Islamic state in Kelantan are worried over their status because they are part of the regime. They are scared people don’t donate to them again to survive.
As I had stressed in many of my articles: A belief is a Belief, practicality into it is a myth. But I ma willing to listen to any religion and I will return home and practice what I suppose to do. So, we all do the same – the revolution had begun. We just need to continue a little bit more.
Any good country that is good to be sampled, we follow. The nearest is Singapore. UMNO is the culprit to surrender Singapore and they become republic, while we here, biting our fingernails. DECEITFULLY, they are the one who ransacked the psychology and thrown us into a democracy-in-parliament, that’s the end of the day, they promoted the coalition sharing government, and We are hoping for something, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPENED. Lets deny our rights to ethnicity, say its a myth, Where will go from here to Brave New World, in the challenging episode at the WORLD stage?.

The answer is NONE. We shall fail. Reason, because all the negative as provided above.

ARE we the rakyat to keep looking when the Sultan and MP chased us out of this country?

I think, we are still good and acceptable as a human at other country. So, maturely speaking, why not we fight for our next generation, and for now, for ourselves?

SIR, we all traveled. A LOT. to down to the drain, to the upper office level. Sir, We are already LATE by CHANCE.

Thank you. Please please get in touch.>In the name of Malaysia that we love…/// end

> I welcome you to comment further in this issue.
> thanks

20.08.2008 | Forever


Ladies and Gentleman,

In reply to the Article posted :

A call for a united Malaysia and the search for a new visionary leader


Mahathir’s sharp hitting press statement and as hard as ever against Ian Chin

We as well, all concerned about all Malaysian private small entrepreneurs local or overseas, the Hindraf, and other sulking Chinese overseas. We have been out of Malaysia, for a reason : We were discriminated, because we were SINCERE. We have disengaged our ties with arrogant Malaysia, for a  very long time, but we are there, among you. But now, time had passed, the Malaysian Politics is getting arrogant, and we will return and we will step in. Its not that on our personal interest, but, nit all had gone out for voting recently, and not all has to be dwelled into the UMNO supremacy arrogant leadership. We will make some other calls in few more days to contact, our potential assignees. We will have some thoughts to be delivered. In the name of our beloved country. We are back. Lets not speculate. We Malaysia, is already late.

Ladies and Gentleman,

We are Malaysians. We are Overseas. We are the Baby Boomers. We are not Zionist. We are not religious group. We are Your Brothers and Sisters we speak the language of HUMANITY, ERADICATION of POVERTY, ANTICIPATION of REPUBLIC of DEMOCRACY, PROCLAMATION of ECONOMIC CONTRACT and for a FAST FORWARD PROBLEM SOLVING the MAKING of MALAYSIA MALAYSIA.

We were there once, we have been sidelined, we have been bought over and being collateralized for the nation success. But, we were discriminated by the power and arrogant leaders in Malaysia, locally and overseas. We have watched the sufferings and figured the mathematical  listings alphabetically, substianted for freedom in a place called REPUBLIC of MALAYSIA. the current turmoil in Malaysia is a ploy by your ownself, to face the current ongoing global effect by the oil issue. We had put ourselves together in the name of love of our nation back home, called Malaysia.

Malaysia oh Malaysia, kau lah kiambang ku, kau lah mawar ku, kau lah seroja ku. Tidak akan ada pepatah lain selain menghidup kan nama mu, mengharumkan nama mu, di kala kami luar  Malaysia. Malaysia oh Malaysia, tiada satu kehampaan pun dalam kami merendah kan diri  bertakbir sendirian di kejauhan dari kampung halaman, meneguk air dari kasih manusia yang memberi kami belas dan kasihan di perantauan. Cuma kami dah jelak hancur perasaan dan semakin kasian melihat tantangan yang diaturkan kepada Malaysia oh malaysia, oleh pengkhianat bangsa yang ada di sebalik pohon di sebalik tembok kekusaan mereka di Malaysia, baik oleh rakyat kita sendiri atau pun dari bangsa luar yang menetap di Malaysia, yang mengkhianat dan tidak menyayangi Malaysia wahai tanah air ku.

We posted this article in reply to the article written as below:

You had said, in the recent message you gave as below:

..“As for the Umno Youth protest … I don’t think these people should protest at this time because they are not being deprived themselves, you see. But it doesn’t mean that just because a few people protest that everyone is thinking the same way. Just because some people protest, in my opinion, it doesn’t mean the entire community is protesting.”

Supporters of the new Malaysia say that the messiness is to be expected, it is part of the transformation of the country from a dictatorial-style of government to a democracy. They also argue that there is more accountability now and that change, though unseen, is taking place in Malaysian society. The public no longer is cowed by authority or willing to put up with the excesses of the past.

The painful process of learning to walk again, and to do it right, is necessary. In a few years’ time, Malaysia will be a thriving democracy with strong institutions, they predict.

“I think all this seeming chaos is a result of the open-ness we are all experiencing after March 8. A lot more issues are coming to the surface now and people are airing their views a lot more freely. Just because we disagree with each other does not mean we want to destroy each other. This is democracy in action,” said ceramic artist Mumthaz S.

That’s a comforting perspective but today Malaysia looks like a mess. The Anwar episode just adds a layer of sordidness to this depressing picture…”

Ladies and Gentleman,

So, allow us so to speak, dengan izin dari tuhan, anak kecil hanya boleh berjalan setelah dia jatuh. Kami tak punya wang ratusan juta. But we have all the humanity in our heart. The world is changing my friend. You are still there, we have been abandoned for more than 30 years, 20 years, 10 years, 5 years.

WHY we surface, simply because we are sick and tired and we know that the world is getting sicker, this illness will be prolonged. Read on all our authors articles, we are fighting to balance up the right information while educating our visions for a new Republic of Malaysia when the Monarch had failed to restore the order of HUMANITY as what they are supposed to do.

In our previous messages since the last 7 years, we had stated clearly of our vision on economics, religions and realistic wealth sharing. None of us understands had since understand  no more on multi races, warna kulit atau keturunan.

Kami telah banyak memintak bantuan dari host negara kami dan kami telah dapat membedakan antara realitas dan penipuan. Kami cuma mahu membantu dan telah kami laksanakan dasar nya. Jika usaha kami ini gagal, maka kami akan kesal kerana anak anak cucu cicit  kita di Malaysia  akan terus di jangkal dengkel benakkan dan di bodoh bodoh kan oleh si pengkhianat bangsa di lokal, atau pengkhianat bangsa yang hadir dari Malaysia dan berbisnes di luar, sedang kan mereka tidak tahu latar belakang kami yang sudah lama di luar; sementara yang di Malaysia anda di datangi oleh si pendatang yang hadir melabur di Malaysia, atau syarikat syarikat Malaysia yang di luar yang melabur kembali di Malaysia menggunakan wang yang sebenarnya adlah dari wang di Malaysia, yang hanya telah melacur kan aspirasi nya kehidupan Malaysia.

Reformasi telah bermula, bukan untuk mana mana pun pemimpin yang mereka sangka kami mendukung mereka. KAMI HANYA MENDUKUNG RAKYAT MISKIN. Namun, tapi kami  masih malu dan masih hormat dengan orang tua. Malah kami kesal tidak melakukan luahan hasrat kami sejak dari 2002 setelah sidang Trader asal nya dari 7 negara yang telah mengambil inisiatif untuk mengepung ekonomi  Malaysia. Ekonomi anda telah di kepung, wahai Malaysia. Apakah kamu tidak sadar?

Apa pun yang sedang berlaku dan dapat di lihat dari luar segala kejadian yang di Malaysia, adalah sekadar mainan kanak kanak dan isu minyak dan minyak sahaja. Malaysia dan Nusantara telah banyak buat silaf. Nusantara yang bermula nya di Malaysia perlukan masa lebih dari 40 tahun lagi untuk bangun kembali. Namun, anda tidak sempat cukup waktu sampai ke tahap itu. Umur semakin meningkat, masa depan tidak keruan.Anak anak selepas dari zaman ini, akan terpinga pinga terkapai kapai tidak tahu asal usul masalah ekonomi mereka. Anda telah banyak menipu orang.

Maka kami berkempen untuk menunjukkan resources Malaysia yang penting untuk kita hormati. Sebenar nya lebih dari itu. Tapi kami juga telah di tipu oleh agensi yang terkait dengan UMNO. Kami dah mencuba selama 7 tahun yang lalu, tapi kerana kecewa kami diamkan, kerana kami tidak punya kaitan apa pun dengan UMNO baik dari hal business mau pun partai yang lain. Kami merdeka. Jiwa kami merdeka. Maka tercetus lah rasa mahu membantu.Tetapi bersyarat.

Justeru, dengan gabungan Republik Malaysia di luar Malaysia yang telah pun berlaku, kami mahu akses ke dalam pemerintahan Malaysia, dengan membawa seramai mana pun yang mungkin atas nama ikatan suara 50% mewakili suara bebas rakyat Malaysia di Parlimen, di Jabatan Jabatan dan Kementerian, di PNB dan setiap koperasi dan struktur peradaban manusia.

Vokaliti adalah fundamental kita yang akan berhadapan dengan strategi Negara Negara besar yang masih berikrar setiap pagi di sekolah sekolah mereka untuk menjadikan Asia jajahan mereka. Internet terlalu pendek untuk menjangkau semua itu, namun informasi informasi strategi strategi ini tidak juga boleh di jual kepada manusia yang tidak mengerti, demi namanya integriti, kerahsiaan walau pun kami tahu siapa kah sebenar nya dalang dan pemimpin pemimpin yang anda telah pilih,  atau salah pilih, sewaktu bertemu mereka di luar.

Apakah kami hanya mahu melepaskan cerita tanpa kami tahu hasrat hati dan aspirasi kemanusiaan mereka? Justeru kami ambil ikhtiar jalan keluar, sehingga semua cukup untuk kami beritahu, maka tarikh (*) adalah saat yang kita tunggu, SELAGI TIADA KESADARAN MEREKA MELETAK JAWATAN, maka satu persatu rahsia meraka akan kami kembang kan akan kami siar kan, demi malu nya kami, demi balasan malu nya mereka, kami telah kalah dan dikalah kan, tapi dengan tuhan yang maha kuasa, mereka tidak akan lepas dari perbuatan yang mereka sendiri laku kan.

Kami sudah mula menstrukturkan strategi kebangkitan rakyat, kami punya acara kami tersendiri, demi rakyat demi bangsa ku Malaysia. Segala yang di anggap messy di kampung halaman itu, adalah hasil dari sesuatu yang telah dilakukan oleh mereka di sana. Bukan kami yang jauh. Setiap sesuatu yang berlaku mesti punya sebab. Maka, kita akan lihat apa kata nya Tian Chua esok hari nya. Walaupun kami tahu membaca Mandarin dan kami anggap Tian Chua hanya mencari popularitas nya, maka kami tetap akan tunggu dan melihat permainan ini dari jauh. Jika Tian Chua masih tidak dapat melerai kan kekusutan ini, sinonim nya, percaturan akan terus berlaku selama mana pun, sehingga rakyat Malaysia benar benar Merdeka.

Jika kami tak ber puas hati, kami akan tetap tunggu 20.08.2008, dan untuk selama lama nya.


The Malaysian Insider

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Anwar | KM Penang Melayu ganti LGE / LKS

Ini adalah petanda baik.

Anwar di bebaskan dari Penjara.

Anwar ada kontak Yahudi.

UMNO sedang mahu wang dan FDI.

Penang dan Cina mahu leader.

Anwar Bertanding.

Pak Lah dan Azizah meeting ter tutup.

Strategi UMNO letak Arif yang tiada layakan.

Cina Sokong Anwar, Hindraf India sokong Anwar.

Anwar naik, politik berubah, Penang jadi Milik Anwar.

Melayu Penang mahu Anwar, tak mahu Cina.

Anwar jadi KM dengan majoriti 30 orang di peringkat Negeri PKR Penang.

Cina akan Putih Mata.

kena Tipu Politik Melayu Mahathir + Anwar

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