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RoM : WTLies Part II

When you “thought” that you are in Command?..Don’t Lie, World is meant to be shared..

I was approached by an Arab looking man, in yellow suit, he claimed that he is a deputy in one of the Minister of Iraq Petroleums Agency. He opened his yellow white colored lips and said, or maybe asking me, on how to sell eleven, eleven, the 11000000 barrels a day, of oils that they own (hah! excuse me), he said just because the American don’t allow them, so they can’t have the market.

Hah..I laughed, I laughed at his face. I was looking at a stupid Arab looking man who claimed that they owned after they stepped on the land that produced oil, and he now standing in front of me, aggghh..I cut the conversation short with few sentences, I gave him my telephone number.

Before we enter the Heathrow’s departure hall, I said to him, don’t sell that oil, what you really want in your life? That oil.?..just give. Afterall, the oil is never yours. This life is never yours. I continued, ..” You are just being lucky..” Again, He stupidly asked me why? As a non Arabs looking person.. I whispered to his big ears..“because you lie”.

True enough, that Arabs looking man never call me back. He had promised. I had waited. But he didn’t. Unless I have that (*) they can (*). Unjustice for me to say that, I cannot imagine, but, what “If ever I”

The rain had stopped. The odour of the ground soils picked up.

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