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August 19, 2008

UMNO | Blogged

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All along all party has corruptions
but why mahathir never challenge umno like what razaleigh and musa did in 1988?

why mahathir dah tua di media kan dalam blog?
dan di gunakan untuk menuduh umno is corrupt?

only when PKR is not having any ideas
then they will use other peoples tongue to destroy the structure of the malays UMNO.

who is UMNO?
if they really corrupt, challenge them tomorrow, like RPK 60 years old boy did to najib.

why we only blog mahathir saying that umno is corrupt?

why no body fight to make all become republic?

history is written by warriors.

if  the chief has the motive for republic, then he fought for a reason. restructure the malaysia.

who is mahathir that we blog?

is that we blog about umno?

for PKR success?

in politics, a module is not necessary good and applicable to all exams,

but just a mere flabby-stomach spreads

I bet, PKR is bankcrupted ideas.

lucky we have a good moslem at least to save the situation by the AKIM.

we don’t see the indian or chinese contesting the P44.
becaiuse every one of them
happy to see malays are destroyed.
but they forgot,
if the malays are destroyed,
malaysia tanah melayu is destroyed to hell

all sinks together.
malays are unique, believe me.
they are unique, very very unique.

so lets see how PR handles the malays.

they forgot about the overseas malays.

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